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Magistrate’s brother granted $50K bail for gun-related charges

Police vehicles at the Magistrate’s Court in John’s Hole, Tortola.

A Long Look man was granted $50,000 bail with one signed surety when he appeared before Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin for gun-related charges recently.

Charged with unlawful possession of explosives and carrying a firearm without a license is 33-year-old Kavarne Richards, the youngest brother of Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards.

The accused man had pleaded not guilty to the offence during his previous appearance before the court.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that on December 28, 2019, a member of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) dressed in civilian clothing was socialising at Bouncer’s Bar in Paraquita Bay where the accused man was employed.

While there, the officer allegedly noticed a bulge on the accused man’s waist. He suspected that bulge to be a concealed firearm.

The court further heard that the officer requested backup from the RVIPF before he approached Richards about his suspicions.

Richards was subsequently accosted by police, the firearm was confiscated, and the accused man was arrested and charged.

The weapon was reportedly loaded with seven rounds of live ammunition in a Glock .40 calibre magazine.

The court heard that after he was cautioned by the police, Richards allegedly said the firearm was for his protection. However, the accused man later denied uttering those words to the police. 

He was represented by Carmelita Jameison of Maximea and Co law chambers.

His matter was adjourned to March 17.

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  1. Online Now says:

    Why are we giving bail to potential (probable?) m*******s?

    Gun possession needs to be taken seriously!

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  2. look long says:

    Tamia wasn’t going give nobody’s brother bail for no gun so why give it to her brother?

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    • @long look says:

      Where in the story do you see that Tamia gave him bail? It clearly states Christlyn Benjamin was the Magistrate. You people just sit and thrive on maligning others.

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    • @ Long Look says:

      Read the article properly before commenting please people. Where in the article did Christilyn Benjamin become Tamia Richards. understanding is a boss. People read first.

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  3. h says:

    a set up or convenience??

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  4. Things that Make you Go mmmm says:

    And treating people like criminals when it’s right at home

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  5. Wild West says:

    Bouncer, you look like you running a firing range instead of a bar.

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  6. fed up says:

    Why dem gee she brudder bail? She wasnt going gee nobody brudder bail

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  7. wow says:

    So her brother gets bail but if it was anyone else they would be remanded?

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  8. Fishyyyy says:

    How did she even get to preside over the case if that’s her brother

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  9. BS! says:

    Isn’t the governor responsible for Law and Order? he should be taking a long at dis suh!

  10. Something says:

    Someone needs to take a look into the police force why they always want the media to feel person said this and that to them but in the station no comment isn’t that what statement for or ????

  11. LCS says:

    Does BVI have a list of offences and related bail fees to measure everybody with the sae stick? Would any news source publish this for the public’s information? Just curious…

  12. ***123 says:

    These people is so unfair. He on bail for gun charges and my cousin in jail nearly a year just for weed. And this person have a whole Gun an is on bail! Why beacause he the judge brother that’s bullsh.t some unfairness in tola.

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  13. ounces says:

    100k bail for a couple ounces of vegetable matter.

    Look here this man (allegedly) walking around with a loaded gun and 50k bail.

    well well we have our priorities in line. You cant even overdose on weed let alone kill & threaten.

  14. i mean says:

    how does one get a license so people dont get arrested for an unlicensed firearm?

  15. Hmmm says:

    Bullcrap he suppose to be remanded oh yh forgot is tamia brother….
    She dont have compassion for other ppl who have done less than that so why bail him….
    Fair is fair tola government needs to stop the crap they doing and the abuse of power….

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