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Major resort to be built on Norman Island

File photo of a section of Norman Island. (Photo Credit: Foxy’s Charters)

A major resort development is to take place on Norman Island.

Dr Henry Jarecki owns the island which is located on the southern tip of the BVI’s archipelago. Dr Jarecki also owns Guana Island.

According to Premier and Minister of Tourism, Dr D Orlando Smith, Norman Island’s development is a welcomed addition to the struggling tourism sector.

“This resort will provide much-needed business opportunity and employment during construction, along with substantial long-term employment while adding a significant number of rooms to the hotel stock for overnight guests,” Premier Smith said this week.

“We cannot afford to stay still while our competitors rebuild around us,” he added.

Investment campaign paying off

Dr Smith further said the new resort is as a result of his government’s efforts to buttress its campaign to encourage more investment to the territory.

He said the campaign requires government to do ‘all it possibly can’ to maximize these investments for the full benefit of residents.

“It requires us to make difficult decisions; decisions that will be directed at rebuilding our economy to ensure sustainability for the long term. To do anything less would be a dereliction of duty,” he said.

Several developers for Norman Island project

In the meantime, Junior Minister for Tourism Archibald Christian said Dr Jarecki along with “several developers” will be undertaking multiple projects on Norman Island.

“It will include several hotels, a number of villas and this is part of diversifying our tourism product,” he said.

“It is going to be a very, very high standard. It is definitely going to make a major impact on our tourism product.”

Neither the Premier or Junior Minister Christian specified when the construction will begin.

Their remarks come on the heels of the now-resolved controversy over the Willy T being booted from its usual spot off The Bight on Norman Island.


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  1. WTF? says:

    not included in the article – Come sit poolside at the new Norman Island Resort with various members of BVI Govt, enjoying cold drinks and free meals compliments of developer.

    • HRMPH says:

      $18 plus service for a drink at Norman Island. I will be heading to the Willy T at Peter Island.

    • Joe says:

      On our visit to the BVI we encourage visitors to stay away from the high priced Norman Island resort. The way the Gov’t and Dr Jarecki treated the Willy T’s owner who have been in the Bight for 35 years I think we will pass on your island and support Willly T’s

    • To WTF, says:

      Don’t forget the private trips on his luxury boat.
      Just wondering if this will be accessible to Locals alike.
      I don’t mean the ones that are getting their pockets filled with cash, but us regular folks that work for an honest living.
      We already know that the prices at the restaurant go up each year for the same items so imagine how expensive it will be by the time this resort is built.

  2. Just Wrong says:

    What a crying shame.

  3. Sharkamon says:

    Yea right- selling the people’s heritage- that is all you ——- good for- after 4 terms of NDP Government the country is in a huge mess- and all they can come up with is more of the same STUPES – All this talk of trillions of dollars pass through the county as a result of financial services yet today even Haiti looking better than the BVI

    • Hmmm says:

      A local family sold norman island not government. Stop talking nonsense!

      • @hmm says:

        Thank you. They always chatting foolishness

      • true says:

        a local family from the USVI sold the island to a BVI shell company and should never of been sold, as didn’t he already own an island in the BVI which is totally private?

        • Here goes says:

          So who are the BVIslanders who are the shareholders/directors of the company then? Should open some eyes…

      • Wellsaw says:

        Wasn’t there a court case with the new owners and the Local family!Stop misleading. Another oilnut bay where local and tourist cant go to beaches or fishing.

        NDP Government has failed.

      • Condor says:

        It was a local that sold Norman to Jerecki, just like it was a local that sold Mokito to Branson. Where were the BVI bloggers then?

        And another thing, it is locals that will collect money from the Willie T at Peter Island. Unless of course the Willie T owners expected to continue to pay peanuts for a seabed lease at Norman.

        BVI has some amusing bloggers. That is the kindest thing I can say about them, I can say far worse.

