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Local companies awarded contracts for repairs to AO Shirley Grounds

File photo of the AO Shirley Grounds before the 2017 hurricanes.

The Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) has awarded two contracts with a combined value of more than $850,000 to two local companies for repair work to the AO Shirley Recreation Grounds in Road Town.

A media release from the RDA confirmed that CW General Maintenance, and Caribbean Environmental Restoration Limited, which are both owned by businessman and coach Cliff Williams, were each awarded $575,437.50 and $284,795.64 contracts, respectively.

CW General Maintenance is tasked with the responsibility of designing, supplying and installing stadium lighting across the facility. Caribbean Environmental Restoration Limited, in the meantime, will be repairing the grandstand, gym and sickbay at the grounds.

Williams was the only applicant to submit tenders for both procurement opportunities.

Much-needed project

Meanwhile, President of the BVI Athletics Association Steve Augustine said he was pleased that works will finally begin on the sporting facility.

“This year we are looking at the possibility of doing something greater on the track and therefore our seating capacity comes into play,” Augustine stated.

“This is a much-needed project, a long-overdue project, but the timing is good. We are thankful, we are grateful, and we intend to utilize every square inch of what is going to be repaired,” he added.

Also present at the signing was Sports Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley. He said the lighting when completed will provide athletes with more available time on the field especially during the winter season.

He further said that while the works to the grandstand will provide more seating, it will also address safety concerns for persons who decide to frequent that area.

Completed projects on facility

The RDA has so far completed multiple rehabilitation projects on the AO Shirley Recreation Grounds. These include repairs to the track, the facility’s bathrooms, wall and gates, drainage network, and the internal trackside fence.

The next project set to be tendered shortly is repair works to the sporting facility’s pavilion.


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  1. kudos says:

    The contractor is already working for the trust from 9 to 5 so THIS IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST

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    • SMH says:

      No One else applied for the Contract!

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    • Cliff is Awesome says:

      Cliff will do a great job! No conflict here. The project was independently procured by RDA and not the Recreation Trust whom he may or may not work with. Please stop planting seeds of confusion where none exists

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      • Awesome says:

        Wait. This is the same dude that was locking the track kids out of the gym and not letting them use the bathroom when RDA was fixing the track bathrooms. He was only letting in his track kids. Hope he don’t act up again. You know how a lil power does have some people.

  2. Like really says:

    I done see this is the wall project all over again and will end up be investigated smh.
    Just hire one contractor and done so the job can be done properly

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  3. Question. says:

    Do unethical, crooked, corrupt minds and activities have no boundaries?

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  4. Online Now says:

    Why did they not look externally at a company with experience? Isn’t that what the RDA is supposed to do?

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  5. Wow says:

    Unbelievable. Why are there only now dealing with this when Track season well on the way? The President should know better too or he just a tag along?

    Is that the best price the RDA could get? That’s the cost of a whole stadium.

    RDA is the NDP with a new name. Can we hear from the Opposition Leader on this one too please.

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  6. Congratulations says:

    Congratulations Cliff. As a former athlete and user of the facility I know you will do a great job! PLUS, YOU ARE ONE OF us. CONGRATS

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  7. Quiet Rebel says:

    Great news that improvements are being made to A. O. Shirley Recreation Ground, the premier sports facility in the territory. However, I have one beef and a rant though. No doubt our athletes will be ready to take it to any athlete coming into their house. Competing at a high level is all they should be focusing on. But appearance matters.

    They should not be focusing on how other athletes are rating local facilities. Quality athletic wear boost athletes competitive spirit. And so too does quality, modern, aesthetically pleasing facilities. That said, is the 1960s blue box being torn down and replace with a first-class, modern facility?

    If yes, are there renderings we can look at? Are there going to be covered stadiums? McMaster, Malone, Harrigan-Scott, Henry……etc have and are causing buzz overseas among their peers and when overseas athletes come to the BVI they should be wowed on and off track, field, pitch…..etc.

    • Quiet Rebel says:

      Correction: stadiums should have been stands.

    • Quiet Storm says:

      The Blue Box is not sexy. It is a plain vanilla, rectangular shaped facility that is not easy on the eyes. It is just a plain building with four walls and a roof (a flat roof) and looks like something that one expects to see in a poor emerging country. It has no character, no life to it. It is not blending in with surrounding buildings. Which architect is taking credit for this piece of art work? Well, it is nothing to write home about and take credit for. A locale with $414M operations and maintenance budget and a Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of $1B can do better.

      The territory, athletes…..etc deserves better. The VI is a small locale but its athletes are competing well against larger countries with larger talent pools. Let’s give current and upcoming athletes something they can be proud of, something that will give them and her (territory) psychological boost. Let’s do this ting.

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