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Lots of progress made in D7 under my tenure — Dr Wheatley

Dr Natalio Wheatley

While acknowledging that the time for defending his record in office is drawing close, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has insisted that there’s tangible evidence of his efforts in the Seventh District.

“That time (elections) is fast approaching but just trust me… lots of progress has been made in the short time that we’ve been there. We’ve been able to confront some major challenges, there’ve been challenges over the year. I mean, just the sewerage is one of them,” Premier Wheatley said at a press conference last week.

In recent years, one of the biggest complaints by residents, particularly Seventh District constituents, has been the abysmal state of roads in the East End and Long Look areas. Residents complain about the poor upkeep of the roadsides, especially considering that these areas are the first areas visitors see when entering through the territory’s main airport.

But in offering a defence, Dr Wheatley argued that the state of roads is because of the sewerage works that have been ongoing in the district for months.

“That’s part of the reason some persons have seen the roads not to be in the state where they should be, it’s because of the sewerage programme. We aim to get that sewerage programme completed,” the Premier insisted.

Dr Wheatley also zeroed in on further development projects in the district and expressed hope that these would also come on stream quickly as well.

“We also, of course, aim to get a major economic project done, at least the development agreement signed for that, in the East End/Fat Hogs Bay Harbour project — two major projects,” Dr Wheatley said.

Premier Wheatley pointed out that there are a host of other things that are regularly done for persons in the district but did not give any examples.

“There will be time for us to be able to defend all of those programmes to the public,” the Premier stated.


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  1. Really says:

    Hon. Sir, So you’re say your Government fix the road ….. Wow ,Just Wow……all I’m saying remember you have kids too …… for the sake of your kids……stop lying.

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  2. WHAT??? says:


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  3. Long Look says:

    You really isn’t trying, 1 lil hard rain I gotta buy new shocks AGAIN, my jeep aint even a year

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  4. another waste says:

    Both you and the Cuban racked up thousands of frequent flyer miles

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  5. well sah says:

    He tekking we foh a pack of a**es

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  6. Help us father says:

    Between him and Willock I don’t know who is most delusional

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  7. ??? says:

    Here he goes again! Yap yap yap and nit a darn thing to Show

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  8. Myik Rome says:

    This reminds me of the video of you laughing in the house…. Lol this funny

  9. Anonymous says:

    We voting for perline

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  10. Licher and Sticher says:

    I wish D7 could just recall him, do a passport system for its residents and not issue one to him

  11. jus concern says:

    which 7 , well i dont kno if i am in another 7 , ok i got it 007 jame bond movie

  12. Rubber Duck says:

    D**b as a rock

  13. Maybe says:

    Maybe he did a lot for long look and east end but not for hodges creek, paraquita bay and brandywine bay. Its like them politicians does forget about us. Smh

  14. wow says:

    All these comments were hillarious. lol.

  15. Oh yeah says:

    Of course they threw a few shovels of asphalt on the road and tell the cars to roll it. Lets re-elect him for this great accomplishment.

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