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Local supermarkets increase sanitary measures; says there’s no need for panic-buying

Three of the territory’s popular supermarkets have confirmed that they have heightened sanitary measures at their establishments, following reports of the recent increase of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the region.

These establishments are Bobby’s Marketplace, One Mart Supermarket, and RiteWay Food Markets.

Proprietor of Bobby’s, Elton Leonard, told BVI News that his business has been going the extra mile with good hygiene practices to ensure a clean environment for both employees and customers. 

“We are doing like everybody else. We are keeping the stores very clean, all the carts are being washed and sanitised each day right now, all the cashiers are constantly wiping the counters and sanitizing their hands, especially at the food counters and all the stockers are also constantly wiping down and keeping everything clean,” Leonard stated.

Meanwhile, OneMart and Rite Way Food Markets both made their confirmation via social media postings.

RiteWay said its team is working diligently to keep all stores across the territory clean, while OneMart explained the various measures being undertaken by their establishment.

“As you are well aware, countries around the world are being affected by the latest version of coronvirus that is spreading quickly. We have been monitoring the situation, maintaining contact with local health authorities, and taking internal measures to increase the safety of our valuable clients and team members,” OneMart stated.

These internal measures include increasing cleaning frequency, especially in high traffic areas; disinfecting trolleys and hand baskets more frequently; encouraging staff to be even more vigilant in hand washing; promoting use of the hand sanitizer stations throughout our stores; and minimizing physical contact and group activities where possible.

No need for panic buying

During recent visits to these local stores, BVI News also observed that the sanitary products were moving off the shelves at a quicker-than-normal pace.

The supermarkets however assured that there is no need to panic about these supplies going out of stock, as there is enough available to supply the territory.

“People have been buying those products for quite a while — it’s just that they had a little spike this week. But customers have been buying them a lot for the past month. But they had a little spike this week when they got the news of other Caribbean islands having the coronavirus,” Leonard of Bobby’s Marketplace told BVI News last Friday.

He added: “We’ve been stocking up all the time and there’s no need to have a panic. Actually, supplies are good and our store will be fully stocked at all times and we shouldn’t be out of no products.”

Do not stockpile

RiteWay also advised customers not to over-buy products. 

“We are encouraging preparedness, not stockpiling – please buy what you need and leave some for your neighbour behind you. We are in this as a community and it’s important to keep calm.”

Zero Tolerance for Price Gouging 

In the meantime, Premier Andrew Fahie in a recent address to the territory said his government will not tolerate any form of price gouging by local businesses who intend to capitalise on the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Cabinet noted that discussions on price gouging and other related matters would be held with the Department of Trade, Investment Promotions and, as well as other stakeholders. Your Government has zero tolerance for this type of negative behaviour,” Premier Andrew Fahie stated.

He further said that members of his administration had met with the supermarket operators and wholesalers, as well as local freight and cargo shipping companies to discuss precautionary measures in response to the virus.


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  1. Mr poopybutthole says:

    If toilet paper are gone I’ll just use my hands to wipe my butt and then use a bar soap to wash my hands.

    African Bushman style. Filipinos on my right?

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  2. Sanitizer says:

    Vodka or Gin mixed with essential oil or Aloe is a good hand sanitizer. Those plastic baby wipes containers, cut up some paper towels put them in the container and pour the above mixture in the container and you have hand sanitizer. I keep some in the car and at home.

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    • Guest says:

      Don’t listen to this imbecile. To kill this disease the alcoholic percentage must be at least 70 percent alcohol. No Vodka or gin is over 40 percent, so it would not disinfect properly. It is this type of misinformation is what is creating the problems…….

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  3. YOUTH says:

    This Government has to be commended for how well they are handling this crisis.

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  4. Really says:

    Yet a case of Roxanne water is up to $6.00

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    • well well says:

      Right Way in town has Roxanne Water for 4:89 down from 5:89 previously. I bought there this morning. Stop spread false story its not nice, you make yourself a slanderer.

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    • ..... says:

      buying water from a local whole sale the price has to be a little higher we know the store your talking about….they said that Kirkland would be back in stock this week

  5. Guest says:

    If there is no need for panic buying, then why are you “panic selling”??

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    • Lodger says:

      Have none of you heard of a kettle? I have not bought water in over 40 years, and my neighbour does not even boil hers, and we are both in our 80s.

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  6. People says:

    It is a hard fight against this but I appreciate the efforts of our government.

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  7. nick says:

    the government should have cancel the day of prayer yesterday. Big mistake they did not do so.

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  8. My take says:

    The government has made a lot of tough decisions with more to be made but they have done well to manage this pandemic given that no where in the world is getting it handled.

  9. Unknown says:

    You sound so foolish!!

  10. Me says:

    I don’t see wipes for persons to use when picking up a trolley or a hand cart at none of the supermarkets. This should be a must!

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