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Major power outage forces all gov’t offices into early closure

Government’s Central Administration Complex in Road Town. (GIS photo)

Offices across the public service were forced into early closure following a near territory-wide power outage on January 3.

Government had issued a bulletin around 2:30 in the afternoon advising that it closed all its offices.

Deputy General Manager, Henry Creque, at the BVI Electricity Corporation said the power outage happened because of a generator malfunction at the territory’s main power station in Pockwood Pond, Tortola.

“One of the generators shut down due to damage to what is called a controlled airline … With that shutdown, the others cascaded afterwards,” Creque said.

He told BVI News that power is now been fully restored to affected areas.

Thursday’s episode is the second major power outage to rock the territory within a month.

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  1. Great says:

    We just passed a law requiring companies registered in the BVI to have substance based services/management in the BVI but Government has to close down because of power outages, you can’t watch a youtube video without buffering with the horrible internet and the list goes on. What are we doing?

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  2. Hmm says:

    Maybe…. juuuust maybe places like tortola was not meant to be developed and commercialized as the usa or other countries most of the inhabitants are from. Maybe….juuuuust maybe we are bein given a sign that we need not go any further before we implode. Lets focus on the quality of our lives as a community.

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    • Saywha says:

      Why does the former Chief Minister’s family continue to get payola every time a cruise ship passenger arrives? Our parents were so naive to let this happen. We need that money now. And, we need to pass laws to prevent future elected officials from profiting from deals they make.

      Let’s put our country first and turn the power back on with honest leaders.

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      • @Saywah says:

        That’s just downright nasty from you! Those people are running businesses and are paying taxes to the Government. They provide services that are crucial to our tourism product and are paid for it. What is the issue with that? You have no problem with the other agents milking the cow but you jump on one set of people which is why this place can never get any better. This Government negotiated $15 per head charge for cruise ships and are paid that money. Without agents being involved with the liners they won’t be visiting our shores so do some research before you spew garbage.

  3. For Real says:

    This S..t should not be happening. If who is in charge cannot come up with a solution, their behind need to be terminated. He..,Solar Panel might just be the way to go.

  4. BuzzBvi says:

    West End last week closed down the Cruise ship day excursion business so it looks like they are going for a full shut down.

  5. Hmm says:

    You are an idiot! What type of work can they do without power? I was not aware you can watch you tube videos at work. You are just mad you didnt get that job in Government….

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  6. BuzzBvi says:

    West End closed down the cruise ship day excursion business last week so looks like they are going for a full shut down. They are determined that we get the farming fishing industries to the forefront of revenue earners. This is one way without growing or catching anything.

  7. Resident says:

    We have a first world economy with a third world infrastructure

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  8. Well sah says:

    Private enterprise continues. Govermnent goes home. Anyone else think we don’t need the RDA?

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  9. Needed Service Today Too says:

    We tend to blame the wrong set of people. All government offices DID NOT close early today. Although most offices did, it was indeed necessary as those offices would need electricity in order to be of use to the general public. Some officers are working in buildings where windows can’t open, should officers have to stay in these offices when electricity goes out?
    Why not tell BVIEC to get their act together? Then, government offices will alaways be open to serve the public.

  10. Nick says:

    8pm.power gone again.

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  11. Technically Confused says:

    “One of the generators shut down due to damage to what is called a controlled airline … With that shutdown, the others cascaded afterwards,”

    What am I missing here? Sounds like “techno Babble” for we BROKE the damn thing again….

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