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Local yacht captain fined for falsifying documents

The charter vessel Prime Time.

The captain of a local charter yacht, Prime Time, who departed the territory unbeknown to authorities has been charged and fined for reported breaches under the Customs Management and Duties Act.

Speaking on ZBVI Radio recently, Deputy Commissioner of Customs Clinton Romney said the offender was charged with failure to obtain a clearance in departure and for providing false documents to officials.

The Deputy Commissioner said when the vessel entered the BVI at Road Town on May 1, it was discovered that there was no record on file to show that the vessel had left the territory.

As a result, the boat operator was found to have committed a breach of the territory’s Customs regulations and health protocols.

The offender, whose name was not revealed, is said to be a Belonger and the vessel is reportedly stationed in the BVI.

“Any person that is found committing an offence under the Customs Management and Duties Act, the Commissioner has the power to compound the offence. Or if that person so chooses, they could have the matter referred to the courts,” Romney said.

The captain, in this instance, chose the latter and was subsequently fined $30,000 for the two offences.

Romney said any vessel entering or leaving the territory is required to receive written permission from the Health Department as well as the Governor’s Office.

The Deputy Commissioner further encouraged boat users and persons in the charter business in particular, that they need to visit the offices of Her Majesty’s Customs to ensure their commercial recreational licences are up to date and necessary cruising permits are secured in advance of any trips.

Romney explained that given the constraints experienced by persons during the pandemic, the government has offered a 50 percent reduction in cost for the renewal of commercial licenses. This offer has been in effect since April 15 and Romney suggested persons take advantage of this.

Renewals of licences were initially expected to end by November 1, 2020. But this was relaxed for charter vessels who had not been able to undergo or complete the process so a grace period was offered.

Ordinarily, persons can be fined either $5,000 or as much as five times the application fee if found to be in breach of the regulations.


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  1. No yachts allowed says:

    It would be best if the BVI just banned all yachts from the territory. End of problem.

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    • Ban says:

      Just ban yachts belonging to Belongers. They were attained with illegal money. Did they inherit the money from their past slave relatives? Just total bulls**t going on. Crooks managing crooks. Bring on the COI and white rule.

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      • GTFOH says:

        Idiots like you will never learn. A belonger can be anybody from earth whether Africa, Russia, Japan, Trinidad, Norway anywhere as long as they apply and are granted belongership. As dumb as you are you can be a belonger. BTW, the offender isn’t even black so good luck with that slave comment.

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      • Who says:

        Clearly “Ban” is a troll trying to stir up trouble. It won’t work. Despite all the crap that gets posted here, we rub along pretty good in BVI. I could care less who is what color.

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      • Confused says:

        How did he get belongership after just 20 years ? Most wait 25-30.

        • hee says:

          I put in my application so long after 30 years and still waiting. just because the one in charge family and i have beef she would not pass it. I paid my monies. so mr. premier find a new person to head that unit. mrs b*** is vindictive.

      • Wait says:

        Most whites got their money from drugs, gun sales, money laundering, securities fraud, ponzi schemes, inheritance from slavery or all of the above but, only locals and belongers are the criminals? Plenty of the drugs coming in on yachts. Stop telling on yourself. You want white rule so you can continue.

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    • V4 says:

      Just for the record you are an idiot

    • fool says:

      End of problem and end of economy….fool.

  2. BORN HERE says:


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    • funny says:

      J** S******h

      • Anonymous says:

        You mean the guy that is advertised online as “moved to the BVI in 1999 and has been running a successful charter business since and is now a “belonger” in the BVI, one of the few belonger skippers.” At least he is proud of getting his belongership and wears it as a badge of honor but with rates from $19,200 per week he can afford the fine.

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    • Anonymous says:

      You will recognize him as the guy who wears a MAGA hat around the place. Why did we think he was an appropriate person to give status to??

  3. ok says:

    so an american who has papers has broken the law by leaving and then rentering the terriotory without permission . he just became a belonger when the rush trhough pay for status happened, and now he is breaking the law…….

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  4. Captain Kook says:

    A word of advice to Captain Kook. Don’t return to any port on the same named vessel that failed to legally clear out of that port in the past year. Sail your vessel somewhere else or stay in Canadian waters.

    In the past vessel clearing offenses were minor but that has all changed due to the virus pandemic because of the health/quarantine/contamination issues. Any foreign vessel is a suspect virus/disease carrier until cleared by the local health officials.

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  5. @ idiot says:


  6. tax payer says:

    Maybe just ban all tourism.
    i dont understand why Health has to give permission to leave.
    you dont need health permission if you fly out?????

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  7. Mufeng says:

    Please deport him from here. Don’t want him to corrupt our local young men.

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  8. ReX FeRaL says:

    What about immigration violations?

  9. Gov't BS says:

    More BS from this yachting and tourism UNFRIENDLY government.
    Steaming heaps of bureaucracy is the name of the game in the BVI.
    All the “team players” at HM Customs should be told to find honest work.

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  10. Doh says:

    Annnnnnd another belonger gets off with a hand slap…..

    Carry on

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  11. Bull shit says:

    Seized his boat like u all does

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  12. We says:

    Welcome to BVI TRAP

  13. Rubber Duck says:

    These fines Customs doles out are pretty steep.

    Maybe they think everyone is as rich as they are.

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