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Love never fails us!


Contributed by Sandra Phillip Hodge (Related by Humanity)

I have great admiration for couples who successfully face the challenge of marriage though it may not be as easy as it seems.

Experts say you have to ‘work’ at it.

For those who make it past the ‘seven-year-itch’ and go on to receive the ‘life-time award’, I say ’nuff respect’.

I’m not an expert on the subject of what it takes to make a marriage successful.

I’m not even an expert on how to make it unsuccessful.

But I can assuredly tell you a thing or two on how to survive a failed attempt at one.

Going before an official and witnesses, and saying ‘I do’, is an attempt at marriage.

What follows after that is the test to prove if you really meant it.

God instituted marriage between a man and woman as part of his divine plan for humanity. This was done out of His love for us as His creation.

Our job is to be obedient and to cooperate with His plan for our lives. But sadly, sometimes that’s the furthest thing from our minds.

Not all marriages are made in heaven.

Some are done with ulterior motives that are hidden until after the ceremonial displays are over.

Sometimes it’s the man; sometimes it’s the woman who isn’t ready; and sometimes it’s both.

When attraction fails to bear the fruit of commitment, wedding vows go out the window and you’re stuck in a situation that seems hopeless. Hence divorce (Hopefully without hard feelings).

What next?

This is a message for every divorced person who feels that his or her life is a failure because of a failed marriage.

Yes, the Bible tells us that God hates divorce.

He also hates murder, gossiping, stealing, and idol worshiping, among other detestable things that people do when they are outside of His will for their lives.

But the good news is, God loves you. He loves you despite your failings, or shortcomings.

He loves you regardless of how much you’ve disappointed others, or yourself.

He loves you although you may have disappointed Him in the choices you’ve made without His approval.

He loves you even when you failed to trust Him instead of leaning on your own understanding.

He loves you, because He [God] is Love, and Love never fails!

You may have walked out on a marriage that didn’t fit, or your spouse may have been the one that walked out, leaving you cursing everything and everyone in sight.

But don’t for one moment think this is the end of your journey.

God has a plan for you, and it is a plan that you ought to get on with, whether married, single, or divorced.

If you’re married, thank God for your partner, and pray that He will strengthen the bond between you, increasing your love and faithfulness to each other.

If you are divorced, pray that your ex-spouse and you will grow from the experience and be better for the next opportunity if God so wills it for either or both of you.

Don’t allow regret and blame-casting to poison your emotions towards marriage. It is still a God thing.

Congratulations to all those who – by the grace of God – can ‘renew’ their vows in all sincerity, and hope for a blessed future.

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