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Locals don’t yet possess skills to run HMP — Foot

Former Superintendent of Prison David Foot

While stating he supports the idea of a British Virgin Islands native heading Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut, former Superintendent of Prison David Foot said there are no locals currently capable of running the prison.

He said the current crop of local prison officials is, frankly, not ready.

“Right now, from the persons who are available, it needs more time for those people to get the skills. They need to come into some of the more middle-management and more senior management positions and gain experience.”

However, Foot said a number of local prison officials are currently being coached to eventually qualify to head the prison.

He said these locals are part of an ‘intensive development programme’ that trains them to become professional prison managers.

The former prison boss further said the programme is a collaborative effort with the UK prison service.

“What I firmly believe is that there are persons from the Virgin Islands who — over the next few years — if they continue through that process, will be capable and will become Superintendent of Prisons, without a shadow of a doubt.”

Talk about locals not heading the prison comes at a time when government has appointed another expatriate as the next Superintendendent of Prison.

He is St Lucia native, Verne Garde.

Despite Garde’s experience as a former Director of Corrections for Bordelais Correctional Facility in St Lucia and his 23 years in criminal justice, a number of locals have expressed displeasure about his appointment since he is not a British Virgin Islander.

Garde has been appointed on a two-year contract that will officially begin on July 2. However, the St Lucian must undergo a six-month probationary period.

As the new prison boss, Garde will also serve as government’s Chief Advisor on all matters pertaining to prison management and rehabilitation.

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  1. Hmm says:

    Lie he ah tell

  2. Albion says:

    Expect lots of negative comments. People hate being confronted with hard truths.

  3. Political Obsever (PO) says:

    Agree that a prison supt. needs the knowledge, skill, ability and progressive experience to run a prison effectively. I take issue with Supt Foote assertion that no Virgin Islander is capable of running the prison at this time. Is it the lack of capability or the KSA and experience? However, to get the experience one has to get the opportunity to do so. If theVI really wants locals to ascend to the highest levels, it must be committed to effectively investing in human capital, a key VI resource. When Foote was hired, it was the same tory: No Virgin Islander was qualified for the position. How long ago was that?

    Moreover, we have fallen a long way since the late Ashford Frett, the long serving Prison Supt. The MEC must be more aggressive in training and getting Virgin Islanders positioned to assume the Prison Supt. position. Furthermore, there must be unity in command in running the prison. This matrix org, ie, joint running between MEC and Governor is not effective. Either the MEC/some other local government agency or the Governor should be in charge.

    Further, in two years, will we be singing the same song, ie, locals are not qualified. There seems to be a pattern developing in the VI regarding deeming locals unqualified for positions. A case in point is the hiring the former CoP (David Morris) for DCoP. No one in the RVIPF was deemed qualified for DCoP, though a member went on to be Comish of Police in Antigua and Barbuda. Nonetheless, no sooner than the DCoP was hired as CoP, loads of RVIPF members were qualified as DCoP. These shenanigans are occurring with our eyes wide open. Who was it that verbalize that Virgin Islanders cannot be protected?

  4. TRUTH says:

    get the f outta hear with that r—— punk

  5. ok says:

    fact there are people from more developed countries with better skills. BUT AN EXPAT IS BROUGHT IN and yet after he/she leaves no one can fill. SHOWS huge failure a) the system and b)the out going expat.
    I find we bring people to improve our systems and people yet they leave without improvement to any.

    until we promote from within no matter we will always lose. like locals only good enough to act/temp

  6. Please says:

    Poor locals boy they meet it in their own country. I hope they vote wisely this election and guard the boxes before they are counted.

    As for Mr Foot it is alleged you were the worst head of prison we ever had you lost the controls. Even during the hurricane it is alleged you just gave the controls away putting the lives of every citizen in this country in danger.

    • Not2Sure says:

      Only BVI people think that you should still get the job if you bahn here, even if you lack the skills, experience and qualifications.

      • Reality says:

        Most Tolans can’t even secure their goats,sheep,donkeys and cows never mind dangerous prisoners!!!

        • Reality my @$$ says:

          Yea, that is the reason why the prisoners are so unruly to this day, bc a foot is in charge and not a head. D^*g$ still running and w#@p0ns still passing as freely as the goats, donkeys, sheep and cows on the road.

