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Local health team deployed as passenger who travelled to St Vincent from BVI tests postive

Minister of Health & Social Development Carvin Malone.

Local health authorities have been whipped into action to locate persons who may have been exposed to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in recent times.

This is according to Health Minister Carvin Malone who announced in a late-night social media broadcast on Sunday that government was “officially informed” on Saturday, July 18 that “an airline passenger who travelled from the territory to St Vincent and the Grenadines through St Lucia on Wednesday 15th July was swabbed on arrival in St Vincent and subsequently reported positive for COVID-19”.

Malone made it clear that the passenger in question was not tested in the BVI because the individual was not previously suspected of having the virus.

“Our Public Health team has been deployed to actively investigate the matter by identifying the persons with whom this passenger is reported to have been in contact in order to quarantine and test close contacts who remain in the territory,” the minister said.

“Contact-tracing and follow-up testings will provide additional information regarding the level of exposure to the virus so that steps can be taken to rapidly contain and suppress the potential for spread in the interest of public safety,” he added.

Malone, in the meantime, is reminding residents and businesses to continue practising the various anti-coronavirus safety measures such as social distancing, constant hand-washing/sanitizing, and wearing protective face masks while in public places.

A total of 741 persons in the BVI have been tested for COVID-19 so far. Of that number, eight were reported as positive. With the exception of a single female patient who died from coronavirus-related symptoms, those reported cases have since recovered.

BVI News will bring more updates to this developing story.


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  1. Yes says:

    A lot more residents walking around with it, it’s right here among us

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    • @Yes says:

      Ayo will stop fighting the government now and go wear ayo dam mask and do the other Social distancing measures.

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    • Really says:

      Covid is present in the Territory and the Foy keeping the Territory closed is ridiculous. People traveling back and forth to the USVI as well as other islands. They go shopping, see family, pick up Covid and come back. Keeping the tourists out just hurts the economy and the regular people. Keeping the Territory closed does not hurt the Foy and his cronies. You people are stupid allowing him to continue to do this. Free the people.

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      • Local says:

        You need to get some common sense you sound foolish and stupid at the same time. Be careful what you wish for.

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      • @Really says:

        Stop with the B****A** selfishness already. The tourist is not taking any chances traveling anywhere. New York City is a tourist Mecca and their tourist industry has dropped. So tell me Really, if you were given a ticket to spend a few days in New York City as a tourist would you go? I bet like H*ll you won’t. I know I won’t.

  2. Hmm says:

    The way he does act, you would feel like the BVI is virus free SMH

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    • Me says:

      Govt just can’t please everyone…you put restrictions in place ,you all complain, you ease it’s a problem. We need the Lord!!

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    • To Hmm. says:

      Some of you speak pure foolishness. The BVI Government doing all they can to fight this virus. We the public have a part to play also. We need to do our part and stop talk foolishness. The Government is not to be blamed.

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  3. Yeah says:

    Just ignore it for a week or two, diagnose it as asthma and prescribe paracetamol?

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  4. Ok then says:

    Virus in the conutry. Everyone of you minister to **e. You guys not doingg a good job. Well thank God is somebody local got to bring it in. Because only locals allow to come in
    Gov love to push things undee rug to much.

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    • @Ok then says:

      People like you is the reason the BVI struggles to move forward. Your mentality is so ignorant. This local government must be commended for what they are doing to fight this virus that have the world spiraling out of control. No one is hiding anything. You just need to get your facts straight.

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      • nobody is hiding anything? says:

        Why is there no public investigation in the lady that died then?

        How is it possible that hundreds have come back to the territory but nobody is tested?

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        • Reply says:

          I don’t think you know what your’re talking about! Everyone that is returning to the territory LEGALLY, is quarantined for at least fourteen days and tested before being released into the public!

          • That's not true. says:

            That’s what they are maybe telling you.

            But the people are not all in mandatory quarantine. Some can do whatever they want.

            And not all are being tested.

            And this is all first hand information.

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    Is he / she displaying symptoms? The tests are not 100% accurate.

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    • Asymptomatic says:

      Don’t you know that 30% of persons with the virus are asymptomatic, but can still spread it (and kill others)????

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  6. Meme says:

    They get it in St. Lucia. They could not have gotten it here. No one here have it.

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    • @MEME says:

      Keep thinking that the BVI is living inside of a giant protective bubble. No one is immune from anything. No one here have it? Ok Bloke.

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    • Smh says:

      Ignorance. Guess it’s easier to bury your head in the sand or blame another island instead of BVI.

    • Lucia says:

      Bulls**t,did the person ever came off the plane? Get your facts straight. Noone knows where they got it from. Likely is in the bvi. Go get your self tested.

  7. vg says:

    jesus when I tell you something is not true / write in this place but please hold my hand all the way. vexed

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  8. Person wasn’t tested says:

    The person wasn’t tested because he was not suspect to have it said Malone.

