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Make yourselves trustworthy, politicians urged


A member of the Constitutional Review Commission that gauged the people’s perspective roughly 10 years ago, Carvin Malone, said the people should not have to be contemplating another round of constitutional review in an atmosphere of political distrust.

“We cannot be stuck on deciding whether or not we can trust politicians that we put into office,” he declared.

As such, Malone urged politicians to make the decision regarding constitutional review easier for the masses, by proving that they are trustworthy and capable of handling the additional powers, which will be sought through another review of the constitution.

“We have to make it easy on our people to make decisions as to exactly how we move forward. Our people must not be challenged as to whether or not to trust our elected officials. We cannot make it so difficult that people feel that there is no hope. We have to give our people hope. We have to give our people hope through doing that which is right – which is correct in the eyes and the minds of people,” added Malone, who is also a businessman and member of the Opposition Virgin Islands Party.

During a television programme hosted by his party a few days ago, Malone noted that, amid talks about constitutional review, it is important to have a government that is transparent and accountable.

“We have to go with the principles of the good governance, of transparency, [and] of the accountability so that people can feel comfortable and then see what else is next,” he said.

Meanwhile, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, in October last year, announced that a group of people will be appointed to get residents’ perspectives on the issue of constitutional review.

Constitutional review, he added, will be pursued this year in an effort to transfer some of the governor’s powers to local politicians.


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