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Locals to benefit from ‘favourable rates’ at UK-based schools, says Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

Locals interested in pursuing their education in marine, tourism, aviation and entrepreneurship at United Kingdom-based schools will be able to do so at reduced rates, Premier Andrew Fahie has said.

The Premier said this was one of the things he was able to successfully negotiate during his recent visit to the United Kingdom.

“The trip was multifaceted. We were able to speak to them (UK) about scholarships in some areas that we see that we need to build our people up in resilience,” the Premier said during a press conference on Tuesday.

“They have also opened some doors for us for continued discussions and … also for our people to be able to come there although we will be paying at some favourable rates,” he added.

 Good partnership

In the meantime, the Premier said the achievement was a sign of good partnership between the BVI and the UK.

“In a partnership, you need to draw from the strength of the other one so you can become strong. So those areas were received well, and we will continue in dialogue, and we will be able to build on them as time passes and allow some persons to take advantage of some of the institutions in the UK in these areas and in many other areas that we discussed,” Fahie said.

“Our seed was dropped on fertile ground, and we will just keep watering it and make sure that it bears good fruit,” he added.

Leading up to his now-concluded visit to the UK, Fahie said he planned to ask Britain to fund a number of local scholarships. He also said he would be seeking to get locals integrated into UK’s armed forces.

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  1. Really? says:

    What has changed? BVI citizens have been charged Home student fees for a while now!

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  2. Shorty says:

    Just a point of information for anyone interested in attending university in the United Kingdom. As long as you are a holder of a UK passport you pay the same home fees as UK citizens and not international fees. This has been in place for quiet some yearssss.

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  3. King liar! says:

    This is all soo pitiful to watch. The Premier is yet again trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the BVI people. He made a complete mess with the Governor and the UK since taking office. He realized that the people were not supporting his silly behavior. All in all he wanted to control the recovery loan money directly and not through the RDA. This is what all this charade was about people. He realize that that isn’t happening so now he goes to England to create an impression to save face. The UK isn’t changing it’s postion on what was negotiated. All the concerns that the Premier raised publicly were none issues because they were already solved before based on Mr. Merrick’s letter.
    So now he goes to England, pack up his agenda with all sorts of other things besides the recovery so he could home and say he got this and that for us. Premier! Stop it! The BVI and overseas territories always had preferential tuition rates with UK funded universities. We paid home fees in many regards. Just suck it up and move on! You made a mess of this just like you made a mess of the immigration matter and soo many other things since you took office. King liar!

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  4. Interesting says:

    I am currently a student in the UK and most Universities in the UK have a two tier fee system i.e. home student and non-home student. The home student usually pays a lower rate or the rate that UK citizens pays.

    As BVIsalnder I qualify for the lower rate as a home student. So Mr. Premier are you saying that BVIslanders could potentially pay an even lower rate than UK citizens because of your negotiations? If yes, this is very interesting.

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  5. Retired says:

    The UK’s technical and professional schools are some of the best in the world for English speaking students. However the price in sterling is steep so any scholarships, bursaries and financial aid for tuition and living expenses would assist all the overseas students.

    • Non sequitur says:

      Lol, do you believe our premier negotiated new “scholarships, bursaries and financial aid for tuition” for BVI students on this particular trip?

      Did he not go to London for another purpose? How did that work out, and how did he manage to distract you so easily?

  6. vip heckler says:

    He is speaking as if we were enemies before? He doesn’t know that we all are british subjects? Or is it that he takes us for fools?

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  7. Haha says:

    The funny thing is y’all allowing the hatred to turn you stupid. Read carefully and stop being pessimistic. Based on the article Fahie said students from the BVI will be able to get reduced and favorable rates based on their recent conversations. Just because currently we are receiving equal rates like that of other UK citizens does not make Fahie’s statements false. Having the same rates as UK does not mean that it is impossible or false to get reduced, meaning lower than current rates.

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    • Huh says:

      You must be an aspiring fool or something?? Lower rates than UK citizens themselves pay and only for the BVI? What about the rest of the OTs?! Some of you all are too silly to be true. This Premier is thinks everybody is dumb in this place. Went to the UK with blazing hot fire, and he comes back like a tame little puppy.

      We are not ALL STUPID in this place and can see and read hogwash when in front of us.

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  8. Good work Premier says:

    @HaHa….UK university fees have two categories. You have international and home fees. The overseas territories get home fees which are the same as people who are from the UK. It follows therefore that if rates are to be reduced that would benefit the BVI it would be the home fees which will
    Also benefit persons from the UK and the other overseas territories which would mean that Fahie had nothing to do with that. Or maybe Fahie is such a good negotiator that he got better fees for the BVI itself than the home fees for the UK people and the rest of the overseas territories. Depending on how silly you feel today, pick the one you think is correct. I’m rolling my eyes by the way. Premier is right to be fooling the BVI people. Doing excellent Fahie.

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  9. UK Citizen says:

    How cute…yet U.K. citizens are treated as 2nd class citizens in BVI

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  10. CW says:


    instead of seeing this as an opportunity to help the students of the BVI all a STRUPE sees is a chance to bash their leader and fellow BVIslander


  11. listen says:

    As long as you don’t make over 20000 pounds a don’t have to pay back….just keep your wage bracket below. If your passport UK. your good.

  12. Wolf at the door says:

    Well Mr. Fahie. You need to stop what you are doing because you are making a laughing stock of yourself. It seems nobody believes you any more.

    Just look at these comments, Mr. Fahie. Unbelievable that you have not yet seen the writing on the wall.

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