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Major scale-down: Village being excluded from VG Easter Fest

A previous staging of the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival.

The Virgin Gorda Easter Festival is being significantly scaled down this year.

The Ministry of Culture’s announcement comes exactly a week after a BVI News survey revealed that most residents did not want the event to be held this year.

But, Culture Minister Myron Walwyn said he made the decision in recognition of the current post-hurricane ‘circumstances’ of the territory.

He also said residents on the sister island had a part to play in the scale-down.

“The decision to scale down the festivities came just over a week-and-a-half ago after consulting with a cross-section of the Virgin Gorda community including pastors and persons that have been involved in the festivities in past years.”

“The decision and plans for this year’s event strikes a balance between the differing views about the festivities at this time,” Walwyn said.

A media release from the Ministry of Culture said this year’s event will feature a gospel fest on March 30, a food fair on March 31, and beach picnic on April 2.

“The usual Easter festival village will be excluded from this year’s event, which is considered a major change to the weekend festivities,” the release said.

Walwyn, in the meantime, said while he understands the concerns of residents, cultural events play a ‘vital role’ in the overall recovery process.

“I think it is important that we strike a balance to ensure that the culture of the Virgin Islands is preserved despite our circumstances,” he said.

He then urged the business community on Virgin Gorda to initiate activities that will supplement what the Festival and Fairs Committee is doing this year.

The minister did not specify whether the full $100,000 budget will still be used to put on the ‘scaled down’ event.


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  1. Eagle eye says:

    What will he do with the left over money is the should go into helping residents

  2. Diplomat says:

    justification weak. Just lead and cancel the damn ting. Trying to balance on a pin is trying to play politics. sometimes participative leadership is appropriate and at other times leaders have to make the tough calls; this is one of those occasions. A professional begging nation spending money on entertainment. What image/optics is this presenting to reluctant internal and external donors. I say cancel the Emancipation Festival too. What is the Premier’s take on all this? Is the decision outsourced? Well sah! What is this scale back SNAFU costing? $100K?

  3. VG says:

    They still owe us from last year. We need to be paid.!!!

  4. Just curious says:

    Yes, I’ve heard that curiosity killed a cat but I didn’t hear on which island. Okay, so I reckoned this gospel fest will have an entry fee or is it free? Who will be the beneficiary of the proceeds? Well, the food fair is a given. The Vendors will pay for a spot and sell their fares. Then the beach picnic, how will that be organized? Free food and drinks or we have to buy our food and drinks from Who or whom? Will vendors again have to pay for a beach area or….
    Is this still an initiative of the festivals n fair committee or is it island free style? I don’t think I am out of line for wanting to know the logistics of VG activities. I will await the answers at a later date. Lastly, may I ask, Is the organization running positively or is it at a deficit? Who might be the recipients of the $100.K? The way citizens are demanding COL these days I am just cautioning. Or will the money pay off the outstandings from last year? Ya’ll stay and bottle up your questions and then criticize or next thing you get heart attack. No Pun intended.

  5. VG:Massive says:

    This is the oppoutunity for us to show case our Island to the world, however election votes was more important. We continue to be treated like a step child while our so call representative dont have a say in his own district. This behavior by the minister is dictorial. How could you make these kind of decisiond that effect so many others. Nobody dont same to care about Virgin Gorda. Just like they never check for us after the hurricane now they holding us down again.

  6. Wonderer says:

    @ jus curious.
    I hear U Loud and clear “ City Mouse”’
    Le dem sta dere blottled up

  7. ?? says:

    so no jouvert?

  8. PR Visitor says:

    Hey guys, its goin to be a holiday weekend over here (PR). The regular boating community will be heading over to VG for the Festival……please keep us in mind.

  9. It should says:

    So no jouvert ? It should

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