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Local man comes clean about burglarising grocery store in March

With mass evidence including fingerprints and CCTV footage stacked against Purcell Estate resident Dekembe Parsons, the 21-year-old reversed his original plea of ‘not guilty’ and confessed to burglarising Sunshine Grocery Store in March.

Parsons, who was on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison for the offence, made a virtual appearance before Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin on Monday, October 19.

His appearance in court was heading for an adjournment to a subsequent date to allow him ample time to seek an attorney. After being told of the adjournment, Parsons inquired to Magistrate Benjamin as to whether he was able to change his not guilty plea.

He was informed by Magistrate Benjamin that he could do so at any time within the proceedings but was warned not to take the route as a means to speedily end the case if he was indeed innocent.

Parsons quickly pleaded guilty.

What the court heard happened

Crown Counsel Kael London told the court that on March 30 this year, the owner of Sunshine Grocery Store was informed that his business had been burglarized. 

After getting to the scene of the crime, the owner was met by members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF); at which point, noted that several items amounting to $100 had been missing.

Police conducted a forensic examination in the store where prints were taken from several of the store windows. 

The detectives also found a knife on the scene which appeared to contain blood which was examined and taken in for evidence.

Witnesses and CCTV footage

London also said that witnesses and CCTV footage was identified as supporting evidence for the case.

One male witness stated that about 9am on the day in question, he observed two males — one skinny and the other tall and medium built – walking in the vicinity of Chalwell Street. The males then stopped and pointed towards the store.

The witness was then shown CCTV footage by the detectives, where he confirmed that both males seen within the CCTV footage were the persons he had observed. Supporting a similar stance was the second witness, who also identified the two males in the video.

Parsons denied entering store

The evidence prompted the RVIPF to pick up Parsons, who was then taken to the station where he voluntarily participated in an interview. According to London, the accused denied ever entering the establishment.

Parsons also provided a sample of his fingerprints, which was compared to the ones collected from the crime scene. 

London said that the analysis from the submitted fingerprints matched the ones taken by the police from the grocery store.

Parsons was subsequently charged for the breach of the curfew and burglary, while the other male was only charged for the curfew breach.

His sentencing will be on October 26.

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  1. Another says:

    Another highly educated local who is ready for higher education. First a little breaking and entering (grade school) then move up to auto theft (high school) then on to higher education like drug dealing. This is the education that the young Belonger needs. I guess this is what Foy was referring to.

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    • Haha says:

      You got way too much free time roaming from article to article spewing rubbish daily. These politicians living well whether you like them or not. Your comments won’t change that. Focus that negative energy on enjoying your life and see how different you will feel.

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  2. Foreigner says:

    Nah, ah yo sure he is a local? Nah someone didn’t hear that well, can’t be, a local BVISLANDER committing a crime? I thought that was us down islanders? Again I’m asking ah yo sure nah one of us no good down islanders? because we’re the ones who has the monopoly on crime in Nature’s little secret.

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    • STOP says:

      You expats claim to want the ignorance to stop between locals and yourselves but you keep feeding the fire. Stop posting those comments and when you see comments posted about expats ignore them. Let it die.

  3. What!!!! says:

    “Come clean” changing plee to guilty with all the physical evidence against him what choice does he have?

  4. Rubber Duck says:

    What kind of moron risks his freedom to steal $100?

  5. AHA says:

    The Moran who will be eating steak and fish while we eat chicken

  6. Jokers says:

    3 square meals a day
    No bills to pay
    No wife to obey
    Life is good.

  7. Dear Expats says:

    From a young Virgin Island soul to yours.. we all came off the same boat.. I’m sorry if you came from a situation that was worst or even better than this place.. Please note we don’t hate you. In fact I appreciate your company on this road we call life. What I don’t appreciate is how much yall fake on this website.. You love it here you would bring your entire families here and set up shop.. so stop act like we the locals stand with cutlasses pushing you out.. every country has a system if you disagree with ours you are free to return to the one you once came. Bring all the hate cause I got enough love for all of ayo.

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