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Lewis, Wattley appointed new heads of TRC Board | Tasked to fix BVI’s internet issues

Government has appointed Vance Lewis and Vincent Wattley as the new respective Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Board.

Government had successfully moved a motion to have the duo appointed in the House of Assembly on February 27. Their appointments take retroactive effect on February 1, 2020.

Premier Andrew Fahie said he believes both parties are the perfect persons for the job, as they have the ability to manage and make tough decisions in rectifying the long-standing internet issue in the territory.

“One of the areas that I promise the people is to fix the internet, and I am going to hold true to this government’s promise … To fix the internet situation in this territory is going to call for making some tough decisions. We are looking at the TRC board to go in and work with the actual day-to-day manager. And at the board level, make some decisions that will help us to be getting better internet,” Fahie said.

No excuses welcomed

The leader of government business said the issue of poor internet service and the associated high bills have been a problem that existed in the territory for far too long, and that the purpose of this new board is to bring that issue to an end at any cost.

“We do more financial services in here than most countries 10 times our size but yet we have the highest bills, and one of the worst internet system,” he stated.

“I’m putting a lot of responsibility on this commission when it gets going to deal with this matter head-on. If the companies involved cannot get us better internet and you give them all the chances in the world, bring another one. And if that one can’t give us better internet, get the satellites,” the Premier stated.

Job must get done or dismissals will take place

The Premier further warned the two new board heads that they are being appointed to do a job, and once the objectives are not completed, he will find the necessary replacements to achieve the intended goal.

“We are putting you there … to work,” he told the new appointees. “And if you don’t get the work done, we don’t intend to fire you, we would just relieve you of your duties so that you can take them up elsewhere because it is very important that we get this telecom going.”

Competent and Perfect fit for role

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn, who was in favour of both appointments, said he has worked with Lewis in the past and believes he (Lewis) has the requisite competencies to perform the role of Chairman.

The Opposition legislator further stressed on the importance of both appointments to the TRC Board as they can bring new life into the organisation.

“The time is now for the TRC to have a ‘shot in their arm’, to ensure that the leadership is there, to ensure that we hold the telecom providers to account for providing a quality service, not just for the business community, but for the regular consumer,” Penn added.


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    cable and wireless gone further ahead of the pack now for sure

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    We heard this circus before. When CSC got his first contract we heard if he didn’t deliver he would be fired. He has since received and extension and a year has passed but we don’t know what he is working on or if he has delivered on his first contract. Premier the people are not stupid, they are just remaining quiet, paying attention and you will be sorry when the uprising starts because it is coming.

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    Let’s put the guy that has been at pier park 2 years …, to get internet and telecoms fixed. Is this a joke?

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