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Line in the sand! Penn defends Opposition walkout

Marlon Penn

Eighth District Representative Marlon Penn said the opposition had to take a principled stand when it walked out of the House of Assembly (HOA) in protest of the government’s actions during the last sitting.

Penn and other opposition members accused the government of using the HOA like a rubber stamp, forcing through critical legislation — that required consultation — into one sitting and moving the order of business on the HOA’s agenda against the opposition’s wishes.

“We’ve had these discussions with you (government) privately, in terms of the concerns, in terms of your running the people’s business,” Penn complained recently. “You continue to ignore opposition business, which is also the people’s business and continue to relegate it to insignificance, and continue to do what you want with the House in making the House an extension of the Executive (Cabinet).”

But Penn insisted that the House is an independent entity and should be allowed to operate in that manner and not as a rubber stamp as the government sees fit.

“We took a principled position on that. You know, we drew a line in the sand and said, look, it’s not business as usual. We have to conduct the people’s business in a better way than they’re conducting the people’s business,” he added.

Penn said opposition members heard over three hours of statements from government ministers as the government moved the opposition’s questions to the end of the order paper against their wishes.

He also accused Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, the leader of the government’s business in the HOA, of rushing the Suspended Trade Commission Act and the Jury Act through the House without proper consultation with the public.

According to Penn, the Jury Act in particular was very controversial when initial amendments were done and many persons were concerned in terms of the direction lawmakers were going to take it.

“But he [the Premier] came forward with those two pieces of legislation — first, second, and third reading — without giving the public an opportunity to scrutinize this legislation that would open dialogue and discussion on the implications of those changes that he was bringing forward,” Penn argued.


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  1. Get up you SOB Mickey Loves Yah says:

    Huff of this teh teh sh&t. What policies do you have as opposition that can help ppl. That’s all I want to know

    • CONCERNED says:

      What are you, an “AS**” or an “IDIOT” to asked that question?

      • Mickey Still Loves Yah @ Concerned says:

        When the average monthly income in the Territory is 1850, how can you not ask that question. No one can just take up space in HoA you need to earn your keep

  2. Truth says:

    The Government Members are throwing Punches at the Opposition Members but actually they are throwing punches at the people because they know they are stupid. Who could be soo stupid as to re-elect a VIP Gov’t into office? The Opposition Members are being paid while the majority of Residents are living below poverty line. The next move should be a Vote of NO CONFIDENCE. After that should be march to Government House for Re-Elections.. Look at the Caymans. Who from Government side would be brave and truthful enough to cross or resign? Come on Hon. Dawson, make History in the BVI and do the right thing. With you and the Members of the Opposition the Ball would start rolling again. LEH WE DO DIS TING DAWSON!!!!!

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  3. Complacent says:

    The government mimisters will continue to suffer the people of the bvi because the general population is too afraid to rise up and take a stand aganist all the social ills that is right before their eyes
    You know why

    People are afraid to offend a blood line so Natalio will continue to fly
    To leave the pot holes
    To send through policies without proper consultation
    To side line the cries of poorpeople
    Look at his living situation-
    What kind of ambition is that for a premier
    Wife lives one way; he lives in his mothers ..:,
    He does not own a car

    So do you think he wants to see the country prosper
    If you cannot manage your own affairs how can you manage that of a country
    AMBITION Matters in a leader

  4. @Truth says:

    It is a idea worth moving on rapidly. As, the only ones who are satisfied are the business industries. Oh, forgot, they are also the elected and and elected bosses.

  5. VIP 100% says:

    HELLO SMURF 3red, 3blue & 1orange = 7 but couldn’t form the government because of greed and power so 3-1=2 so leave 2red 3blue & 1orange = shadow government = opposition so greed orange so MR.SMURF 8TH DISTRICT 6GREEN +1RED = 7GREEN = GOVERNMENT so shadow government be quit let the government do there job and by the way it you change the order paper don’t forget you also limit the question to fifty so re lack

  6. @TRUTH says:

    Yeah rite , I want to be in that March singing ( WE SHALL OVER COME ) we are going to do something like what went on with TRUMP.. at the white house , we got BARGES to protect our borders from any invaders ( ah run out of dreams , so you can continue dreaming it’s insurrection time / BLACK LIVES MATTER , OH •●• free the DREW / free the WEED , free the GUNS , free the COCAINE , AND FREE THE COLDBLOODED KILLERS that haven’t been FREED ~ YET etc , so that they can get their BRAGGING RIGHTS on the streets, just like those who ALREADY got theirs and is WALKING the streets AMONGST US , AND *nuFF* PEOPLE KNOW WHO THEY ARE ( BUT )

  7. Meltdown says:

    coming to the BVI soon. A. Fahie’s trial could be the tipping point next year.

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