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Local companies win $9.8M contract to construct new DDM HQ

Illustration showing the exterior designs of a section of the new NEOC/DDM building.

Two local companies have been awarded a contract valued more than $9.8 million to construct a new, fit-for-purpose building which will house the Department for Disaster Management (DDM) and the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC).

The recipients of the successful bidding process are Tandem Development and D&B Heavy Equipment Services Ltd who received a total sum of $9,803,215.53 at the contract signing ceremony on Thursday.

During the ceremony, Premier Andrew Fahie spoke to the importance of finally having the contract signed as both the DDM and NEOC have played a major role in coordinating services during and after disaster events and have been in need of a new permanent home since the hurricanes of 2017.

“It is absolutely important that our emergency personnel are kept safe and that they are able to function during these crucial periods, and hence upon taking office in February 2019, your government made this project one of our priorities,” Fahie stated.

“We promised the people of the territory that we would ensure the funds are allocated to have our public officers at DDM working in a fit-for-purpose and resilient accommodation. Today, with the signing of the contract to construct a modern NEOC building, your government has ensured that we fulfilled our promise to the people of the Virgin Islands,” he added.

Scope of works

Premier Fahie also briefly outlined some of the scope of works expected for the project which is set to be completed by June 2022.

“The project includes the demolition of the existing structure, construction of pile foundation and support systems, construction of three-level reinforced concrete building including all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and landscaping. The building has been designed with a focus on sustainability, resiliency, energy efficiency, and care for the environment,” he explained.

The project, according to Premier Fahie, is in line with his government’s policy that public infrastructure must embrace green and smart technology to ensure the protection of the BVI’s environment.


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  1. Local says:

    I’m happy and unhappy to see locals getting these contracts.

    name one one project that a local have done that is within budget, time and standard.

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    • @Local says:

      Exactly how big is this building. How much per sq ft is this costing. Where are all the bids for everyone to see. Is this Foy’s last chance at the cookie jar before the Govenor takes over? How’s the rental going at Aunties building for his office going? These politicians make you wanna puke.

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    • Tragic says:

      No mention of where it will be?

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    • 7 heaven says:

      It’s a pity the chance to design something attractive was missed. Why do we always celebrate mediocrity here?

    • Hater says:

      The High School was built and delivered on time by “local” the multi purpose building on JVD was built and handed over on time by “locals” The Vaterpool Building/ the North Sound administration building both by locals and on time. You’ll just a set of haters. Learn to appreciate not hate

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      • Glue says:

        If that is the same person that build the fire station it is a lie that contractor is crap The fire station work is a waste

    • Edomite says:

      Who uses the term “locals” in posts?
      The same nentality exist, our people cant do anything?
      Ww built this country and it is now the envy of many?
      You shall not have it. Remember Arthur Hodhe’s story.

  2. 2cents says:

    it will cost $9.8 million x 2 and finish half way.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    But yet ayo say 80 mil was too much to build a whole city/village

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  4. Ausar says:

    But yet you all say 80 mil was too much to create a whole city/village. 10 mil for 1 building. Smh

  5. 1st district says:

    Look at the glass, more hurricane and earthquake food at our expence

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  6. OMG says:

    Have you seen the size of a house you can build for $9.8M Last time DDM was planning to rebuild it was estimated at $4.5M.

    This is a clear example of corruption. DDM needs a concrete box with small windows not all this glass.

    Add this to the list of things to investigate before we spend a penny of our taxpayers Money again.

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  7. Wow says:

    Just not getting the priorities of this government understood.

    There are at least four to five of them who are former educators within that party, yet education and the development f its infrstructure is not even on thier radar, but the can find 10 million to build hurricane food.. Something is amiss here.

    What an unbelievable shame.

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  8. Hmmmmmmm says:

    Now we know why the Preimer wanted DDM under his office. That’s my 2 centS

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  9. Stainlessbloke says:

    The Attorney General must look into this.

  10. Warning warning says:

    1. Show the public where this bid invitation was published locally. It probably was and I missed it but can someone put a link on here?

    2. Who is the project manager or person in charge of the tendering process.

    3. Can we be informed of the other contractors who bid?

    4. Your answer to #2 Will make me ask in advance. What is his relation to a person close to the former director.

    5. Who all were singled out to compete for the job.

    6. Why is the lady in her statement telling contractors to familiarize themself with designing such buildings. Last time I know is architects who does design buildings.

