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Let Ronnie, Walwyn help with finance and tourism

Territorial At-Large Representative Stacy ‘Budda’ Mather has called for greater collaboration between the government and Opposition members, saying the territory could benefit from the expertise of elected leaders who are not part of the Cabinet.

The six Opposition members have been volunteering their expertise to the Dr Natalio Wheatley administration, but their offers have not been accepted. However, Mather said the government could benefit from the expertise of Opposition leader Ronnie Skelton and Sixth District Representative Myron Walwyn — the Opposition spokesperson on tourism.

“There are members on this side (Opposition) that can help members on that side (government), but we don’t seem to come together and get people’s work done. Each of us get calls everyday from people who can’t afford food or rent, they are hurting and we can’t dig into our pockets. We send them to Social Security but they can’t handle everything, so why are we not trying to find ways so they can help themselves?” Mather argued as he called leaders to work together regardless of the political divide.

He continued: “This gentleman to my right (Skelton) is one of the best finance ministers we ever had — take up his chair and put him on that side and let him give advice, let’s have weekly and monthly meetings. He’s not crossing the floor. The member from D6, he knows tourism. Put him on that side and let him give some help. While we’re playing politics in here, our people are hurting. Do you think we’ll have a House of Assembly salary to collect in the next three years when we’re begging people for votes.”

Mather also called on elected leaders to refrain from seeing each other as political opponents but rather as Virgin Islanders who are aiming to improve their country. He also said that as an Opposition member, his role is to support rather than simply oppose.

The first-term legislator also asked all 13 elected leaders to look at the Virgin Islands manifesto to what actions they can assist with.

“If there’s only three things we can get done that will impact the lives of Virgin Islanders, we need to put our heads together and figure it out,” Mather stated.

Elected leaders of the current House of Assembly generally have a cordial relationship with each other, but there is no indication that the government would be willing to work together on the level the Opposition is suggesting.

The Opposition has also threatened to table a motion of no confidence in the current government, something Premier Wheatley has staunchly opposed, saying his Opposition colleagues are simply trying to undermine his government despite all the positive developments in the BVI.


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  1. WHATS D MATTER says:

    didn’t you see the implosion of yhe NDP ? / aren’t you aware of what went down in the last election , can’t you see what’s going o amongst these wannabe politicians , you walked into an ants nest / all these guys have the Trump mentality / there’s no integrity within yhem , so how can you expect unity to prevail ( its sounds like a good idea , but if their minds are not in the best interest of their country , then we only going in circles

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  2. Not impressed says:

    Ronnie was not a good finance minister. Why do we keep repeating this lie. The people fired him because they were not pleased. Those who can remember will recall the local economy was stagnated while he was arrogant and acted like a company executive. Does any remember that the hospital project which he was responsible for had the highest overrun of any project in this country including the pier park? There is an elitist power hungry group that continues to push certain people for their own benefit. Beware of them. They have caused enough trouble already.

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  3. Eldread says:

    Cogent I will say let’s build the country for our grand kids rather than have parties and leave the BVI people and infrastructure in shambles.

  4. Common sense says:

    Too arrogant to accept a genuinely good suggestion.

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  5. Not a bad idea says:

    Ronnie gets under my skin but he is good with finances. Someone needs to step in before the pl**boy Premier strip the Territory finances with his first class travels, high end hotel accommodations and stupid unnecessary parties and music Fests.

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  6. BOTTOMLINE says:


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  7. Real says:

    Nobody can be worst than Sowande as Minister of Finance.

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  8. VIP congress says:

    The Premier knows it all

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  9. lol says:

    If we use the expertise of opposition members to do the people work how we going to justify the big useless consultancy contracts to our friends and family?

  10. @ Not Impressed. says:

    You are probably not impressed because He didn’t give you the Peoples’ Money. Ronnie is Not like that. Ronnie put things in place to benefit ALL the Citizens and Not Some. Ronnie would have increased the Payroll Tax Exemption to $15,000. No questions asked. It would take to become Premier or Minister of Finance to raise the Social Security Benefits for the Benefit of ALL Not Some. Some of the Elected Members on the Government side are too selfish and Wicked. I won’t call names But everyone knows who they are. That is why the UK needs to take over the BVI for at least two years and work with people who can fix our Woes, then see if the People would have clean their Brains by then before handing it over. There are Capable People in this Territory who do a better Job than the present set and are willing to do so only with a UK take over. It is plain to see that the UK don’t care anything about US or else they would do something. The Governor is hearing our Cries and am sure He is communicating it to them.. We will wait until MAY and see what happens.

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  11. @ LOL says:

    I like the way you put it , ah see the humorous side to it

  12. Me thinks says:

    UK has enough problems of its own to deal with. We’ll take care of our own problems. Thank you very much.

    Now if only these overzealous and rude bloggers would vote for country rather than self, we would be quite fine. No to UK takeover.

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