    MALONE, you are not testing anyone. You seriously want us to believe hundreds came back to the territory and nobody came back with Covid? You are manipulating the statistics for future gain.

    You keep telling us there is no Covid, but we have to keep wearing masks. No wonder why nobody is wearing it. Tell us the way it is man, be honest. Be transparent.

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    • vg says:

      ISING. local I mean LOCALS
      comes in and been all over the damn place with this VIRUS.OH YEA they are local NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO THEM but they better pray if they do,they are too bring in this place.

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    • I would Agree says:

      I don’t know why Mr. Malone is l**** to the people about there is no COVID in the BVI. Keep on l**** and you will have to explain the truth when the backlash hit, you will be the one that will take the blame. Do the right thing by your people and stop worrying about being the next Premier.

      • Wize up says:

        Stop talking trash. How the hell would hon. Malone know if we have cases here? Is he a prophet? Shut the h**l up n go sedung

  9. Truth says:

    I don’t like to speculate like this but I believe this government is lying about the cases here. They refuse to test those they suspect of having the virus. Just like they did with that lady that died. If they tested her when she voluntarily notified them multiple time she might have had a change. What can we the people really do about this?

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  10. Malone is unr******* says:

    Malone decided to use the Trump idea of no testing means no covid.

    Complaining because we are not wearing our masks, and at the same time they are testing nobody and being proud on their response and claiming we have world class healthcare.

    No official investigation was started to the death of the lady. Who was sent away from the hospital multiple times. No investigation, because of course Malone wants to keep pretending we are so great.

    He is skewing up the facts.

    All signs of c*****+++n.

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    • BLM says:

      BLM stands for “Belongers Lives Matters”. Everyone else can drop dead. Trump is great. Worry about your own crooks.

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    • To Malone is unr*** says:

      And as if how they treated the lady wasn’t enough….they threw away her phone after she died. What a set of evil people

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      • Go Sit down says:

        @ @ To Malone Is unr***. Take a trip to the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital and see how many locals versus expatiates you find working there which includes specialist and non-specialist. The ratio is about 10:1.

        When you do that you will be able to figure out and do more analysis. I say no more.

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        • Not sitting down. says:

          Is not a matter of locals vs expats.

          The hospital did a horrible job. Period.

          The minister Malone is not investigating it. He is responsible. So it is eventually his fault for that it is still crap.

  11. Iros says:

    Tell them down island countries stop lying on the BVI that person got it from st Lucia where she stopped

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    • Just like Zika says:

      Where we started defaming people who actually had it?

    • Lucia says:

      Shut the h**l up. Ignorant ms you should go test your idiot self. FYI anyone who gets off of a plane in st lucia mist be tested. This person didn’t stay in st lucia. As always with some of yall ppl always blaming others for yall mistake smh.

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    • Doesn't matter says:

      Well aren’t you the s**** of the month… ?

  12. Facts says:

    Fake positive test.. They jealous because we are covid free

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    • @Facts says:

      Jealous of what? Trust me when I say this, the BVI have people walking around with the virus. You wear the mask to stop the spread of the virus. If you feel that you cannot breath with the mask, simply find a spot where you are a few feet away from others and pull the mask down and catch some fresh air. To the ones with common sense, continue to do what you are doing to protect yourselves and your family. Just watch, the BVI will be right back on lock down again. If the BVI was COVID free don’t you think the boarders would have been open and other restrictions would have been lifted? When we go back on lock down again @FACTS, it will be because of ignorant people like yourself. Wear the damn mask and shut the F**k up already.

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      • Yes says:

        You wear a mask but no gloves and the virus is on you hands and clothing, then what?

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        • @yes says:

          Duh ! You wash your hands at every opportunity… they been saying this for months !
          Most clean people only wear their clothes once and then they are washed.

        • Really says:

          Trust me you are better off not wearing the gloves. They offer a false sense of security, because most of you do not understand that you need to change your gloves as often as you wash your hands. You are likely increasing your chance of getting infected and infecting others, by wearing those grimy things.

  13. NikiSweets says:

    Unless a Country/Territory has conducted random testing of Covid, NO Government Official can confirm that Country is Covid-19 free!

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  14. Voter says:

    Keep saying these guys have no clue, how can you say the territory is COVID free if you haven’t tested everyone.

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  15. Asymptomatic says:

    Don’t you know that 30% of persons with the virus are asymptomatic, but can still spread it (and kill others)????

  16. US says:

    You people in the BVI is going to learn the hard way. Stop being so hard headed and ignorant. So many people here in the US is dying from the virus because of the same way most of you is believing the virus is not real. Stop being so damn ignorant and stop believing that you are immune. To the ones in the BVI that is not ignorant, continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask, practice good hygiene and continue to stay 6 feet away from others.

