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Make up your mind and get vaccinated, consider the economy

Premier Andrew Fahie

With the arrival of an additional 12,000 AstraZeneca vaccines from the United Kingdom, Premier Andrew Fahie is encouraging those who haven’t taken their first jab to “make up their minds and do it”.

Premier Fahie also added that persons who are hesitant about the jabs consider their economic survival and the protection of their family and friends.

“Persons ask ‘why don’t we open up more?’. Well, vaccines. Come and get vaccinated and we’ll open up faster. Persons ask ‘why don’t we do more with the economy?’ No problem, get vaccinated and we could move the economy even faster,” Premier Fahie urged while speaking at a March 17 press conference after the arrival of this new UK shipment.

The arrival means the BVI has received 20,000 vaccines from the UK. To date, the territory has vaccinated some 6,500 persons — the majority being frontline workers.

Vaccination is not mandatory but authorities strongly encourage persons to get inoculated as vaccination is seen as the world’s best chance of restoring normalcy.

The vaccines are also being touted as the only hope for the BVI that is currently missing vital cash injection into its economy due to the closure of its seaports — the main points of entry for tourists.

Even with the vaccines, many people have hailed the Fahie administration for closing the borders and prioritizing the health of the community. However, some say a balance should have been made between health and the economy as the extended closure of the borders have led to significant economic damage.

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  1. heckler says:

    He is sounding just like jim jones

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    For once he is right. If you don’t care about the economy, care about yourself and your family. For when we do open up, Covid will come and the unvaccinated will be at risk. One in 200 who catch it will die of it ( mote among overweight people and diabetics ) So of the 24000 unvaccinated here right now you can expect at least 120 to die. You want to be one of them?

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    • Wow says:

      One just has to look at the total number of infections worldwide vs the nuber of deaths to know you pulled that stat out your rear end

      Its simple math. The virus has a 98+ percent survival rate. Stop your propaganda

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      • Do the Math Yourself says:

        Speaking of pulling stats from your ass, you say it has a 98% survival rate… I hope not. That would mean a 2% mortality. Using the numbers stated, 24,000 x 0.02 would mean 480 dead!

  3. Oxford says:

    This is the same vaccine them just ban in Germany and France, you want us take?????
    Ayo people stupid, ignorant or just dumb. Peeople dying from blood clots associated with the vaccine.
    DO NOT TAKE THAT ASTRAZENECA.. Or If You Feel You Need To, Then Do Some Research For Yourself First.It also isnt good for old people either, but dont take my word for it, research for yourself.

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  4. John says:

    Persons asked “why is this government so incompetent?

    Premier: well, we were all vaccinated 🤪.

    People don’t realize that the so-called pandemic situation no longer has anything to do with health nor safety. It’s about control. And unless people start challenging these governments they’ll continue to overstep their boundaries and s**t on your civil liberties.

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  5. Soothsayer says:

    The road to h**l is paved with good intentions…

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  6. Schups says:

    Now he blames his lack of action on the vaccination program which they couldn’t even get right in the first place. Just step down let’s have an early election and put a competent government in place.

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  7. Mandatory says:

    Just say it’s mandatory and done with it…….this dancing round thing makes no sense

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  8. THEIRriskTOTAKE!!!!!!!! says:

    Those who wants to get vaccinated will get vaccinated and those who don’t have accepted the risk which should be their choice. Stop with the BS. NO OTHER HUMAN SHOULD HAVE TO RIGHT TO TELL ANOTHER WHO TO PRESERVE/LIVE THEIR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. smh says:

    Now the vaccine is the scapegoat. What about the incompetence before the vaccine was available?

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  10. 2cents says:

    How about visitors that are vaccinated. Why no plans for that?

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    • JoeSchmoe says:

      I’m a recurring visitor, and 100% on board with making future visitors have valid vaccinations. The people of your beautiful islands need not be harmed by fools from abroad bringing fatal diseases. Get your vaccine to protect your families, I’ll get mine to protect your families too.

  11. LB Fam says:

    All of a sudden you know about the economy!

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  12. huff huff says:

    What about women that are pregnant can they get the vaccine?

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    • Ausar says:


      Dangerous to child and nursing mothers!

      • @Ausar says:

        It’s not dangerous, it’s just not known what the effects will be because it wasn’t part of the trial. There is a significant difference.

        • Okay then says:

          The unknown is the big issue here. Many would rush to take this if they knew many of the unknowns. Would anyone venture into anything that risks their life not knowing how their life would be impacted?

  13. THE NATION says:

    Premier, we are hesitant for OUR LIVES – you can always build back an economy or build an economy around COVID-19…you are asking us to take a vaccine which is not fully tested and the side effects are not yet fully known and which several notable first world countries have stopped using because of concerns.

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  14. Oh says:

    I already made up my mind but it’s not about the vaccine, it’s about VOTING YOU OUT!!!!!!

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  15. THINK about this says:

    You are being encouraged to take a vaccine…

    2) It does not prevent you getting COVID
    3) It does not prevent you from transmitting COVID
    4) SCARY and deadly side effects for some people
    5) Long-term side effects…completely unknown

    Why do we promote this as the saving-grace?

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  16. Human Rights says:

    We survived a whole year, with out vaccine
    We don’t need to gamble with our lives, by been vaccinated, Government Officials made this pandemic, upon their own citizens, trying to depopulate the world, or sterilizing us,then want to talk about our families to be safe, protect us first. Don’t dare bribe us or brain wash about economy, so much people die, got sick real bad from these vaccines, each one is a statistics, FDA only approve vaccine for emergency use only. GTFOH

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  17. lili says:

    i will suggest to really investigate about this vaccine first . this vaccine was never approved for old persons and children. only the age between 20 to 50 maybe 50 i guess.

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