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UPDATE: Fish Bay gunshot victim confirmed dead

Police have confirmed the death of a man who was gunned down in Fish Bay Tuesday afternoon.

The man’s identity has not been released but the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force said it will provide further details in a future update.

Meanwhile, amateur video footage sent to ours news centre indicate that the now deceased man was killed inside a vehicle.

His lifeless body was captured in the front driver’s seat of an SUV riddle with bullet holes. His shirt was stained with what appeared to be blood.

Previously-published article

BVI News understands that a shooting has occurred in the Fish Bay area of Tortola.

A male whose identity is not yet confirmed to our news centre has been injured and feared dead.

Information received is that the male sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

The shooting is said to have happened in the vicinity of International Motors, BVI News understands. The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force has responded at the scene.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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  1. Michelle says:


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  2. Angry says:

    Is this the new norm? Drive by shootings? Mr. Commissioner of Police there needs to be more stop and searches in a society over run by drugs and guns. The BVI is falling apart.

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    • someone saw this happen... says:

      …its on them to speak up. If you stay silent, you’re helping the wrong side. Be brave and help make the BVI a better place.

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  3. Resident says:

    Life is like milk, r.i.p

  4. Rubber Duck says:

    New stash find. New Murder.

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  5. Facts says:

    Too much island people here back in the days these things was never happening

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    • Anonymous says:

      Mfer you on an island… dumbass!

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    • really says:

      Like really, is the BVI landers that are helping the country go down the drain, so your comment isnt positive at all. I am certain there are more non BVI Landers who are upholding the law than BVI landers. so we need to stop with these nonsense post.

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    • @Facts says:

      That’s a lie…go back in the early 80s here in BVI…man was getting popped for drugs…it was just one and far. But check your BVI history…they were shootings.

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  6. Jeeze says:

    Terrible to hear.

  7. Jeeze says:

    Terrible to hear.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Check the **** gas station them pannas runnin tingz and Calling da shots.. if you got h***e money you doin Something out of ordinary. Just ask b**..

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  9. Anonymous says:

    What going on in Tortola?

  10. Lit says:

    Get these guns off our streetz this is rediculous. My condolences to his family. Rip

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  11. Village says:

    Oh no lord tortola need blessing help

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  12. Third eye says:

    So you guys thought Tola was going to stay Peaceful you guys are a set of fools…Tortola is a drug hub, drugs =money and Violence you dumb fools

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  13. best of... says:

    …the worst writing ever

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  14. Give Em All Guns says:

    Give them all guns — let them all kill one another — then finally this place will be safe again!

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  15. Styles. says:

    Hello all

    Every time there is a murder we all pretend we are shocked. We all pretend the victim was such a good person and a great member of our community.

    Pretty much all the time they were [alleged] CRIMINALS. Can we please stop pretending these were honorable people. If you want to be a criminal this is the risk of the lifestyle.

    If you see someone without a highly paid job and still he or she lives a lavish lifestyle it is pretty obvious. If you wish to stay involved with these people, that’s on you but stop pretending these people were such amazing characters. They were criminals.

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    • Narco says:

      The new rich are the politicians. They’re milking the people while [allegedly] smuggling in the drugs and guns.

      The only business is drug business. Screw the pillars. They’ve fallen

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  16. Richgdgy says:

    LIBS did a great job in the BVI!

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  17. Tired says:

    Why you all blame things on the people who are slaving away to build this island. If it was dung island people doing the killings here they would have gotten caught, because they have no one in authority to cover up for them. But because the killers are from here everything you all do cover up that’s why crimes can’t solve.

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  18. Unknown says:

    Do you think this increase in crime in the latest months is due to Covid and criminals needing to take more risks? I mean, I’ve lived here for more than 10 years and it has always been quite safe, also compared to west Europe l where I am from, but now every month there are a couple of murders which is actually insane. Surely all these closures don’t help but do you think this is the only reason?

  19. Captain Flint says:

    Don’t blame Covid. If the shooter can afford to buy a machine gun he can afford to buy food. This shooting was not a robbery but a targeted hit. Someone is cleaning house. The Government need to stop the drug trade and the illegal import of guns. How are the guns getting here to Tortola? Recently in the airport I had a bag with just a coat in and was subjected to a detailed search. Perhaps Customs officers should inspect all cargo or the gun runners somehow evading the customs.

  20. Jah says:

    Drugs drugs drugs

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