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Local tests indicate that the BVI is coronavirus-free!

Health Minister Carvin Malone

Local tests have revealed that the British Virgin Islands is now free of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), Health Minister Carvin Malone has said.

The bombshell announcement was made on the Honestly Speaking radio programme with host Claude Skelton Cline earlier this evening, Tuesday, May 26.

Malone said: “There are no active cases of COVID-19 patients here in the Virgin Islands at this time.”

He said the BVI’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Irad Potter, reported to him that following a series of tests in the eighth case, including contact-tracing, “none of the contacts are positive”.

“So we can now declare that the Virgin Islands as we stand today, is COVID-19 free,” he added.

The minister further said there are no more persons in quarantine.

The territory had a total of eight confirmed cases; one of whom died.


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  1. Ok says:

    Who is telling the truth. Article about the Dr taking care of 10 Covid patients. Foy with curfew but why the curfew if no Covid. Drs coming fro Cuba for what. Anybody smell something with all these people? I smell a bunch of liars.

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  2. I don’t believe Him says:

    Why are they afraid to do more testing?

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    • @ I don't believe him says:

      May not be a matter of Govt being afraid to do testing but more like persons who are feeling unwell afraid of getting tested (some people are afraid of going to the doctor must less now)

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  3. Eyes says:

    Cubans coming assist with the incoming of our locals returning in the event of any out break as the territory gets ready to open the boarder. Stop the nonsense about lies and this and that .

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  4. Soothsayer says:

    The WHO playing the world like a harp! Wake up people!!! – new machine for test – more testing more cases – more doctors (Cuban) – second wave – second lockdown – WHO solution gates of hell vaccine!!!

    The RT-PCR Test was as not designed to test for viral infections, it does not test for SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19).

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  5. Wibble says:

    False News !
    Unless you have tested everybody within a few days. It is wrong to assert that the territory is corona virus free ! End of message .

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  6. Hello says:

    if we are COVID free then why not open up the damm beaches and the rest of the economy. I will like to go to the beach until 7pm

  7. Smh says:

    You’ll limit God too darn Much

  8. No says:

    The last case has recovered. No place is ‘coronavirus-free’! People need to continue to exercise caution and not let this news make you feel as if you have just won a war and get too comfortable.

  9. Skeptical says:

    Why? What sample percentage of the entire population was tested, and in what time frame? How large was the sample and its frequency?

    Seems that without such scientific data being presented for public scrutiny, continued skepticism will be the dominant result and lingering feature.

    Hence, such will not enhance public or international confidence.

    Indeed, while the posted article seems encouraging and projects a positive light, it is woefully lacking critical elements that would support its premise. The greatest of those are data that would enhance trust, public confidence and trust worthiness.

    As such, can the messages, messengers and what is printed be trusted? Evidently, there appear a natural decline in the confidence level of the “local” public relative to the figures surrounding this on-going issue and the conflicting non-nonaligning statements emerging from officials and entering the public through media. Every health announcement is lacking consistency and cohesion from health officials across the board it appears.

    Therefore, continuous feeding it of recognizable useless propaganda may not be a wise or prudent public relations tactic. Such is suggesting, among other things, a “thumbing of the nose down” upon the public.

    When in actuality, the public, local and international alike, which id intelligent and resourcefully educated, need authentic facts to believe in, verify, trust and build confidence with, not skimpy empty sound bites.

  10. ... says:

    If we honestly care to know if the BVI is Corona-free why not make testing widely avaiable?

    Open drivethrough testing.

    Put the thousands of test kits we have to use. Get to the truth before we reopen the borders to locals and then tourists.

    Me – I will be doing my best to protect myself, and taking no chances.

  11. A man says:

    Remove the restrictions on liberty then. Remove the curfew and allow restaurants to operate in the evening.

    No more lockdowns.

  12. Nonsense says:

    I doubt this is over. But lord help the people.
    Plus don’t talk about the hospital reception when people called during the lockdown to make appointments as was suggested be done before venturing out on the road. Shout down at you plus carrying on rude conversations with their colleagues about you wanting to go there – to go see a private doctor. Ask those bxxxs.

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