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  17. Ning says:

    Something ain’t quite smelling right about this story!

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  18. L says:

    @ facts and meme. You guys so foolish. Soa person travel from the BVI today. Get tested when they reach st vincent and result positive. It take 14days gor a positive results. You guys real foolish.

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    • @L says:


  19. Truth says:

    BVI is almost last in the whole world for how much testing they’ve done! So stupid and ignorant to think the virus isn’t there. Negligent government and uneducated complacent people.

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  20. America says:

    Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona and New York City there is a spike in cases because those States had the same mentality like some of you have thinking the virus was not real. Now the above States is mandated to wear a mask. Mr. Health Minister and Mr. Premier, do what you have to do. It it means going on lock down again do it to protect the citizens of your Country. Better be safe than sorry.

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  21. Lily Ann says:

    The first line in this article BEHOOOOVES me … I thought The COVID team supposed to ALWAYS be in Action. No wonder a case has slipped!!!

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    • Nopes. says:

      Even if you call the covid hotline they will not come into action.

      Ask the widower of the lady who died from covid.

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    • vg says:

      Hello no matter how you call the d**n hotline no body will pick up the phone so let them keep talking p**s and don’t do the right thing.

  22. @Facts says:

    And how do you know we’re Covid free. Because the government says so ?

  23. @ facts says:

    I agree with you on this one buddy. They trying to tarnish The fact that we have no cases. Correct if I am wrong. But I think the BVI is the only Caribbean Island with no active case?

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  24. reality says:

    This person did not have the virus when they boarded the plane on their way out of the BVI. The were infected on route on the plane or perhaps in St Lucia where they changed planes or perhaps on the new plane. All it takes is for them to inhale a droplet in their masal cavity anywhere onroute then the cotton swab is put in to test ND THE VIRUS PARTICLE IS THERE. It really is that simple , and once the contact tracing is done in the BVI this will be proved. Also now please test everyone who leaves, save all the hysteria.

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  25. PEZ KOI says:

    Stop blaming the Government for what is going on. The ones to blame is the public who refused to adhere to the rules. If everyone had adhere to the rules, things would have not come to this point. We are headed to another stricter lock down very soon. You guys are acting like a cat or dog that have to wear a cone around their neck after surgery to protect the wound. Only difference, the animal don’t understand the cone is for their protection. But you humans understand the mask is for protection from a fatal virus and should know better.I am going to continue to follow the rules and continue to do what I have been doing to keep myself and my family safe from you nasty disgusting people that seems to think we are COVID free.

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  26. Love for my country says:

    Something is very wrong here in this country when it comes to covid-19. Yes I agree that the Government is behaving as if we are covid free but the reaLity is one should not believe that. Where is the testing being done by the Health sector? Do we know if we have persons who are asymptomatic? Government can only have as close as possible to a true picture about covid in these islands if they carry out random testing. That person who tested positive in St. Vincent could not have gotten the virus in St. Lucia for it to show so quickly. The virus is not active for at least 14 days. We need to stop burying our head in the sands and accept reality. So until Government can assure us that covid is not in the BVI, PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO OUT; IF YOU MUST GO OUT, WEAR YOUR MASK, WASH YOUR HANDS OR SANITISE THEM OFTEN, AND KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCES.

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  27. Local girl says:

    You’re a damn idiot, Anguilla only had 3 cases and they have been Covid free in the end of April.
    No one was allowed in for the general election 3 weeks ago those who were away for medical care and asked for permission to re-enter the island are currently in Quarantine and that’s a doctor and his artistic son who have traveled to Trinidad for medical treatment.
    BVI is not Covid free, trust me on this on, I am an RN.

  28. 1st district says:

    Them say with that so call test even a goat or sheep can test positive. A farm of sheep, goats and rosters have moved next to me. The health department, agriculture and planning unit have been notified. Like them waiting for cases in this area to move these animals from among people!

  29. Lmao says:

    You can tell half of the bloggers are Island people. Why don’t you all go back to you country of origin. Maybe then BVI will be covid free for sure. ???

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  30. Thoughtful Sailor says:

    Since the infected person is no longer in the BVI, it can do no harm to identify him or her. That way, people that know they had contact can get tested, and isolate, if necessary, as soon as possible. I don’t understand all the secrecy that surrounds things like this. People have a right to privacy, for sure, but the public has a right to be safe.

  31. Eh Heh says:

    That man came over from JVD, spent the night in Sea Cow’s Bay by a friend house in order to catch his flight the next day! This is facts…

    • Well says:

      The friend and whom ever he came in contact with in Sea Cows Bay need to go get tested. I live in Sea Cows Bay but not close to the house where he spent the night.

  32. vg says:

    I hope you all enjoyed the lockdown and keep saying no VIRUS is in the BVI. miserable people

  33. Reality says:

    We need to wear or mask

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