    • John Knauss says:

      So a “local family” included in the sale of the island….sale of seabed rights and mooring concessions for 30 – 50 years? I think not.

      • Funny says:


        Who said that? The Government is the one that grants lease of seabeds and have obviously confirmed their intentions as it relates to these particular seabeds. What’s your point? We always bash the Government saying we need development, now they’re doing it and we are still upset. Further, the Government facilitated the move to Great Harbour Peter Island for Willy T and the owners are now happy so why are we still bitter? Newsflash

    • **** says:

      the thing that makes me laugh the most is the push for independence from the UK, but the willingness to be a puppet the MASTER ———.

  4. Reasonable Man says:

    This builds tourism. Tourism puts money into the economy. We don’t know yet how the situation with financial services will impact the BVI so tourism is now more important to develop than ever. There are no other large scale industries available to replace either of these two, so this is very welcome.

    • HRMPH says:

      We goin have to get up o our lazy bum and start servin drinks o torists – no more intranet shoppin on govanmant time

      • Hee Haw says:

        Not “we” my love.
        Only “we” who did not avail his or herself of the free higher education which NDP enacted.
        “We” have a European passport and privilege to work and live there and some ah we have USA passport too.
        “We” own land,
        “We”own house.

  5. sure says:

    Several hotels……I have to see it to believe it, the island is only so big. Surely that impacts the so call exclusivity being touted?

  6. Uncle Buck says:

    The future of tourism is reserved for the super wealthy. The BVI and others like it will be playgrounds for millionaires, if it isn’t already. All the talk is about the future of the BVI economy but all that’s happening is the local politicians are lining their pockets and selling out to development reserved for the elite. bvislanders will serve the elite for peanuts. Since when do the super wealthy pay a fair wage? They don’t get their wealth by putting other people first!

    • Reasonable Man says:

      Uncle Buck, the BVI needs large scale employment and spending to support people here as they have become accustomed. This is a self supporting industry that actually works. Do you have some better alternatives?

      • Wondering says:

        Wait, what? Wake up! All Hotels in the BVI, lose money. This was fine in the days those losses could be written off their taxes intheir home country. Those days are gone. The tourist season is too short and the maintenance costs too high for any possible profit; even tho 90% of hotel jobs are minimum wage.

    • @Uncle Buck says:

      “The future of tourism is reserved for the super wealthy”….I see nothing wrong with that, Tourism is all over the Caribbean chain. If one is not to your liking or affordability pick another, Same sand and sea. BVI needs big bucks to remain self sufficient. It certainly needs a change in the demograohics St Barts is a role model. Crime free, expensive and no shortage of upscale tourists.

      • Rubber Duck says:

        St Bart’s does not have the restrictive Labour and immigration laws of BVI and it is way easier to do business there.

        Are these business restrictive and non sensical rules going to be waived for J Norman Island?

      • Hmmm says:

        Yes n why didn’t you mention, NO BLACK PEOPLE?? So NOW we want to emulate St. Bart’s?

    • Funny says:

      @Uncle, so we should pitch some tents and market to the poor? WTF? Do you guys read before you post? Rich people can buy/do what the f–k they want because they’re rich, that doesn’t make them bad people.

  7. [ON] Beast Mode says:

    @ Uncle Buck – you hit the nail on the head. Wasn’t Norman supposed to be an eco-resort? What are the concessions for the locals? Our planning laws need updating urgently to keep pace. In the UK Section 106 dictates that for large scale development ta (Tesco etc.) a percentage of the value of the project goes in escrow to the areas that would be affected. So this development for example would finance for schools I. Sea Cows Bay, improves roads, a library possibly for SCB and other valuable infrastructure aid that’s desperay needed. However, this happens now but the funds go to personal individuals whom benefit personally by being enriched. They (political facilitators) get even haavily discounted or even FREE villas and lifetime concessions for these development deals.

    Be very weary BVI. Gated and private communities are the next wave under the NDO and others whom are sef-serving and hide behind a veil.