    7. With all the construction in the bvi these last years, I newer hear about the person who got the contract. Maybe back in the 70 and 80s but surely not recently. I wonder what his previous experience in similar projects look like.

    8. What’s the real deal here.

    9. Don’t read me rong. No grudge but it got some stuff here that just don’t add up.

    These is the kind of things that bother me and have this place how it is. Too much crap.

    These same questions going to the commissioner of inquiry because I am lost as to how this went down.

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  11. Earl says:

    Aaah…. I now see the connection that Gus was on about !

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  12. Wait What says:

    Give $9.8 million for a building and raise the rates at the Port Authority because the government need tax money. Something wrong here.
    First nothing ever gets built in a year here and second it will probably just sit and never open like the clinic on VG.

  13. wow says:

    Driving piles up on a hillside?? A bomb shelter??

  14. Mr. Governor please Review says:

    This contract need reviewing now…This is excessively excessive…U all need to go and look at this damaged building, its a small 2 storage building…. This large amt of money,, This is Crazy..This Money would have been better invested in building a new 3 storage building on that land next to qwomar than will hold multiple govt offices…Dont understand what this government doing or trying to prove,,But this building in question can be properly repaired, furnished and equipped with half of this money… This is the kind of thing the COI is trying to address, this irresponsible spending and scamming of public funds..

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  15. to warning says:

    intresting points there. I wondering similar. I know about so many out of office deals with power people over the years that nothing don’t not surprizing me. A big contract alot of times does have in the extra payback cuts

  16. Hm... says:

    Repairing the high school is much more important than this…

    • @Hm... says:

      And repairing the Central Administration Complex so that the Government Offices can return there. That belongs to the people. No rent for that. In fact, this Government is going to run us dry paying all these rents to their cronies, especially Crony Number 1.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Es claro las sobre valuacion de obras del gobiernos y los contribuyentes no recivimos nada los padres tratando de ver como consiguen un aliento del gobierno ellos gastando en cosas como palmas en plena pandemis mira ahora 9.8mm dios ayudanos

  18. Bunker says:

    Looks like an office block. What is needed is a reinforced concrete bunker with air vents, not glass windows. The design of the building is not fit for purpose, It’s another pie in sky, over priced, ego busting, grandstanding statement of Government hoodwinking. And why is the contract price $9.8 million? Surely the contractor could have just tipped the ten million marker to round up the lottery winning ticket. !

  19. Just saying.. says:

    Building looks like it might be about 10-12 Minis wide by about 3-4 Minis deep (assuming renderings are to scale). A Mini is about 12.5 feet long, and 5.5 feet wide. So, the estimated footprint is about 75 ft wide by about 50ft deep, so about 3,750 sq ft. There looks to be two stories, and a basement, so about 11,250 sq ft total. So that works to about $870 per square foot. Seems pretty costly for a commercial building, and more in line with the kind of build price for luxury homes in the BVIs.

    If it’s publicly funded, people should have the right to review bids to see exactly where the money is going. Similarly, the question is whether the bid is fixed, whether it comes with a performance bond, and whether there will be liquidated damages. Did the bid package get reviewed by a competent authority to verify everything is needed, or are the specs loose enough to allow change orders? You’d think with all the public purse construction debacles (Peebles, Pier Park, school wall, VG clinic, and so on), that the lesson of fiscal management would have been learned. There’s just too many example of budget at schedule over runs to expect that this project will be done properly.

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  20. Caco doy. says:

    Real foolishness bad news the way it was written too.
    “ The recipients of the successful bidding process are Tandem Development and D&B Heavy Equipment Services Ltd who received a total sum of $9,803,215.53 at the contract signing ceremony on Thursday.
    They received the total sum, of 9.8 mil at the contract signing ceremony ? I don’t think so. They could not give them all that money up front. Correct me if am wrong.
    This Government must get its priorities straight, or else it will backfire in their faces. Food food food , land land land , farm farm farm. Nothing about these at all. Building and Marijuana. What a shame.

  21. smh says:

    what a waste of money…

  22. WOW says:

    When I read all the above blogs by one or two persons, all I could say is read ignorance.

  23. My take says:

    This news site needs to monitor some of these non factual blogs and block them. This project was fully tendered through CDB. It is a needed project and was done transparently. Please people do research before you blog foolishness.

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  24. Project says:

    The building should not be located in a hillside inaccesible for transport/containers and blocked off by Irma. It needs to be near the port but sheltered, Baughers Bay springs to mind. This is not a hurricane bunker have we really not learned? There is no forward thinking to rebuild in the same place.

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