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Local Grade 6 students pass Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment

Dr Wheatley

Results have shown that the majority of the 336 local Grade 6 students who sat the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) have passed their exams.

The assessment which is administered by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) is used as a tool to gauge students’ performance in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said based 286 students or 85.1 percent of the examinees earned a combined percentage between 55 to 89 while six students received an overall rate of 90 percent.

Breakdown of passes by subject

In Mathematics, 140 students (41.7 percent of the examinees) earned a pass percentage between 55 and 89. Fewer than one percent attained 90 percent and above.

The highest overall score for that subject was 96 percent.

In the Language Arts examination, 285 students or 84.8 percent received scores between 55 and 89 percent, while 15 students fell within the 90 percent bracket.

The highest overall score for Language Arts was 92 percent.

Science and Social Studies

In Science, 254 students or 75.6 percent of examinees achieved scores between 55 and 89 percent. Three percent of those students fell within the 90 percent bracket. A 96 percent pass mark was the highest score.

In Social Studies, 243 students or 72.3 percent achieved scores between 55 and 89 percent. Sixteen or 4.8 percent had percentages in the 90 percent region.

For that subject, the highest score was 96 percent.

Points system

Notably, the maximum points a student can attain is 500 points, which consists of 300 points for the examinations and 200 points for the school-based assessments.  

Students earning 90 percent or more are considered to be at the ‘Mastered Attainment Target’ level while those earning between 55 percent and 89 percent fell in the ‘Met Attainment Target’ level.

Students earning below 55 percent are considered to be at the ‘Working Toward Attainment Target’ level.

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  1. NDP says:

    Is he claiming fame for what Myron did ?????

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    • Faith says:

      So do you want the past Minister to still report on Educational matters even though he is no longer the Minister? You people make me so sick with shame

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      • @Faith says:

        Seems that way to me. The past Minister is now a private citizen. I would not offer or assist them with anything or knowledge. Let them figure things out on their own and stew in the juice. I will continue to say, Myron was a excellent Education Minister.All he was trying to do was making sure that the school children excelled and was prepared for the very competitive road that they are going to face.

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  2. cheese for chalk says:

    Why didn’t the minister say that he is discontinuing the Caribbean primary exit Exam? He has already given instructions to stop it. Guess why? because Myron started it. This minister has shoes to fill that he is not capable of filling. We exchange cheese for chalk.

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  3. Lord please says:

    Please find work for these bitter NDP supporters to do. They are so blinded by part politics that everything they say or do has to be political. Help them Lord.

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