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Local company awarded $34K contract for debris clearance at ESHS

Members of the RDA and Autland Heavy Equipment Co Ltd during a recent contract-signing.

The Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) has awarded a local company a contract valued more than $30,000 for debris clearance at the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) campus in Road Town.

Autland Heavy Equipment Co Ltd signed the $34,097.50 contract last Friday, May 24.

A joint media release from the Ministry of Education and the RDA said: “The scope of works for this project includes the demolition and clearance of all debris to provide space for temporary classrooms and the future redevelopment of the site.”

It further said: “These works are concentrated on a concrete slab at ESHS which originally contained a steel-framed structure that subsequently collapsed.”

Autland’s operations manager Dawn Crabbe-Herbert said her company was delighted to be selected from a pool of three tenderers and looks forward to contributing to the redevelopment of the territory.

The project, while being implemented with the support of the RDA, is under the responsibilities of the Ministry of Education. It is expected to be completed by July 31 2019.

The total number of contracts awarded for the complete restoration of the ESHS now stands at six and has a combined total value of $4,156,057.63.

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  1. Congrats Autland says:

    Congratulations Autland! I know you will do exceptional work.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Is someone keeping track of all the contracts being given out at the school. 4 contractors, one air conditioning contractor, school furniture and now trash. What else? School should end up costing the same as the pier park or the hospital.

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      • @ Anonymous says:

        I am a traditional BVIslander and I am tired of persons like yourself who spend a whole lot of time pointing out which contractors are getting the most contracts. The writing is on the wall for the small and medium contractors, and the politicians who helped them to stay unorganized. I have been preaching this to several small contractors and other persons SINCE 2012 who seemed to be “like a broken record” that only some people eating. What I have discovered IS that those PERSONS like yourselves who are complaining are stuck and still not preparing themselves for the change. Well the change is here and your complaining is only going to leave you broke if you do not get your financial and administrative and project management skills in order. YOU ARE GOING TO BE LEFT BEHIND !!!!!

  2. Gandalf says:

    What a surprise! That boy eat good, while many others BVI companies that are much better and more worthy never are given the opportunity! Good to be King I guess.

    Personally it makes me sick. Instead of spreading the wealth amongst the people they just keep fattening the same cats!

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    • Strupzz says:

      If you only read the story, you would see that six were invited to submit and only three did. From the three, he was selected as the only one who met both the financial and technical requirements.

      Stop spreading division and be grateful someone local can do the job. You can’t kill him if his books are in order and he runs his company the right way.

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    • Oh says:

      Who else submitted a competitive bid for the works? Surely he would be able to offer better value as he has heavy equipment and is also doing construction works on the L shaped building, on the same campus?

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    • @Gandalf says:

      What you are not understanding that RDA is by the book. Did you submit all of the required docs such as resumes of technical persons in the administration and in the field; good standing of NHI, SS, and taxes; portfolio of works done to spec, on time most of the time and within budget most of the time. Do you have that kind of record? Are you still hoping for politicians to speak on your behalf to get project work? Most of you all problem is that you do not want to get organized. Note that his daughter is working with the company in order for it to stay on top of things. Are you doing that in your company? If not, it is time. This is where most local small and medium size companies are falling down and depended on politicians to put in a good word. Those days are largely over. GET YOUR BUSINESS HOUSE IN ORDER, IN ORDER TO COMPETE AND STOP THE COMPLAINING !!!

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    • Come on... says:


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    • @Gandalf says:

      The best sniper always gets the call to duty.

  3. Home Boy says:

    Something just don’t seems right to me, when there’s so much more contractors in the BVI. But yet almost every contract is Autland Autland and then again Autland. Just saying!

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  4. JB says:

    Home Boy, lets get together and form a company so that we can win some of those bids? leave a number, and I will contact you.

  5. @Home Boy says:

    Do you realize that it is with the RDA that this contract is with? No more political favors! Get your financial and administrative house in order! Stop the criticizing. The Ministry of Finance issued the criteria to get contracts which is exactly what RDA is also following. This company and the others that bid did the same. There is a lot more scrutiny going on now. No time for hanky panky now, especially, after the million dollar wall debacle with 70 contractors, where some did not have good standing certificate initially, and where some were paid and had not finished their work. Stop complaining and do the right thing!

  6. huh says:

    This RDA board is set up for the haves and not the have nots

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  7. watching says:

    the RDA is set up for honest companies who want to work ….. not unqualified companies looking to get kickback work in exchange for votes. Time for honest work and performance . People are tired of seeing their had earned money wasted on inferior or too expensive work

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