    • Wow says:

      Locals spend their money buying SUVs, fast boats, Gucci this and that, what concessions you’re talking about? Do you see any locals really serious about developing anything in the BVI? Just look around and you tell me.

      • [ON] Beast Mode says:

        By ” local” I meant those in the area i.e. D3. Now that is cleared up, did you not read/comprehend what I wrote? The concessions are there above. A library in D3 would be a start and something that you could also greatly benefit from significantly.

      • Sack says:

        How about Cane Garden Bay where the new Quito’s is being built and Myett’s restored. By locals. Perhaps they passed on the Gucci and are investing in their homeland.

    • Albion says:

      That is such a BVI comment: “What are the concessions for locals?”

      Doesn’t matter if somebody wants to come here, invest money, bring jobs, bring more tourist dollars in. Unless someone is cutting locals a special deal, they are not welcomed here.

      But if they cut local *politicians* a special deal, then they get crucified.

      • [ON] Beast Mode says:

        @ Albion: thought you had better comprehension skills. The concessions (money) are used for infrastructure development in the area where the delopment will have a socio-economic impact. I’ve even suggested a library. Nowhere have I stated contrary as you infer. The “concessions” are ifrastructural improvements/developments for the neighbourhood. Maybe you could research Sect. 106 and then we can debte on those grounds. Hope this is crystal clear now!

      • AllBaloney says:

        @alibaloney I agree. And in this case, does anyone recall if the owner of this island made some promises to the govt to not develop it in exchange for their agreeing to allow him to purchase it? I thought this was going yo brine part of the National Park? I thought there was a rule in place at the time of purchase -of “one man one island” dat is one man could only own one island. Anyone remember dis? Maybe I was dreaming?

  8. Ijs says:

    Ok here we are at the brink of a decline in our financial services and the talk is to improve other revenue generating pillars such as tourism. This resort will generate employment and contribute to the economy. My question is, can the tourist and the income generated by Willy T compare to what this resort will contribute? I don’t know I just asking.

    • lol says:

      Money spent on the Willy T and similar bard remains in the local economy, all supplies by these bars and restaurants purchased locally, the guests that support them spend throughout the territory. Different story with exclusive resorts. Their guests will rarely leave Norman Island and a lot of their purchasing will be direct from overseas so not circulating money within the local economy.

    • true says:

      Let me answer that, this resort even at the high end will pale in comparison to the amount of money charter guests spend at the Willy T and other stops on their sailing trips. So the answer to your question is the resort will fail being held up to the standard you suggested and even the revenue they produce compared to overheads would still be lacking behind the WillyT

    • to Ijs says:

      remember that the income from this development will be flown straight out!! the question to ask is how much is going back into the local economy, and supporting local business’s?

      If the smaller company is only using local suppliers, and the big man is having everything shipped in from the states, who but government is really benefiting?

      • wink wink says:

        Check out USVI min.wage increase & BVI’s insulting wage. Wonder why it has been purposely kept low? See it yah – more leave back for the kickbacks to our melanated neocolonialist muppet ministers/facilitators. Elections drawing near & campaigns need funding.

        • Hmmm says:

          Dr Harrigan said, Rapious developers and the local quislings.
          Nothing new under the sun. But we BVIslands are smarter now, oh, ok at least some of us.

    • LOL says:

      you should have asked Scrub Is. before they went bust LOL!

    • Hmmm says:

      Minimum wage job and the workers will be laid off in slow season. LOOK AT VG. Oh, n wake up!

  9. Ijs says:

    Thanks for the responses….understood.

  10. Sam the Man says:

    What the Premier is really saying:-

    Investment campaign paying off for us (not the BVI)

    Dr Smith further said the new resort is as a result of his government’s efforts to buttress its campaign to encourage more investment brown envelopes to the NDP.

    He said the campaign requires government to do ‘all it possibly can’ to maximize these facilitation fee investments for the full benefit of NDP members….

