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Maduro-Caines to be appointed Junior Minister for Trade

Now that Marlon Penn has been appointed the new Minister of Health and Social Development, his post as Junior Minister for Trade will be revoked, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith has said.

“In fact, that was just done,” Dr Smith said, adding that the junior minister post will be handed over to another government legislator.

“I now have the liberty to advise the governor that, that position of Junior Minister for Trade be bestowed and passed down to the Honourable Alvera Maduro Caines,” Dr Smith added.

Dr Hubert O’Neal is the new Junior Minister of Tourism — a position recently held by At-Large representative, Archibald Christian.

Penn, in the meantime, was sworn in as Health Minister at Government House in Road Town Tuesday morning.

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  1. Haha says:

    What is the role of junior minister of trade? What has this role produced? How has this role impacted the VI? Has our lives changed in the last 8 years with the initiation of this post?

    She is known for keeping a seat hot! And in this seat she gets to continue as per usual! Not a strong leader!

    You were thrown the rags after 8th district advanced! They knew you wouldn’t be able to facilitate insurance man on the sly! But gave you the hog wosh post to keep sixth district people quiet and to make us feel we in thing!

    We ain’t in nothing still! My run always think he could fool people!

    People stay woke! This is another ploy to play on your intelligence and to give into these antic is to confirm that we are an illiterate nation!

    We need elections now!

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    • Jokes on you! says:

      What’s the difference between Myron, Fraser, Ronnie, Andrew? Not one difference so who is the joke on? Jealousy is the issue at hand that is why you guys have the bowels. Anything that doesn’t go your way is considered unfair, not right, unjust, corruption *fill in fancy meaningless word here*.

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    • Role says:

      It has produced a license for dental services…..coming to a theatre near you “SOON” come.

  2. Wee Willy Winky says:

    It seems like somebody is paying attention to what people say online.

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  3. HA says:

    Where is that confusion making diva H-ll now? So sickening.

  4. ndp heckler says:

    She cant see that the NDP is using her for numbers? They only give her that because they had no choice

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  5. “Z6ne ” says:

    This is what the people ask for. Confirm s that she stays on to the end!

    Myrun puts on a show in the face of a conundrum. Reeks of a fragile leadership. This is in the history books, the last stand of an uncertain alliance. The damage is done.

    Put lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig. Obama 2008

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    • get over it says:

      Get over it..Obama was president and long past that now. Stop carrying around hate, it kills slowly. Oh, I voted for him. I don’t agree with everything he did but he was not giving free pass like the one now and others before. I only wonder why. In the end the consensus is that he was successful.

      I also voted NDP every time. I don’t agree with these maneuvering to hold on to power. They need to send us back to the polls and get a fresh mandate or be rejected. They still have a chance at this point.

      I support the Premier and and Dep. So send us back to the polls as the people are calling for a fresh mandate. Most likely I am sitting out this one.

  6. Smith (New York) says:

    Why don’t we grow up and stop acting like idiots? If the intention was to appoint Hon Hubert Oneal to Jr. Minister of Tourism, Hon. Penn to Minister of Health and Alvera to Jr Minister of Trade, don’t you think they would have to revoke Hon. Penn’s appointment first? Hon. Christian and Hon. Skelton already lost their posts so the new appointments could have moved forward. Some of us pretend as if we love the Territory but we only love tearing down each other. What is this place coming to when everything has to be so negative? Surely as a Government they would have discussed these things among themselves? It also appears that it’s in the best interest of certain people to sow seeds of discord in an effort to further disrupt the Government and its functioning but they will soon feel the wrath of karma for their nasty behavior. Congrats Hon. Maduro-Caines and keep your head up, not every grin teeth is a smile and not every call or text is a genuine “how you doing”.

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  7. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The Hon Maduro-Caines or the late Hon Delores Lettsome-Christopher should have had a ministry in 2015. Now, necessity demanded that it is done. Cuz, show out.

    Nonetheless, the current electoral system in the VI is flawed. Elections in the VI are a beauty contest, a popularity contest. As such, after the dust settled after an election, the Premier has to play the hand dealt. This action results in people being put in positions that they are not well suited for; the outcomes bear this out. For the territory to progress, the right people have to be matched to the right positions to do the right things to get the right results. Ministries need to be led by knowlegable, competent and experienced people; they need people with both effective hard and soft skills. The current governing system needs retooling.

    Moreover, for example, some cities in the US have a Council-Manager form of government. The elected council members set policy, approve budgets….etc; the manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the city. The manager hires experienced and qualified people to run the various departments, ie, Public Works, Engineering, Medical, Water, Wastewater, Aviation….etc. True, the VI is an OT of UK so it may be sacrilegious to look to the US for a governing model. In any event, a change is needed. Call election now.

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    • VIP Voter says:

      On what basis should she have been made a Minister? Just by being there? And we wonder why the BVI is how it is? Everything is based on looks and not ability and competence. If she got a Ministry back then the same people with their fake outrage would have been asking why. Further who said she wanted a post back then anyway? It reminds me of jobs being advertised, zero locals applying and then people upset when an expat is hired and they say locals are being taken advantage of. Seize the time people.

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  8. ? says:

    Irma’s will be back in youall ass again since pryers can’t change nothing in this damn place gosh!!! Ignorant people.i am from the first district and I will not VOTE. With 6 Adults none of us will good by.

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  9. Vacation says:

    So we have 7 elected representatives 1 vacant seat 3 former members sitting on the opposition and 2 opposition members. What happens if another decides to resign from the ruling party.

  10. Todos Locos says:

    It’s so amazing that Hon. Maduro-Caines and the late Hon. Christopher were subject to much ridicule inside and outside of their party/government but now that hon. Christopher has passed, all of a sudden we should name things in her honor and she was this and that. Now, just because the political who rings has turned the state of affairs into a numbers came, now she gets respect and we act like she deserved the position all along. There’s nowhere in the world with as much hypocritical, vile, backwards people than this place. Good is good, bad is bad, right is right, not based on principle like they love to say but based on how things go for them and their circle.

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  11. Hmm says:

    If M—– gives a license to that man, there will be hell to pay. We will put in PVIM. He is a crooked business hack who does not pay people their insurance claims. He fell out with the ___ and now sucking up to the NDP to get what he wants. He now has an insurance company and managing one. and always looking for someone to ingratiate himself.

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  12. ? says:

    I dear please stop it. You have to learn to creep before you walk just let she rock the boat baby Damn it.

  13. limit says:

    I think ndp is planting stuff in our foods , tola people we cant be so stupid , the whole world is laugh fin @ us ,people lost jobs there house, there land and cut our pay ,aryo wake up drink bush tee clean yo system out ,8 years of hell was not easy ?

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