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Licence your dogs | Strays will be put to death, owners prosecuted

Stray animals loitering in Road Town. (BVI News photo)

Local authorities have said they will be cracking down on pet owners with unlicensed dogs in the territory; adding that unlicensed or stray dogs run the risk of being put to death.

A government media release issued this week said the Department of Agriculture and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force will be working conjunctively to “resume implementation of the Dangerous Dogs Act”.

Under this Act, persons with unlicensed dogs will be prosecuted.

The Act also holds landlords responsible for animals that loiter on their premises or are owned or fed by tenants.

According to the said media release, dog owners must ensure their animals are always leashed or tied in yards. The release further said dogs being walked must also be on a leash and must wear their licence tag ‘at all times’.

According to the agriculture department, ‘repeat stray dogs’ will be captured and humanely killed.

The government department said: “The public is notified that any animal seen on a roadway without a collar and licence tag attached will be deemed as stray or ownerless and removed. If the animal is scanned and found having a microchip, it will be returned to the owner for one time only. Repeat strays will be euthanised.”

Dog licences can be obtained at the Department of Agriculture for a $10 fee.

In the meantime, tenants or landlords who capture and tie strays are told to contact the relevant authorities to remove the animals.

Government has listed these authorities and their contact information as follows: Phillip Deveaux – 468-9247, Vernon Richards – 468-9549, Dr Latisha Martin – 468-9693, or Dr Nadya George – 468-9548.

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  1. hmmm says:

    what happen to the cows?

    • Much needed says:

      This programme is much needed. I know at least two persons that were bitten by dogs while walking in the Fahie Hill area. People and children must be able to freely walk on the street for exercise or leisure without fear. This policy is long overdue. If you own a dog keep it on your property and you will be fine.

      • Gandhi says:

        “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

        • Reality says:

          “Repeat strays will be captured and humanly killed”
          We live in a sad place that does not value our relationship with our pets.
          We live in a sad place that lacks a plan or process to recover from natural disasters.
          We live in a sad place where our elected ministers aren’t held accountable for misspending tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.
          We lack leadership. We need to push the restart button. Let’s be honest. We need constitutional reform. The current ministers failed to release the audit during their term. For that they should be disqualified for running for re-election.

          Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me.

    • Really? says:

      “Repeat strays will be euthanised.”
      Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society.

      • Then suggest something says:

        what do you propose we do with the countless number of stray dogs on the island. If you have an issue with it, then come up with a better solution. but the solution cannot be let them roam free and be a hindrance, and possible danger to the general community.

        • Onething says:

          Shelter simple

        • ?? says:

          How about instead of euthenizing the stray animals, they use the money and put it into programs that educate Adults and children on the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Also the government could start a program or help fund PAWS a program already on island that helps spay and nueter animals. Then all strays that are found that are not chipped can be taken to the shelter and it will not be overrun. (Obviously this will take years but it is a long term humane solution).

      • Humans vs dogs says:

        Whats really sad about the comments on this story is that I’ve NEVER seen so much sympathy for young men in our territory that have been violently murdered. Makes you want to see who is really making these posts and sad to see that pets get more compassion that murdered people.

        • um says:

          Probably because in general people get murdered on this island because they were up to no good in the first place or had friends who were up to no good. They might well have been good people but somewhere along the line a bad decision got them killed.
          There are definitely some who like that poor child were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
          Its sad when anyone – human or animal dies, but animals dont get to choose the life they lead.

          • Gumption. Official says:

            Acknowledge your comment and your on point as well. Everyone ain’t a trouble maker or is a good person (after their shot dead, caught with guns, drugs etc). Your comment is clear and loud.

        • @Humans vs dogs says:

          Humans are killing each other, our young men are killing each other. They know what they are doing. Animals can’t speak neither are they able to defend themselves from those who take pleasure in hurting them.
          Hope what I’ve said makes sense to you.

        • Gumption. Official says:

          I hear you. I understand you. I accept and acknowledge your post. Only if we was this passion about (humans) life.

    • Billfargo says:

      They should kill them and give away the meat!

