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Main Hospital to be assessed in February 2020 | Not an easy process, says administrators

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital is aiming to undergo its next phase of accreditation from February 3 to 7 next year.

“On February 3rd, DNV will come in. That is Det Norske Veritas, and they will do their initial survey which will give us what they call a NIAHO (National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations) certification, so we will be accredited,” Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA), Cedorene Patricia Malone-Smith explained.

Speaking on public radio recently, the hospital COO further said the DNV will give the hospital two additional years to do an International Standards of Care (ISO) assessment to gain a higher level of expertise and more standards. 

She said the progression of the hospital will be monitored annually to ensure that the advance standard levels are met. 

“They are going to look at my environment of care — how is my building holding up, how will my equipment check on a regular basis, [and whether] I’m doing monthly checks of preventative maintenance on my building. For my staff, [the assessors will examine whether] they have the appropriate documentation for the jobs. For the policies — if you do this particular thing are you following the best practices?” Malone-Smith explained.

Will not be easy!

Chief Executive Officer of the BVIHSA Dr Ronald Georges said while he expects the assessment to go better than the presurvey which took place before Hurricane Irma, it will not be a straight forward path.

“We are definitely going to be better than that [presurvey]. We probably won’t hit the mark completely but once we do that (the survey) we would definitely then have a list of what are the things we need to do so that when they come back the next year we know we’ve done those things,” Dr Georges said.

He also said that these measures are a necessity in building an organisation which can be accountable to its stakeholders while constantly improving.

“As a territory that is the kind of direction we have to go in, but what we also have to understand is doing that it cost money. It’s not cheap but it’s something that we have to do to be able to account, as we say, the quality of care.”

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  1. Peebes says:

    I do not agree to change the name of the hospital to D. Orlando Smith Hospital. This is becoming beyond ridiculous. Orlando should not take this honor. It’s not the people’s decision.

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  2. Accreditation says:

    The hospital has been open for years and you still don’t expect to meet the standards? You know what the standards require. I suggest that the managing staff be fired and hire a new staff with experience. That means searching for competent people abroad. No local cushy job for a Belonger that has 3 or 4 of the required local names in his. Stop the bull**it and provide healthcare to all the people. Enough third world bulls**t. By the way in an effort of transparency how about listing the names of the managing staff and the salaries they are paid. People have a right to know.

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    • Bruce says:

      Proof that this is a piggy bank for elected officials. Government does not belong in government. They are robbing us and want to rob more. Abolish NHI

    • wally says:

      Google will be your friend instead of shooting off your mouth. DNV has a three year progressive process. What she said was the first step is next year.

  3. Dman says:

    Maybe an expensive new sign on the building will do the trick.

  4. Love says:

    Kill me now hospital should be its name the hospital is so beautiful but the service is s**t the Doctors are a waste not all but most. It’s very sad what the hospital come to you taught big is better but not kill me now hospital

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