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Man accused of burglarizing home two nights in a row | Alleged intruder wins bail argument


A man accused of burglarizing a private residence twice in two days has been granted $60,000 bail after successfully lobbying for his release in the Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Charged with two counts of burglary is Sidney Varlack Malone of Fat Hog’s Bay, Tortola.

He pleaded not guilty to when he appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo.


The court heard that on November 13 and 14 this year, the victim of the alleged burglary went to bed after securing his three-level villa in Kingston on Tortola for the night.

When the said burglary victim checked the surveillance footage a day after the second break-in, he discovered that an intruder had entered his home while he was asleep.

During the two occasions, the intruder was seen looking around the house. However, nothing was stolen.

A report was made to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) who launched an investigation into the matter.

Caught on camera

Using the surveillance footage, the RVIPF was able to identify Malone as the suspected culprit, the court heard.

It is alleged that police later accosted the accused man who was reportedly dressed in similar clothing as that of the burglar captured on surveillance cameras.

The court further heard that when the allegations were put to him, he said: “What burglary? You see me burglarize any place, me son?”

Malone was later interviewed under caution but he furthered denied the allegations. He was then charged.

Crown objects to bail

In court, the Crown objected to bail arguing that the accused man was previously convicted of a similar offence and is therefore likely to re-offend if granted bail.

However, the unrepresented Malone counter-argued that there was no clear identification of the culprit in the surveillance footage because there was a shirt covering the burglar’s face. 

“They are just trying to post it on me … this is wrong. Only a fair chance I am asking for. You are innocent until proven guilty,” Malone told the court.

After weighing both sides, the magistrate said the accused man is not currently on bail for any other offences. She further reasoned that the Crown did not present sufficient proof that Malone is likely to re-offend if granted bail.

And while pointing to the fact that the Crown was also unable to confirm whether the culprit’s facial features were visible in the surveillance footage, Magistrate DaBreo said: “I am not convinced that bail should be denied to him.”

Though making bail, Malone was placed on a daily curfew which will run between 8 pm to 6 am.

The unrepresented man is scheduled to return to court on December 12.

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  1. Magistrate DaBreo...running joke says:

    Magistrate DaBreo is releasing a man who has ‘visited’ every single home in the last 40 years in the BVI..what a complete joke this is!

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    • For real says:

      I thought DaBreo was one of those judge who was not so soft. Well Judge, this man was doing S**t and getting away with it way long before you came to TORTOLA. He got to you real good. He knows how to work the system judge and he worked you well.

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    • Just sag says:

      That magistrate needs to step down… Guess his next stop will be her house.

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    • Not Go So says:

      Well, where is the evidence. This what the magistrate talking about. You have no evidence to show bail should be denied. Have to go on facts not heresy.

      Look how dummy crown is. An unrepresented alleged burglar beat them at the bail hearing. ? ? ?

  2. My home says:

    That wrinkled crow better be thankful he didnot enter my home.

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  3. Hey says:

    The crooks knows exactly how to work and play the system in the BVI. That old geezer is very shifty.

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  4. LMAO says:

    Mr.Smooth operator AKA fast talker. LMAO.

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  5. OMG says:

    He again ???

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  6. Devon says:

    So much for the saying “lightning doesn’t strike twice” !

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  7. Easy fix..... says:

    …..he know who to go around playing with but his luck will run out very soon, let him keep up the f**k!

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  8. HAHA says:

    She further reasoned that the Crown did not present sufficient proof that Malone is likely to re-offend if granted bail.

    Is this a f**king joke? This man is a f**king KNOWN CAREER THIEF!!!!!!! Someone is going to lick his f**king head off and that person will be the one that’s going to be denied bail and have the book thrown at them while this piece of scum is allowed to parade in the court house and get bail despite his long a** rap sheet.

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    • @HA HA says:


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    • Huh? says:

      He is more than likely scanning and plotting the next house to rob. He knows exactly how to play the system.DaBreo,he got you good in your playpen AKA courtroom.Don’t be mad if he rob your house next.

  9. i mean says:

    he was trespassing, he did not burglarized

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    • Alford says:

      Best to keep your mouth shut when you don’t understand what your talking about.
      Please do some research, this man needs to be l****d up for
      Life and the key thrown away.
      I am a victim of Lightening with the other half of Tortola.

  10. JonB says:

    First of all dem police does be telling lies because we all know that lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice.

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  11. Too True says:

    They should put a tracking devise on Lightning. He has been terrorizing Tortola for too long now, scaring tourists & residents at night (daytime too), & giving us a bad name.

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  12. @Too True says:

    Thanks for the sweet laugh. Was real funny! Really. Laughed real hard. You probably right to.

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  13. Lodger says:

    Havent heard of him for years. Has he been locked up or off island, or having a long vacation from “visiting”?

  14. @Lodger says:

    He was staying up in windy hill in an abandoned home, living of rum and crunchy peanut butter..

  15. 9 lives cat says:

    The old geezer has more lives than a cat. The Holidays is upon us and he is waking up from hibernation to start his terror robbing people homes. He has someone or something protecting his shaky wrinkled behind because I don’t understand how he has not gotten F**ked up yet. He better not let me catch him anywhere near my home.As a matter of fact, not even on the sidewalk in front of my home. He do, Baretta is going to start popping off.

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  16. Want to see says:

    Just how fast lightining can run down Zion Hill trying to get away from me and my Louisville Slugger. That man is going to get some serious F***ing up one day real soon. You know, my wife was saying is it possible that the police is protecting this man. How is it that this man is getting away with so much and someone have a half joint and they are getting locked up.

  17. @Lodger says:

    It is the Holiday time. He been taking people S**t for far to long. He know around Holiday time is the best time to strike. He is out here plotting who he is going to terrorize next.I just don’t understand how he is getting away with this.

  18. The Nation says:

    This man needs prayers, healing and deliverance. Lord have mercy!

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