  2. Smh says:

    Can’t wait to see the hell y’all a– will fall into Keep it up man keep following America with their nasty ways. America falling apart and you all keep following them straight into hell

  3. John bruder says:

    It got road to fix these man want to go catch dog but what really going on here.

  4. Concerned says:

    That is so cruel. No wonder we are facing all these disaster. Evil minded people. Put the animals in a shelter and people can own them or sell them to whoever wants a pet. These animals are life savers/protectors. So sad that whoever came up with this idea must be the devil itself.

    • Onething says:

      Leave the dogs alone. They dont bother no one. Get them in shelters. Simple. It needs legislation against animal cruelty

  5. Brad Boynes says:

    There is nothing humane about humanely killing animals.

  6. L says:

    I think that this $10.00 license fee is just another way for the government to squeeze money out of people.

    Regardless, dog owners should be more responsible for their dogs and stop having them roam free.

  7. Comment says:

    This is cruel. Why can’t you work with the shelter?

  8. Kenneth Dreger says:

    And it would so hard to have these dogs be in a shelter where they could be adopted? Come on BVI, killing the dogs isn’t the right thing to do…..

  9. Sleepless nights says:

    I wonder if the person’s who kill the dogs usually sleep at night.

  10. Hmph says:

    I’m sure there are plenty other ways to go about this. This is promoting animal cruelty and it sure wouldn’t be a good look on the territory. Yall really don’t think before yall try to implement rules lol.

  11. Reality says:

    what about the rogue donkeys, sheep,goats and cows that are carelessly abandoned to roam across the roads and into neighbors property? I’d focus more on that than a few flea bitten mongrels! get the lazy owners to look after them properly and securely…

  12. A man says:

    Can we at least eat them if they are going to be put down?

  13. LOL says:

    Yea, right! We can’t even stop people from dumping fridge, stove, mattress etc. at our dump site but we are going to keep track of dogs? Thanks for the weekend laugh.

  14. Eagle eye says:

    It seems as if men think this earth is for them alone.most of y’all in high places so brainwash and evil that i would have love it if god could give me the job to kill y’all same way.

  15. Anegada says:

    I think if you say cows,donkeys, and goats you would make more money!! Come Anegada cows all over in the
    Street donkey running into people vehicle goats getting
    Kills cow them put them agriculture and make more money
    Leave the dogs you wicked devil

  16. Rubber Duck says:

    Some minister opening a Korean restaurant?

  17. Bvi yachtie says:

    What about PAW BVI? Why is there no mention of this great organization? Instead of rounding them up all the strays and killing them, why not turn them over to PAW BVI and give these poor animals a second chance at life?!?

    Instead of forcing the $10 license fee why not use this as an opportunity to educate BVI people of the importance of getting their animals spayed and neutered to decrease the overall stray population?. Perhaps even offer a free 2yr license for those who do get their pets fixed?

    It’s really unfortunate to watch legislation like this exist in such a beautiful place…truly sad. Do better BVI, be better. I expected more from you 🙁

  18. Jonathan says:

    I agree with making sure people are repsonsible with their pets instead of letting them wander around carelessly. But i will never pay the government a fee for my right to own a pet. whats even worse is that the animals will be put to death because of a human fail to take adequate care of them.

  19. 2 Grand says:

    Hide Bruno quick the world has a death warrant issued on him cruel and heartless mankind no wonder God said he regretted making man. smh

  20. lol says:

    This country so self-destructive, unbelievable, good way to have another reason for tourists not to visit any more, they are already concerned about the animal-cruelty with the dog-poisoning, now the government is getting behind killing them also. Way to go BVI

  21. Dog lives matter says:

    So before black people were considered humans by colonisers, they were referred to as animals…they were in chains, not allowed to leave their plantations and were ultimately “humanely put down” if they violated any rules by their master…lol

  22. Animal cruelty says:

    Leaving a dog tied up in a yard is torturing the animal yet instead of striving to end this inhumane treatment BVI says tie your dog up or it will be murdered! I despair now of the BVI, thirty years ago a truly great nation is spirally down into third world recession and politics

  23. SHOCKING says:

    There is something very disturbing and evil going on in the BVI – people in power, you should be ashamed of yourselves!! Do not “round up and kill the stray dogs”, it’s not their fault they are left to fend for themselves – – it’s the owners and/or lack of a spay and neuter program in the BVI. Please, for the love of god, rethink this horrible, sad and inhumane idea.

