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Locals told: Show some dignity, ‘common sense’ as BVI prepares for election

Locals are being advised not to get sucked into any unsavoury political practices that may arise within the next few months as the territory readies to go to the polls.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith issued that advisory in a public statement this week.

“As is always the case, the campaigning will be rough and tumble. That is normal. But I call on all BVIslanders and all those who aspire to lead to exercise dignity and common sense and respect for each other and our community as we go through the political season,” he said.

He added: “Our political divisions are shallow and small when compared to the vastness of all that we share and which binds us together as one people. And so I ask you to keep your faith in your fellow BVIslanders no matter their party or politics”.

This General Election, which must happen by April 16 next year, is widely described as being particularly unique.

This is primarily because of the four political parties that are anticipated to put forward candidates for the upcoming elections.

These four include the two traditional parties: the NDP and VIP which are being led by Myron Walwyn and Andrew Fahie, respectively, as well as the two newly-formed Ronnie Skelton-led Progressive Virgin Islands Movement and the Julian Fraser-led Progressives United.

Political observers have said, with this many parties all being steered by known vote-pullers, the territory might see a significant split of votes. And, if that happens, the BVI may emerge from these elections with two or three parties potentially sharing the majority in the House of Assembly.

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  1. blind man says:

    I see a coalition government in the making with NDP 4 seats…VIP 3 seats…PVIM 4 seats…PU 2 seats

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    • Voter says:

      Which PVIM? Mitch may get his seat and thats it. Note I said ‘may’! You must be kidding to think people have time to waste with nonsense.

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  2. good idea says:


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  3. Gussie says:

    I say it should all start with the political hopefuls showing dignity and common sense. But to them winning at any cost is the mantra.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    The most prominent question on all the electorate mind today and into April is, “who to trust,” period!

    Our choice of leaders are at a cross roads. It’s like having to chose between Stalin and Hitler.

    Who is the better of two evils?

    That is BVI politics today, unfortunately. So, matters not the rancour and other leading up to and during elections. The pot done spoil.

    Greed for wealth is the only motivation of our leadership aspirants, or so it is thought.

  5. Windy says:

    You should have used some common sense before you gave away $7 million for BVI Airways.

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  6. Resident says:

    Please no mud slinging. Tell us how your party plan to build the territory. Anybody start any mudslinging I turning off!

  7. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Getting elected in the BVI HOA is a popularity contest, a beauty contest. Ideally, the BVI electorate should elect qualified, skilled and experienced people to govern effectively to improve their lives, along with moving the country/territory progressively forward.

    Moreover, the BVI imports almost everything and its primary trading partner is the US. One of its import is tribal politics; it has infected the body politics in the BVI. The politics of personal destruction is divisive and is destroying the BVI; it is adversely impacting the BVI growth and development. There is a Machiavellian approach to getting elected to the HOA. Lets face it; negative news sell. We read newspapers, electronic periodicals, magazines and books, along with viewing TV and listening to radio, to get the dirt, the melee. News about a heated economy, increasing number of visitors, sports events, preserving the environment…….etc may not sell as well.

    Nevertheless, the electorate should soberly evaluate candidates and vote for those who put country first and detail a plan of action for moving the territory forward. Getting the best hand may entail having a coalition government. By the way, the BVI West Minister style governing process is flawed.

    The process often results in elected members getting appointed to lead/manage functions that is not their strong suit. Thus, the functions often times falter. Going forward, the BVI needs to look at changing the constitution that could entail the electorate voting for a Premier and Deputy Premier. The Premier in turn will appoint experienced people to lead functions, ie, health, education, public works, economy, insurance, immigration and labour…….etc. There will still be an HOA and elected member. Further, another option is the elected members set the policy and a non-elected team execute the policies. The HOA will be a part time body and the leader of the non-elected team will carry out day-to-day functions.

  8. Guest says:

    We do, does your party use moral and ethics?

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  9. Voters says:

    Voters should hold out for more than the usual envelope of cash….don’t sell your vote too cheap. Cash and appliance deals should be easy to come by.

    • Ethics says:

      To be dignified, voters should outright reject envelopes with cash, and should not vote for those handing them out. That said, I imagine the chances of that happening here is close to zero, meaning that no matter the outcome, the election itself is corrupt.

  10. SMH says:

    I need a wall!

  11. Brad Boynes says:

    Maybe olando should have run this Territory with dignity and common sense first.

  12. To the Doc... says:

    You should be telling that to your NDP colleagues past and present. You all are shameless…giving out petty contracts right under the last election and now have the gall to tell us this. The Queen need to bring her secret service and let them monitor things and cart off all who will seek to buy votes this election. You politicians have this country in shambles. Are you not ashamed? People still living out of their cars…you all really see how your own people living since Irma??!!!

  13. local says:

    cant show common sense when the NDP for the island ppl

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