    “It requires us to make difficult decisions; decisions that will be directed at rebuilding our economy to ensure sustainability for the long term. To do anything less would be a dereliction of duty, and we just happen to get rich quick which is really the main reason but we want to sound good ” he said.

    Who cares if developers turn the BVI into St Thomas we certainly don’t when we get the big fat dollar cheques! Happy Days everyone….

    • Wow says:

      How can the BVI turn into St Thomas? St Thomas is the way it is because the US big companies don’t need special permissions to gobble up the opportunities available on such a small island so everything is mass commercial and a massive hustle. The BVI will never be like St Thomas so stop with the fear mongering BS.

      • BRAD BOYNES says:

        @wow. I agree with you. St.Thomas created their own miseryour. The BVI will never Be like them. Not in this life timm. Two very different countries.

  11. A lot of Guana says:

    J already owns an island ripe for more hotel rooms. I am sure a condition of sale of Norman was a nature sanctuary/eco not turn it into a concrete Scrub.

    • small island says:

      I beleive there was an attempt to develop the island a few years ago and it was shut down. The roads were made and a local partner was secured. The reasoning , at the time, was that it was purchased with the understanding that only the bight could be developed.

    • Why not on Guana says:

      Considering Guana took quite a hit, why doesn’t he develop there? more private, more beaches, and he’s already chased locals away.

      • Hotelier says:

        He lives there, has a house. He doesn’t want a new Scrub Island monstrosity in his backyard. That can be far away on Norman.

  12. bandit says:

    I think we in the BVI should try to attract a resort such as Sandals to our shores. Sandals has done an amazing job promoting every destination where they have located a hotel. Sandals hotels jus don’t benefit by they also raise the awareness of the destinations where they are located. just look at the Turks and Cacoise islands, they are British overseas territories just like the BVI and they have benefited from having a Beaches resort which is part of the Sandals hotels.

    • John Knauss says:

      Hummmm. Now you are talking: BUT, we are running out of satisfactory islands “to sell.” In the scenario you present: PRICKLY PEAR comes to mind as a potential location. But, three current “island owners” already have their eyes on it. The advertising that SANDALS/BEACHES does alone would be huge for our territory. Don’t say it “around here” but MOST North Americans don’t know anything about the BVI… even though a “whole lot of money is spent each year to “spread the word”.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      And MC Donald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell and other down market naffery.? BVI cannot compete with Labour rates in the places where Sandals are either.

      But Sandals buys out failed hotels so watch out for Scrub Island, Little Dix and even Bitter End. Then watch out for some deal with the government to suspend Labour laws etc as I believe is happening on Norman.

      Check put the local standard of living on mass tourism islands.
      And weep.

      • Bandit says:

        why not you run to st thomas to buy at all those places you mentioned such as KFC. The Turks has a pretty high salary level being an overseas territory like the BVI. son why wouldn’t we be able to complete. The Bahamas also have a decent wage structure and there are sandals there. so what are you saying.

  13. J_Austin_TX says:

    I have chartered 12 times in the BVIs and moored at least once, sometimes twice, in the Bight on each trip. Very distressed to see Norman might be going the way of Scrub Island. Any idea if the mooring balls are going to be removed as part of this development?
    I am looking forward to chartering again next year and catching up with various local friends.

  14. Mmmm says:

    ‘very,very exclusive resort’ means no locals wanted.

    • Hmmm says:

      = slavery at minimum wage. All big luxury hotels in the BVI LOSE money ! Oh n are mostly currently closed. Several closed long before IRMA N MARIA. Watch out, will Jareki demand to bring workers to the BVI CUZ of the urgent current labour shortages? Wow, J—— is a genius to choose NOW to develop “several hotels”? What happened to J—— commitment to put Norman Island with the WORLD WIDE WILD LIFE CONSERVANCY And his promise not to developed the Island? Oh, yes and how he had the purchase details as to price and his name kept secret until the pending election was held?

