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Liz Truss resigns as UK Prime Minister

British PM, Liz Truss. (Photo by PA Wire)

Prime Minister Liz Truss just moments ago announced her intention to resign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The move comes just six weeks into her appointment as leader of the country.

Truss said she was elected by the Conservative party to carry out a mandate to deliver on issues related to low economic growth, among other things, but said she can no longer deliver on that mandate.

She lost the support of several key ministers and Conservative lawmakers.

“I have therefore spoken to His Majesty the King to notify him that I am resigning as leader of the Conservative party,” Truss told reporters at a press conference.

She explained that she met with Sir Graham Brady — the Chairman of the 1922 Committee of Backbench MPs in the UK Parliament, and said there will be a new leadership election within the next week.

Truss said this will ensure that the UK remains on a path to deliver fiscal plans and maintain the UK’s economic stability and national security.

It was just weeks ago that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered his resignation after coming under severe pressure for repeated failures in government.

Truss said she will remain in office until a successor is chosen. She is the first Prime Minister in roughly 70 years to resign to a king.


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  1. Yayo says:

    At least she wasn’t caught up in a drug sting……just saying

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  2. Rubber Chicken says:

    More proof that the BVI needs to join the USVI. The UK is too unstable of a “mother-country” (such that it is) for us. The USA is much more stable and democratic.

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  3. TEK DAT says:


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  4. Wow says:

    So she was calling for our constitution to get suspended because we couldn’t manage while she caused economic upheaval in the world by a poorly thought out economic plan that caused her to leave office only after 44 days. Are these the people who should be telling us how to handle our own affairs? This will be sixth prime minister in 5 years. This is almost like Haiti

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  5. Lol says:

    She went in there thinking she can tame those h*gs in the UK parliament. Have anyone ever hear the way they(especially the men in parliament) spoke to her???!!!

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  6. Crazy Joe says:

    Chicken Brain. Your really want to be led by Biden who just said

    “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids “

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  7. The TRUTH says:

    Chaos & confusion

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  8. @rubber chicken says:

    whatever rocksalt u somke to type that is and send it, i want some

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  9. Father Time says:

    @Rubber Chicken
    You are crazy if you think the United States is any better that it’s colonizer brothers and sistren over the ocean. Please go and do your research.

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  10. Good morning says:

    Them can’t even handle their own affairs but them want to call the shots here none sense

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  11. resident says:

    bring back boris

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  12. Enough says:

    You racist negroes keep harping on the colonizers. You’ve led your own way for 200 years and you all can barely read and write. You can’t feed yourselves, can’t provide any sort of medical care, can’t govern yourselves without crime, can’t educate your young. You are all a Blight unto the Nations. You’ve made no attempt to lift yourselves up and have remained a Third World toilet bowl. You’ve added nothing to help mankind or the human race. The only thing you know is blaming your own lack of humanity on colonizers that haven’t existed in 200 years not to mention your own negro brethren that sold your own into slavery just as your own are doing today. Enough and take a good look at yourselves!!

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  13. John J says:

    Sunlamps is the best option but he is Indian so I’ll be surprise if he is given the opportunity. He is smarter than anyone else who is a likely front runner.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    The UK is corrupt.

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  15. Real Simple says:

    Is there another U.S. I don’t know about?? Cuz…

  16. The TRUTH says:

    B**ch STFU

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  17. @Father Time says:

    Well, the US is there for their territories in times of disaster, including provision of monetary disaster relief to individuals. The UK does not provide any such support. I can tell just from that, which administrative power is better.

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  18. REPENT says:



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  19. Irony says:

    If this happened anywhere else the G7 Countries would consider such a place as a Third-World unstable Country, but it’s the United Kingdom so there is nothing wrong with having 5 different Prime Ministers in 5 years. There is nothing wrong with this nation who cannot get its own s**t together, want to suspend our Constitution and have direct rule hovering over our heads. Does the BVI need reform? H**L YES! I think the HOA should have been dissolved right after the COI report was published and election called so that the people could vote for who and what they want as the BVI future. The UK’s fall started from Brexit and will continue even further before it gets any better. This debacle still won’t get the negative press or scrutiny that another Country would’ve gotten under the same circumstances, then they want us to believe the playing field is level?

