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Local entrepreneurial sector experiencing ‘substantial increase’

Karia Christopher

The local business and entrepreneurial sector is experiencing a “substantial increase”.

That is according to the Director of Trade, Investment Promotions and Consumer Affairs, Karia Christopher.

The trade director did not provide statistics but said her department will be hosting a ‘Small Business Trade Show’ this month to encourage an even greater expansion of the sector.

The department hopes this will lead to a reduction in the importation of products into the territory.

“Part of our job in encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit amongst our residents is offering opportunities and introducing initiatives that assist these business owners with the right tools, skills and knowledge to be both locally and internationally competitive in this growing economy,” Christopher said.

The trade show is scheduled for Friday, December 21 at at the Moorings Marina Inn on Tortola.

The event will run from 9 o’clock in the morning to 4:30 pm. Things will kick off with a business essentials workshop which will focus on topics such as getting started as an entrepreneur — start-up basics, marketing, and customer service do’s and don’ts.

The trade show will also showcase an array of products and services that are available locally, the Trade department has said.

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  1. well well says:

    I wonder why she is harrassing the WILLY T ????

  2. NDPiggy says:

    Waste of public resources again!!!! Bring the next news on!!!! ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  3. Half full says:

    Already have plans to be out of territory–and although I try to be positive, it hard not to say that it would have been nice to know about this in advance so we could schedule around the date and attend.

    Good Luck!

  4. Well says:

    Why the hate? We always like to bring each other down boy. Great initiative Trade!

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    • Blowfish says:

      The Bvi has gone through a monstrous time under hateful and wicked people who should not hold these positions.nothing to show for all this event planning. More fake news over and over again. Call in pest control!!!! Drain the swamp!!!!!!

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  5. Not2Sure says:

    Are there any statistics to back of this “substantial increase”? Number of trade licences issued? Increase in payroll tax receipts?

  6. Hmmmm says:

    Air head type data does not require statistics. Now we wonder why Bvi behind. Loud mouth event planning that’s all it is. Sick and tired of these misfit cronies.

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  7. Been There says:

    We’ve been fighting with this for years with things like the Buy BVI trade show. But something is just not clicking. We are too close to America to be able to compete. Anything that we make here they can make it at a better quality and lower price due to mass production and government subsidies Not to mention the bombardment of ads that we see on our TV sets while watching their programs. It is still very good that you are trying something as you must show you are doing some kinda work for your money.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If they crucified Jesus who is she? So many departments doing zero and here is an excellent opportunity for businesses to get some attention. These bloggers sit on their a$$es and add nothing to society.

    Excellent initiative! Kudos!

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    • Viking says:

      You got to be a newcomer or a crony man. Tola done graduate from trash talk. All these nonsense leading up to election. Stay tune for more garbage and wasting of public funds.

  9. People are people says:

    This is precisely why young people shun away from these high profile jobs. The ignorance is so prevalent it’s sickening.

    What I know is Karia is a darn girl boss and doing her thing personally and professionally.

    Haters will hate, you inspire me. I love your drive.

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    • NotOprah says:

      Need humble people with real skills to do real work man. Ain’t nothing high profile doing the people work. You will be hate when you mess up the place. Get off the high horses…

  10. In the know. says:

    Of course a lot of new trade licenses have been issues. We need at least 48 new contractor to finish the wall and 396 to rebuild the ESHS classrooms.

  11. Late notice says:

    Wished I knew about this in advance. Very late marketing. Traveling for the holidays.????????

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  12. @Late Notice says:

    You better off traveling. Nothing to miss unless you into decorations at the public purse.

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