  24. Experienced says:

    Unfortunately we do not have any shelters that can house such a large capacity of strays.
    In addition to Housing the dogs need proper nutrition and care whilst at the shelter which requires funding.
    We have dogs moving in packs! I have seen more than 12 dogs roaming at nights near One Mart, more at Sage Mountain, Great Mountain etc.
    Also, there is the issue of attacks on livestock in the cooler months which result in livestock owners retaliating and licensed dogs being poisoned.

    Some persons speak of adoption, yet foreigners adopt more shelter animals than locals, and donate to the shelters more.
    It would be great to see some of the commenters actually come through and donate time and resources to expand shelters and keep them optimally functional.

  25. S.R. says:

    Fantastic idea. One I have promoted for years, but…… Look a year from now and you will see; no dogs put down and few if any fines. It will NOT be enforced just as all the other laws in the BVI.

  26. Onething says:

    The same thing should be done to whoever kills these blameless animals. This is a shame what happen to shelters?

  27. Really Now says:

    So this is another way to get money out of persons. You get licenses to operate businesses etc to make money. If a dog is lecensed what is the owner gaining?? My dog is a inside dog, he already has a collar with a tag with name address and telephone. If you find stray dogs catch them put in a shelter or up for adoption. If they on persons property and not gated deal with the owners. If i have property and my dogs loose who is the govt to tell me anything…its you trespassing as the dogs securing the property. The BVI is getting ridiculous. I want to see the day i walking my dog and police try to take him to go kill him. Like really!! You people SICK!!

  28. Please says:

    You know I dont understand this place you have cows going around vandalizing people property and causing accidents. But if someone poison them or harm them you can be charged. The BVI is to double standard. We need to march on ourselves next.

  29. Cromwell says:

    Why doesn’t someone ask the important question:
    How much does the BVI government contribute towards the local animal shelter and animal assistance.

    The answer ZERO

    A true third world country example.

  30. Really...? says:

    Euthenizing animals is another short term EXPENSIVE solution thought up by our government. Not to mention how inhumane this is and how this is yet another negative spotlight the BVI is going to be put in…. is this really what we need right now.

  31. Rlly says:

    So you telling me all dem dogs out on the road now gon get kill? Tola is comin to an end …. that’s like sayin no dogs available in the bvi no more…. y’all EVIL…. god going do for y’all…. I pray he hurry come for his world..

  32. Losing Battles says:

    Extremely sad and deplorable that the Government would issue a press release such as this. Try doing something right and not offensive for a change. How about this simple solution: A. put out a campaign to EDUCATE the hundreds of dog owners who do not register their dogs, and B. work more closely with the non-profit organisations that are here to humanely help all types of animals, the Humane Society of the BVI and PAW BVI. Yeah, it’s not that difficult. We’ve got bigger mountains to move here, don’t you think?


    Why not give some money to the shelter and PAW rather than kill the dogs. At least give them a chance at life. PAW’s been evacuating animals to the US for months and have people who will foster. Not all dogs can be homed true, but at least try before killing them. While I agree we cannot have packs of dogs running loose there is a shelter that needs help and PAW all privately funded with ZERO help from Government. Show some compassion PLEASE!!! The shelter could be a big positive for BVI with a little help.

  34. hmmm says:

    What about ferel children on scooters, they do more damage than dogs. Give them microchips too, then follow the same course of action?

  35. Come on people says:

    Just like how we have a purpose in life they do too . Why not create a dog pound for these animals and if anyone is to to pay the price of stray animals is us with jail time or community service . Life is life and taking a dog own wont make a difference in the community ..

  36. You so true says:

    Poor dogs

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