    • Ms wize says:

      go to school….big jobs mean good education

    • Deano says:

      the man speaks the truth and aint that a foot in the head!Irma wasnt declared certain things for obvious reasons we wouldnt understand.

  7. Allbaloney says:

    What about the necessary skills to run this Country? The ministers who approved the $8,000,000 investment in BVI Airways are disqualified. The Ministers who hid the $50,000,000 in cost overruns for the pier project are disqualified. Fool me one, same on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  8. Wow says:

    This is insulting! So, how was Foot’s record as Superintendent??? He was t——-!

  9. My 2 cents says:

    What an insult

  10. Fluffy says:

    Wow! Mr Foot just a note of correction there was a local running the prison a few years back.MR.KENTON CALLWOOD.

  11. Nonsense says:


  12. Real says:

    Truth be told locals have lost interest in the prison…. and do u determine as locals? And when applying for certain jobs in government there must be a set standard for people looking employment so we wont have this problem… parents need to encourage their kids to go all the way get the highest of education there is to obtain, to often pur kids just graduate from high school an it stops there for them and then we think because they are locals the highest positions around should be given to them…

  13. Hmmmm says:

    Given Mr Foote’s “expertise” why is it that the Prison not bette state? The kind of things happening since his time would have at least been kept aa minimum before. It should be expected that when people are specially recruited from abroad for certain position they should do better job.

  14. Wendy says:

    Local BVIslanders are unique ” island people”in the sense that they are not geared towards “kissing up ” (people pleasers) or policing. Service workers and also the police force are dominantly expats. Crime with a bourgeoning prison and the need for personalities suited for its management is a new sensation in he BVI. Until local personnel is indoctribated ,programmed and molded, hard back,long term and habitual crminals would do well to be housed elsewhere. The UK, Guiana,Jamaica,StVincent,DR comes to mind. Many of them would be in their homelands and have access to friends and family which would be a humanitarian gesture. Others would have the learning experience of being in prison managed by skilled aka real law enforcers.The result could very well be a lot less crime in the VI and with a bit of luck no crime, just the way it was” yesterday”

    The problem is crime is my opinion.

  15. READ!! says:

    I think he is saying based on those that APPLIED for the job or that are currently employed there. He also said if the current senior officers continue their training they would eventually qualify for the post. With that said, it would be good to have a benchmark of what’s required for such a post so we can have a better understanding of the so called ‘qualifying’ standards. Maybe this guy was qualified on paper but in my humble opinion he is probably the worst prison head ever.

  16. native son says:

    He need one foot in his mouth

  17. 2 Grand says:

    look at it this way foot put he foot in he own mouth. here talking and his track record speaks.has the prison and prisoners been rehabilitated to better standards.since he was the pro then teach train or make sugesstions to higher authority on who should succeed him. foot failed miserably and he knows.

  18. Eye Spell says:

    De man say he put a plan a place n yall just rip him, y’all want a local n de man bring forward locals, stripes, full of rumour n bs if the NDP put money into prison, police and court we’d be safe.

  19. CW says:

    BVIlanders want a local so they can stay corrupt. Grow up and join the modern world instead crying constantly. You have one of the best deals around. UK passport. UK money. UK officials. Local complainers. GEE WHY DOES NOTHING GET DONE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. Not Nice says:

    Not nice to say after partner was running a free-for-all in the can while he enjoyed a rather long Caribbean vacation.

  21. Wes says:

    Mr. —- was not capable either

  22. hmmm says:

    cant have locals in charge of locals. Already drugs used in there so lets not make it even more of a joke.

  23. TurtleDove says:

    We have to come to grips with how fast we are growing ….. The US is importing skilled worker on the down low….

  24. Hawk says:

    It is not difficult for an ordinary manager with leadership qualities to run that prison.

    That said, it is clear from Mr. Foot’s own comments and the prison situation even before the storms that he was not capable of developing people or providing any sort of leadership.

    In prison matters, locals in a small community may become compromised so this is the reason it may not be a good idea for a local to head the prison. The decision to hire the St. Lucian was the correct one.

  25. clown says:

    We know that white man would some crap like that!!!!

  26. stupidness says:

    “Locals don’t yet possess skills to run HMP” Says the same backside that set the prisoner —- after the storm. talking bout f—– his life.

  27. .. says:

    You didn’t possess the skills to run HMP either Mr. Foot… just saying!

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