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‘Let God take care of Claude Skelton Cline’ | O’Neal no longer suing for ‘bribery’ slurs

Dr Hubert O’Neal

Former Ninth District Representative Dr Hubert O’Neal said he decided not to take legal action against VIP spokesperson Pastor Claude Skelton-Cline who publicly accused him of bribing constituents for votes.

O’Neal had threatened to sue Skelton Cline after hearing the outspoken clergyman hurl those allegations during the lead-up to the now-concluded General Election.

But in an interview with BVI News on Wednesday, Dr O’Neal said: “I’m going no further with that … let God take care of Claude Skelton Cline. I can’t be bothered.”

O’Neal further told our news centre he “never” filed any complaint against the clergyman in the first place.

“He (Skelton-Cline) came to me personally but this was way after the fact. But, like I said, I’ll let God take care of him,” Dr O’Neal continued.

When asked if he ever participated in bribery, the former legislator responded by describing the claims against him as “absolute rubbish … nonsense”.

Emulate my political legacy

Dr O’Neal also advised other politicians to emulate his political behaviour.

“Since I’ve been in politics I have always been respectful of persons, and my opponents and I have never said anything derogatory to hurt or provoke anybody,” he said.

Dr O’Neal, who was unsuccessful in his campaign at re-election, continued: “I expect any politician whether they are seasoned or whether they are just coming into [politics] for the first time to practice that because, in the long run, it doesn’t benefit you. It is a small society, we all know each other, and we all have to live with each other. So after all the dirtiness, it is going to come back to hurt you.”

In the meantime, the former legislator said he is now enjoying life after politics.

“I am busy building my practice and I am doing all the things that I didn’t have time to do,” he said.

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  1. Sigh* says:

    I hear you threaten to hit a man a tump while he was campaigning in your district…

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  2. O'Neal says:

    This is always the best course of action. Watch and you’ll see.

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  3. VI says:

    Good move, but we already knew this. You never meant to sue your cousin in the first place. It was your w*** that was pushing you to do this.

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  4. Always says:

    Always when a wicked person puts a chain around the foot of an innocent one, he completely forgets that the other end of the chain is around his neck.

    Run like lightning innocent one. Run, run, run …

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  5. Jawbone says:

    I will break his jawbonemail said Mr.

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  6. Windy says:

    myrun should drop his too …

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  7. CW says:

    STRUPE PEOPLE MAKE STRUPE COMMENTS, even if they think they in charge

  8. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The late Hon Robinson (Robbie) O’Neal, former VG/Anegada Rep, and father of former D-9 rep Hubert (Berthie) O’Neal, was a political giant and an icon in VG district. Cuz Bertie had some BIG shoes to fill but didn’t meet the high expectstions. Was it fair that Berthie was expected to perform at the high level of his father? It may not have been fair but it is real. Many sons and daughters are expected to meet the high expectations of their parents, ie, Michael Jordan’s son.

    The Hon O’Neal was too laid back and was ineffective. He led from behind, letting events drive him instead of his driving events. He depended too much on lagging indicators rather than leading indicators to make things happen.

    Moreover, politics is a rough and tumble business and is not for choir boys. One has to have skin tougher than old wife fish skin. One has to be able to give as well as take heavy fire. For example, Dr. Hon former Premier D. Orlando Smith was blasted with a withering heavy volley of incoming fire but he was a trooper. Politics in the BVI is “wiketly” tribal. You either endure or die. Berthie did the right thing by letting this issue go as water runs off a duck’s back. He could/should have put up a more spirited response by making CSC put up or shut up. By the way, LMAO with Berthie having more time to expand/grow his business. Really! Even being a Minister didn’t stop folks from running their businesses.

    • Diaspora says:

      Cuz, this is some tough love brah. The courts are the venue for serious legal issues. Brah seems to have a high propensity to sue and is too thin skin. He wanted to cuff down another politcian for having the audacity to campaign in his district. If he were serious, he would have wanted to tump he down, not cuff; cuff is “bushie” talk. Further, during the campaign, he raised a storm in a tea cup about a family member campaigning for an opponent. Cuz needed to look in the mirror and wonder why a family member cross over to the other side. Moreover, he must ponder why he could not earn a second term.

  9. Well says:

    The amusing thing was CSC was not ruffled about it, just unbothered. Bertie made the best decision.

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