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Malone’s ‘fake’ move

“I got a WhatsApp asking me what is our position as it relates to whether or not employees or people with work permits would be forced to take the vaccine … It is a subject that Cabinet would have to explore, examine.”  —Carvin Malone, May 4, 2021

After receiving some amount of public backlash, Health Minister Carvin Malone has dismissed as “fake news” a BVI News report that Cabinet will consider whether mandatory vaccination should be implemented locally.

Malone had given indications about plans to make those considerations while he was speaking on his government’s Let’s Talk radio programme Tuesday night, May 4.

At the time he said: “I got a WhatsApp asking me what is our position as it relates to whether or not employees or people with work permits would be forced to take the vaccine.”

“In many jurisdictions, they have now mandated that if you are now on a work permit system, you must be able to do this. I guess primarily because the healthcare system is being strained in a number of jurisdictions,” he premised.

Following a brief interruption from persons who called in to the talk show, Malone then continued: “In terms of the questions asked in terms of the employees and the work permit holders, it is a subject that Cabinet would have to explore, examine.”

And while elaborating on the subject, the minister further said:” I would suspect that Cabinet will be looking at that at its very first entrance. But we also have to look around the world — those of us who are residing here. We must protect the entire economy.”

But when our news centre reported on his statements with the headline ‘About-turn? Cabinet to now consider mandatory vaccination‘, the first-term legislator back-pedalled and further accused BVI News of being irresponsible.

“Nowhere in the story is the headline supported by facts. Mandatory vaccination is NOT being considered by Cabinet for any segment of our population,” he stated while further encouraging eligible persons to get vaccinated.

He then began to circulate a screenshot of the story bearing the BVI News logo. And stamped across the image in big, red, uppercase letters were the words ‘FAKE NEWS’.

According to the BBC, the term ‘fake news’ evolved in mid-2016 from a description of a social media phenomenon about fictitious events, into a “journalistic cliche and an angry political slur”.

Below is an audio of the Malone’s May 4, 2021 statements about whether “people with work permits would be forced to take the vaccine”.

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  1. bvi news says:

    I am trying to be as partisan as I could and the minister never said that his cabinet would consider mandatory vaccination. the minister was trying to answer the questio and he said it is something that cabinet would have to consider. he didn’t say that they were going to consider it , considering it and would have to consider it is two different things. I am no journalist but I do read and understand and misleading information is what I am seeing in most Caribbean news in the last few yrs.

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    • @BVI News says:

      The problem with the statement that you are not understanding and the reason for the headline is both the minister and the premeir stated that it would not be mandatory and it would be a choice.

      So stating that it would be considered is making saying that making it mandatory is actually on the table. It may not have been discussed but it surely is a thought and usually thoughts like those have been discussed. So the headline was not inaccurate nor was the journalism.

      The facts was presented how it is interpreted is another thing.

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    • To add to that says:

      If that wasnt even a thought or consideration his answer to the question may have very been a simple not and not all that extra stuff and choosing words wisely so to not be interpreted wrong.

      So i tend to lean on the side that it was a thought that had been discussed.

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      • ok says:

        my take on the end piece is cabinet are thinking about only letting vacinnated Tourist in, that is my take on.

        ” I would suspect that Cabinet will be looking at that at its very first entrance. But we also have to look around the world — those of us who are residing here. We must protect the entire economy.”

        This is about tourists

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  2. Hahah says:

    He running for cover now. He stop cock up his foot and nyam popcaan? LOL

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  3. heckler says:

    We all know that the VIP will come back with some kinda damage control but the decision is already made…..WE VOTING AYO OUT

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    • @HECKLER says:


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      • @Cindy says:

        Won’t be you though…#lostdeposit

      • To @Heckler says:

        The VIP going right back in office when the next election is over. The few of you making noise every day is not enough to take them out.

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        • heckler says:

          The NDP said those same exact words and where are they now?

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        • UK Rule says:

          It’s time the Nanny take over and fix this place, these local politicians only running the BVI into the ground and it will take year to recover, while they all rape the taxpayers money to fatten themselves and those they rub shoulders with.

          The BVI needs a break from these political parties, it’s like being in a toxic relationship, when you break up you want to be single for a few years.

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    • Busted says:

      If it’s fake news why did Andy post it on his Facebook page then after the reactions came in, he edited it and change his caption to say fake news. Check the edit history, these man playing games and I ain’t no dummy

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  4. Roll eyes says:

    I really thought he had more sense than he is displaying as a minister. Honestly.

