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Maduro fined for incident at Tortola Pier Park

The Magistrate’s Court, John’s Hole, Tortola

Rudolph Maduro was fined $1,200 in the Magistrate’s Court after he assaulted a security guard, used indecent language at a police officer, and misbehaved at a bar in Road Town.

Maduro, who said he does not fully remember the incident, told Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo that he was intoxicated when he committed the offences.

“It was happy hour. I was drunk. Things get out of hand… I didn’t mean for that to happen,” the resident of Tortola said after he pleaded guilty to the charges on Friday.

The prosecution stated that, on December 16 last year, Maduro was at a bar at the Tortola Pier Park where he and another customer had an argument.

The court was told that the other customer’s girlfriend pulled him away from the altercation. Maduro threw a bar stool at him.

Maduro also struck a security officer who tried to settle the dispute.

Police were called to the scene.

Reports are that Maduro told law enforcers: “I feel f***ed and violated.”

He reportedly continued to use indecent language though police told him to desist.

Maduro also continued to misbehave and had to be restrained by law enforcers.

“F*** it officer, all you take me the f*** away from here my boy,” added a reportedly drunk Maduro.

He was subsequently charged.

Maduro was fined $800 for common assault. That fine has a default sentence of two months in prison.

Magistrate DaBreo also fined him $200 each for disorderly conduct and using indecent language. The default sentence for the $200 fine is four days imprisonment.

Maduro was ordered to pay the fines by July 17 or the default sentences will be activated.

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