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Malone fined $500 – Compared to Donald Trump

After she fined Darier Malone $500 for calling a police officer a “punk mothers ***t”, Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards said in apparent jest that the offender is “more mature” than the US President Donald Trump.

That is because the 23-year-offender apologised to the cop.

The senior magistrate ordered Malone to pay the fine forthwith or serve 30 days at Her Majesty’s Prison.

“I just want to say it’s something good that you apologised to the officer… It shows maturity,” said Magistrate Richards.

The prosecution reported that, on November 4 last year, law enforcers were called to the scene of a three-vehicle accident in Pasea Estate, Tortola.

Malone was identified as one of the motorists involved in the collision.

She and the other two motorists were instructed not to move away from the scene of the crash. Malone did not comply.

She reportedly started to walk away while she talked on a phone.

While moving away from the scene, a passing motorist beckoned to Malone, and inquired what was happening.

“Dem punk mothers***t got me here,” Malone responded.

The police officers told her to desist from using indecent language.

She then reportedly told them: “F**k all you punk mothers***t.”

One of the officers warned Malone again. The court was told that she then walked up to the cop and said: “F**k you. You’re a punk mothers***t.”

She was subsequently charged with using indecent language.

After pleading guilty in court this morning, Malone explained her actions. She told the court that one of her family members was ill at the time.

“It were a tough week… I just really blanked out. I’m not going to say I wasn’t wrong. I was wrong. I did apologise to the officer,” she said.

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