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  5. Hmmm says:

    BVINEWS, don’t listen to the noise continue to keep the people informed.

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  6. Peaches says:

    Play the tape !!Liar!! Liar!! pants on fire!! I have come to the conclusion that the Health minister is under severe pressure from outside influences(bosses) that he seem to be losing his mind, agitated and pushing this vaccine even though he knows deep down inside that this vaccine is not a vaccine, but a trial. It has not yet been approved by the FDA and may never be because it has caused and will cause many deaths and DNA alterations in persons all over the world who have already taken it.

    I personally have seen many videos where persons who have taken it detail their horrific experience after taking the first dose, and many likewise the second dose. Look at America, many that have taken the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine are scared to death to take the second dose as this vaccine was put on pause last month. Minister, do the right thing. If you know that you are under some sort of pressure to pressure the population, do the right thing and resign because the first person that dies here from that AstraZeneca you will not be able to live with yourself.

    Look how this thing got you twisting your tongue! SMH!

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    • Common sense says:

      Suggest you look at what many nurses and medical practitioners say about the Covid death, they say it’s a terrible, terrible way to die.

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      • @common sense says:

        If they was paying me all that money to sell out most people would say the same thing them lying a$$ nurse saying

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    • Check Again says:

      Someone ‘allegedly’ already has died from the AstraZeneca shot/jab! A certain car company here had an employee kick the bucket and body done shipped back home with the cost shared between Gov’t and the car company!

  7. Rubber Duck says:

    What happens when amateur politicians try to avoid giving a straight answer.

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  8. granny says:

    “monkey see monkey do”

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  9. PLAY THE TAPE!! says:

    Now you see why the BVI is in trouble? Instead of dealing with the people’s business you have Ministers in the HOA fighting the Governor, disparging talk show hosts and now they’re fighting a news site, FOR WHAT?

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  10. The says:

    The truth of wat there say ….shame on mr malone..

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  11. Me says:

    That’s this administration’s m.o

    When they get a backlash, they run say is fake news.

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  12. Lol says:

    Be very careful my lad. Very careful.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Bvi news you are in the wrong. You made it seem like cabinet was considering mandatory vaccinations. By your words you made it seem like this was something that cabinet, governor included was debating in their meetings. You knew a headline like this anywhere in the world would cause uproar and naturally be a hot topic and get attention.

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  14. Smh says:

    Backtracking with the quickness.

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  15. No plan Carvin says:

    When you don’t have a plan you end up talking froth. The government has no plan.

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  16. cut and paste says:

    the minister needs to be responsible with his words. everything he say should be crystal clear no ambiguity or open to a million interpretation. This one was simple. all he had to say NO, NO we are not going to have any mandatory vaccine. What it look like is that he was actually toying around with the idea because one of his supports WhatsApp him. he better cut that s**t out about mandatory anything.

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  17. eyeroll says:

    The Minister said the Cabinet would have to look at “visitors”. That does not amount to mandatory vaccination of the resident population, but a simple travel requirement for visiting the country. The news business has become a race to the bottom.

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    • Correct says:

      The headline was misleading and inflammatory and this is another piece of journalistic drivel trying to wriggle out of taking responsibility for editorial stupidity.

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  18. Excuses Govt says:

    They keep picking on this NEWS SITE is it because the Owners are Xpats, or they are trying to shut them up. We all know VINO and their bloggers are more critical and brutal to this Govt as a matter a fact to be fair all governments, But they never caution VINO.. I personally prefer VINO. I realized VINO has now become the Govt defender eliminating or not publishing the bloggs that are critical of the Govt behavior..Hence this News sight BVI NEWS has grown in popularity because they respect all views for and against, Politicians will always be criticized and operate under a microscope, so the minister needs to tuff up and stop crying.Example..I sent this same blog on VINo and they refused to post it. I never saw it, thats why I am sending it again on this site

  19. @ magoo says:

    He did a number on the government with those sewer pumps in cane garden bay so dont be surprised and like trump he has a way with words

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  20. LB says:

    “I would suspect that Cabinet will be looking at that at its very first entrance.”

    This is all we need to say whether the headline was fake news. In the very first entrance/opportunity, Cabinet will be looking at/considering/discussing/debating the issue of mandatory vaccinations.

    This means it is on the table. Bottomline!

  21. Me says:

    You see this black faced m****y all my life I’ve known him as a sewerage man signing contracts which he never fulfill now he’s health minister where did he get his MD degree can someone tell me

  22. Secret Bear says:

    While it may not technically be “fake,” it was a crap headline and very misleading, guys. Just own it.

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