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Magistrate chides RVIPF for ‘not doing their work’

Magistrate Giselle Jackman-Lumy has admonished the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) for what she said is negligence of their duties.

Magistrate Jackman-Lumy complained about the performance of local police on Monday after she was forced to dismiss a number of traffic court cases concerning persons whose names kept appearing on the court’s list but were never served with a summons to appear in court.

Police officers are typically responsible for serving summons to persons accused of committing traffic-related offences.

Magistrate Jackman-Lumy also had to adjourn a number of other traffic cases because the RVIPF’s prosecutions department was generally ill-prepared for court and did not have all the required documents needed for the respective traffic matters to be heard.

According to police prosecutor Roger Williams, some officers involved in the respective traffic matters have not been producing these required documents.

He, therefore, had to shoulder the brunt of the criticism from Magistrate Jackman-Lumy on Monday.

“It is not an indictment on you but right now you are the face of the RVIPF so there is no other way for me to communicate this,” she told Williams.

“You are here doing what you should do, we are here doing what we should do but somewhere along the line, there is a break in the chain. So, I think the message needs to go back that the court is very disenchanted by this.”

Action affecting police morale 

Magistrate Jackman-Lumy also said officers not doing what they are required for the continuation of the judicial process could affect other officers who she said are ‘out in the sun and rain’ enforcing the law.

“It must be demoralizing for the officers as well – for them to make charges and nothing comes of it … simply because somebody else didn’t do what they were supposed to do. But what else is the court to do when some matters have been on the [court’s] list perpetually?” she asked.

Late last month, some 10 traffic-related matters were dismissed at the court.

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  1. Brad Boynes says:

    “According to police prosecutor Roger Williams, some officers involved in the respective traffic matters have not been producing these required documents.”

    My question is why are these officers still on the job collecting a salary every two weeks? Lackadaisical they are.

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  2. Keep it up Ma’am! says:

    Magistrate you are on point! Let it be a drug case (cannabis) they got everything they need to lock ???? your gluteus
    Maximus up and ruin your name. The officer name appearing on those tickets should be the one’s whom need HR actions against them. Wasting peoples time and money (loss) to show up for nada! Just a glimpse into the inner failings of yet another critical civil service.

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  3. scott free says:

    thanks to the cops for messing up what should be slam dunk cases

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  4. Yes says:

    We need to remove police officer —– ——– from the court house on matters, — only up there looking news. — need to patrol the streets more.. — like a lazy — cop sitting in the court house listening on matters and ac. Try and get a more productive officer to put forward simple matters that — cant do. Then when somebody get the post them crying about locals and they themselves sit their lazy self doing nothing behind desk. If they cant handle doing policing they need to swtich or retire.

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  5. Just saying... says:

    At least someone is starting to recognize what been going wrong in our country for soo long; however, it’s deeper than she knows, “the one hand washing 7 others will take more than 7 irmarias to uncover. Good luck on this one.

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  6. Cop says:

    All what them police is studying is to get promoted its jus waste of time they be. I could remember when s—-???? make fifty plus matters get thrown out when he didn’t appear before the court. The de—- is a big failure to the force.

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  7. Retired says:

    Just freeze their salary until the officers produce the required court documents.

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  8. Go to the top says:

    The failure to perform would be the direct responsibility of the Chief of Police. He should be brought to task publicly.

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    • @go to the top says:

      He can’t micromanage everyone… he needs to be able to trust the heads of each department. The head of the traffic department should be pulled up and if replacements need to be made then make them.

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  9. actually says:

    actually , the cops are working harder than ever before .

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  10. Rubber Duck says:

    Money talks, the perp walks.

  11. Me says:

    I commend the honorable magistrate to show her true grit.The RVIPD is in disarray,unprofessional,not community minded.In VG imagine I had to go to the station to inquire who’s in charge no leader out there delegating no one in the community can say who she/he is cause there’s no community contact.Retired officers living in barracks,officers in gambling den,officers seen on the block getting their hits come on where’s the respect.

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  12. de silent one says:

    Its about time that they be scolded about their continued behavior. Parts of the management of the Organization seems to be more interested in destroying others carrier with frivolous things when there are more serious matters to be address.

  13. Hhmmm says:

    Normally I would say very true but they are working with a skeletal staff. The magistrate could of handle things more appropriately. But here in the BVI we all like grant standing. Smh…..

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  14. jokers says:


  15. Concerned says:

    Will get worst with this Police Commissioner.

  16. Yep says:

    Anyone ever check the arresting offers and the offenders? It could be friends, family, etc.

  17. Candi says:

    The police too busy minding and chatting people business

  18. Criminal System says:

    She should ask why some warrants not being acted on

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