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Local hospitality worker seeks to raise $200K as she battles cancer

Marilyn Glasgow is battling Multiple Myeloma — a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell.

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Learning of the cancer that has increasingly begun to devastate Marilyn Glasgow’s life, the owner of Mala’s Bar in Baughers Bay, Mala Ragnaudh, knew she had to help.

Glasgow — an employee in the local hospitality sector — is trying to raise $200,000 for a bone marrow transplant. And last Friday night, Ragnaudh opened her establishment and allowed Glasgow to charged a $10 admission fee for patrons to enter the popular bar. 

This was the first fundraising effort to help save Glasgow’s life.

“It caught me off guard because all my life I have never been seriously sick and it all started with just a pinch in my lower back. And by the time I found out what it really was, I had fractures in my back,” Glasgow explained.

She said after visiting a few doctors, she was made to understand that the fractures were due to calcium escaping from her bones and getting into her bloodstream.

“It started poisoning my blood,” Glasgow told BVI News.

This led to her developing a disease known as Multiple Myeloma. She said the disease is effectively a cancer of the blood that, as Glasgow described it, is “very treatable”. 

That treatment comes in the form of a hematopoietic stem cell transplant, which is more commonly known as a bone marrow transplant.

Costly procedure 

Glasgow said the bone marrow transplant that must be done in Atlanta, USA for the aforementioned sum.

“I have to get treated for about five months, but after the five months, I have to get a bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant is very expensive, so I am raising funds because this is something that I have to do.”

Glasgow further said the ongoing treatment will conclude sometime in late February to early March.

She said her illness has affected her life.

“I stayed home nearly two months not working, and that was the hardest thing for me because I work at Scrub Island for nearly seven years, and I recall calling in sick only one time. And, it wasn’t because I was ill, I just couldn’t make it that day. I love my job,” she expressed..

The illness makes it difficult for her to lift heavy objects or walk excessively. 

Persons willing to assist Glasgow may her contact her at 284-544-4446.

Happy to help

Meanwhile, bar owner Ragnaudh — a Guyanese living in the British Virgin Islands for 30 years — said she was happy to help Glasgow.

“Normally, I would try to help out anybody, so when she called me and asked me if I was able to assist by having this event, I said ‘yes’. So she came up with the idea of paying at the door,” Ragnaudh said.

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  1. efdf says:

    Just do a coffee enema regularly and cancer is gone.Food Grade h202 etc etc. So many cancer cures. why go for treatment and going ultimately not work and such up you’re line of credit.

    Change your diet. it’s laughable people still go to the doctor for this.

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  2. God don’t like ugly says:

    I hope this experience cause her to change her h******e attitude and her b** minded ways . Amen

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  3. Lovely says:

    Oh wow! I know her from working at VQ. A go fund me account would be a good start to raise funds.. I hope one of her family members set one up for her if she does not have one already. I am willing to donate to this cause.

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  4. NHI says:

    what happened? Did she not pay her contributions? Why does she need to beg for funds for her healthcare?

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    • . says:

      No insurance company will pay for a bone marrow transplant. Even after all these years, the insurance companies call the procedure experimental.

  5. wow says:

    God help her , please !!

  6. A says:

    Wait your a multi-millonaire and you begging smh

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  7. The Truth says:

    Start a Go Fund Me and I’ll drop a few dollars in it.

  8. Nads says:

    Such insensitive comments, I wish those making these negatives comments can use the same energy to assist this worthy cause. Be careful riding your high horse You’re not immune to sickness nor diseases ?

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  9. Lord help us a human beings says:

    Why are we as people who God Almighty created soo evil against one another. Sickness does not pick out who it will prey on. Today for her tomorrow can be for u or me. Why are people so nasty toward on another. Sometimes it makes me wonder if satan created some of us. But i know that God in his own image created us all. But we have become such an evil, devious set of human beings. So what if she or anyone ask for some assistance. No amount of money in the world can keep us when God is ready to take us. So lets stop it man. Help if u can and be quiet if u cant. Lord have mercy on us. Lord have mercy on us.

  10. Gwen says:

    Come to New York. Go to kings county hospital emergency room in Brooklyn. You know what to do. The rest is history.

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