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Lift curfew so people can unwind, gov’t told

Edmund Maduro. PHOTO CREDIT:

While noting that the curfew imposed on the British Virgin Islands was necessary in the immediate aftermath of the recent hurricanes, social commentator Edmund Maduro is now calling for the curfew to be lifted or the hours further reduced.

He said residents should be allowed time to visit social night spots and unwind.

The present curfew runs from 8pm to 6am daily.

“If it’s not lifted, I think it could be reduced because I think people need time at the end of the day; they could go somewhere and have a little drink and talk and so on and make their lives a little happier,” Maduro said.

“The curfew was good in its essence and its principle, but the fact is that you still have to think about people’s living and how it should be,” added Maduro.

The territory was put under curfew when Governor Jaspert declared a state of emergency following Hurricane Irma on September 6.

Since then, the state of emergency and curfew have been relaxed, and the governor returned governance of the territory to the National Democratic Party administration.

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