  20. BS says:

    Poor U!! Racism which is now switched to the term discrimination is still around today through institutionalized discrimination! If you are referring to the BVI I would have to laugh at your comment cause when YOU Europeans come to BVI on paid vacation for work; you envy what locals have!! Probably first time you ever had a private pool! Get a life and go back to your flat whomever you are!

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  21. @Enough says:

    Look at what Peppa Pig just wrote. I hope you are not in the BVI as you place this post because you would have to explain why you are here in our toilet bowl and not up in the UK where you change Prime Ministers like how you smoke cigarettes.

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  22. @Enough says:

    Oh the irony! Enough sounds like a sad Brit who is here in the BVI, hate all of us because we are BLACK but CANNOT LEAVE because the UK is in complete shambles. I can bet that ‘Enough’ is one of those who have been out of the UK for years and years because there’s nothing worth going back to. This individual is spewing hate and toxicity because they are upset at the way of life we enjoy here in the BVI. We own the nice homes, the tall buildings in town, the prime land on Wickham’s Cay and elsewhere, the boats, the taxis etc. For the most part we enjoy a decent standard of living despite Irma/Maria/COVID, still we stand, strong as ever as BVIslanders. We know that the BVI is far from perfect but it is our home and we will do what we need to in order to get things in line. Your stinking racist rant does not matter to any of us, you are a wicked, sad joker trying to stir up foolishness but it will not work. We are focused and we will continue to fight for our Territory. You and others were hoping that the UK was going to suspend our Constitution, grant all of you status and you could take over, but you won’t see a day like that in your life, bet on that.

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  23. What?? says:

    @Enough. You surely have no idea or clue what you are talking about. You spue pure ignorance and I do believe your are a lonely, miserable and destitute person.

  24. @ ENOUGH says:


  25. @ Irony says:

    Do as I say not as I do. On with the reforms…run along.

  26. hdh says:

    thank you!!!

  27. @@ Enough says:

    What the hell is wrong with you. You are supposed to act stupid. You f..kin up.

  28. @enough says:

    Just remember the airport is OPEN, but guess what, you still won’t leave. What does that say of you? SMDH

    People tend to criticise, label and judge others by what they see in THEMSELVES, but jealousy will not get you back to the hell you came from.

  29. Racist says:

    @enough.English is your Mother country language not ours.

  30. Tim says:

    It’s coming.

    USCG and marine corps have a plan in place to “rescue” expats in the BVI. It’s an amphibious operation blessed by the UK to perform regime change. It would only take about 1000 troops and the transitional government would be up and running in two days. Then, they would apply for territorial status from the US. The US senate would then process that application.

    So a new US territory in less than a week.

  31. Jah says:

    Im better than you

  32. Which one are you says:

    @Enough.You have to be either Jaspert or Rankin in disguise.

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  33. Your Father says:

    @Enough I love you racists and your played out talking points. Let’s turn the blind eye to those “civilized Europeans who are the masters of savagery, Thievery and murder and rape. They’re literally slaughtering each other while looking down their noses at “Negro’s”. “Negro’s” taught you how to bathe …, mathematics, science, agriculture, and architecture to name a few. This can not be refuted. You make me laugh. Here are the facts; your time is up. The 400 years of the scattered tribes bondage and prosecution has expired in 2019. Instead you should prepare yourself to go into bondage be it physically, mentally or spiritually. You’re going. So please continue with your hatefulness as it will make witnessing your current rapid demise that much more pleasurable.

  34. Leader says:

    At least the UK ditched their terrible leader….

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