  15. Um says:

    THIS IS BULL. There are plenty of other resorts in the BVI – it does not need another mass resort. This does nothing to empower your BVI people as the people it hires are unlikely to BVI Islanders – unless they all want to work for min wage. The contractors and supplies will come from outside the BVI. The only thing the BVI gets is a beautiful island destroyed. Anyone remember what happened to Scrub?? How many of those villas are still for sale??
    This does nothing to make the average joe rich but it helps the airport project.
    How many people get off Peter once their on it? How many restaurants and bars around the island do they go to??? How many BVI Islanders does Peter Isl / ONB / Biras / Little Dix hire compared to work permits?? This is a NDP payoff b4 they get kicked out. How does the people kick their govt out??it needs to happen now. There are many fine people as individuals but as a GOVT they are screwing the BVI for their gain. It sickens me. What’s going to be left for my kids in this country in 20 years time??

    • Um. says:

      i couldn’t agree with you more,
      the only problem is that — ——— and — lapdog have been heavily funding both NDP & VIP government parties for years to get their own way.
      An independent inquiry should be made into what benefits — has received from both parties over the years.

  16. BRAD BOYNES says:

    “To do anything less would be a dereliction of duty”

    What the hell do you call not taking responsibility for investing 7.2 million dollars and no returns? ??. Give me a darn break with the political spin and foot ballong game being blatantly played out.

  17. 008 says:

    Pathetic. Watch how this ‘sudden’ development happens. Sorry, just so much manure from NDP and their money bosses.

  18. BuzzBvi says:

    Really. Can VIslanders not see what they are losing for the short term gain of a few people who have the power to decide. There are winners here but there are not many of them and it certainly isn’t you or me!! The question is can the power to decide be monetized? If so who benefits?

  19. Why not on Guana says:

    Considering Guana took quite a hit, why doesn’t he develop there? more private, more beaches, and he’s already chased locals away.

  20. william says:

    everyone complains about corrupt politicians when you are the ones that keep electing them!

  21. Outsider says:

    After all is said and done, who is staff. Non BVIslanders due to the suck ups to the out the door again. Thank god for western union and moneygam to legally transport it

  22. Wondering says:

    So the Preimier and Leader of the Opposition are in the UK telling them that the BVI will not comply with the Open Registry. Meanwhile, this Norman Island multi development ananacy story is published. Is it by way of explanation be cuz of Willy T? Or is it that the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG and NDP wants to get te people used to the fact that we have LOST NORMAN ISLAND, before the next election? NORMAN ISLAND AND THE CAVES ARE NATIONAL BVI TREASURES and we need to demand their rightful return to the people of the BVI.

  23. Wondering says:

    Who remembers that NDP lost to VIP because they supported and pushed the development of Villa Paradiso in Smugglers Cove? Hello the people of the BVI and in particular the First District were not swallowing it no matter how hard the NDP jammed it down our throats. Just reminiscing.. People who don’t learn from History, get caught out surprised when history repeats itself. Bye bye NDP,

  24. IslandGirl says:

    It always baffle me how we have become slaves yet again. The plantation owners are still the same, the overseers just happen to be of African descent, who consistently look out for their own pocketbooks while fooling the masses by telling us it’s economic development. And no one is really willing to offer any real challenge. I guess whips and chains do really excite people.

  25. Ruin The Charm says:

    We predicted it. After the hurricane we knew big developers would come in and ruin the charm that was the BVI. Sad to see Norman Island go this route. I am sure others to follow. Thats why we travel to the BVI. They are going to ruin it like we did Hawaii. Build build build…..

  26. Johnny G says:

    Just read all this crap. What’s the alternative? Leave Norman Island devastated – no facilities – looks terrible – so no one goes there. How does that help the local economy? Sorry, in this modern world you need income – in this case, the tourist dollar to compensate for the loss of financial services. Which incidentally don’t get distributed very evenly to the local people anyway.

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