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Let’s consider facilitating overseas nationals in voting remotely

Government legislator, Neville Smith

Territorial At-Large Representative, Neville Smith is suggesting the BVI create a way that allows nationals overseas to vote during a General Election without having to journey back home.

He made that suggestion while contributing to the debate on the Electronic Filing Act that passed in the House of Assembly on Tuesday. The Electronic Filing Act allows persons to do business (such as online payments) with the government from anywhere in the world.

Smith suggested for this legislation to be somehow merged with the territory’s electronic tabulating machines that were historically introduced in the BVI’s last elections.

Electronic tabulating machines eliminate the tedious practice of counting votes by hand.

“Since we’re doing this electronic filing and we also have electronic voting, how can we tie these two together that our students who are away to school or people who are away don’t have to make that long journey to come back to vote?” Smith said.

He said this could be beneficial for the territory if done transparently and properly.

“If we can get this done in the proper manner, they (overseas nationals) won’t have to spend that money to come home to vote. So I think it’s food for thought,” he added.

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  1. It’s a shame says:

    Look at who we elected to represent us. We are really in a rut in the BVI.

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  2. Fly says:

    Get the simple things right first. The online registration for the vaccine was shambolic!!!

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  3. musa all says:


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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Everyone of these politicians is playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

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  5. time for review says:

    The elections act which extend voting rights to all belongers whether they reside in the Territory or not need to be abolished. So many of these persons do not contribute to the day to day running of the country, pay their $10.00 land tax every year, no social security, no contribution to the social, education and other systems of the country, but they show up every election day on a free trip to vote, screw who live here and return to America or other countries where they pay their taxes, send their children to school and get all the benefits afforded to them. They vote here, why? because they have to support their family and friends regardless of anything else. This heck need to stop for many reasons. your opinion is yours and mine is mine

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    • Agreed says:

      I agree completely! Why do we want to encourage people who have left the BVI behind and are not participating in the social, economic or political scene? They vacated their interests here, why do we want them to take part in deciding the future?

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      • Well says:

        A lot of the locals overseas on STT have properties that they pay taxes for, are in Tortola seeking medical attention, contribute to social security and are usually home occasionally dealing with their business. Don’t get us started. What impacts you impacts us. When it’s all said it done we have not vacated and will not vacate. .

  6. Really says:

    That your over-sea’s relatives can vote for you, who don’t know what is going on here and don’t feel the abuse we are feeling.

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  7. Voter says:

    All i have to say is it is better to be thought of as a fool, than to open one’s mouth and confirm it.

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  8. blah blah says:

    I just cannot believe that the BVI passed up people like Myron and Ronnie for to hear blah blah from a sheep. roll eyes

  9. @ blah blah says:

    Myron too devisive and Ronnie to old we staying with sheep and cavin

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  10. @blah blah says:

    You all told a lot of lies on Myron last election because they’re was no other way you could beat him. Lies wouldn’t work on us again

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  11. heckler says:

    This waste ah time is way overrated

  12. Sniffn says:

    Another way to corrupt the election!

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