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Man accused of trying to rape 16-y-o

A man accused of performing oral sex on the 16-year-old daughter of his fiancee has been brought before the Magistrate’s Court.

The man whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of the minor is charged with attempted rape and indecent assault.

He was not required to plead when he appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo this month.


The court heard that the first of two alleged incidents happened on a date between January 1 and April 21 last year. On the day in question, the minor was babysitting her kid brother while the accused and her mother was away.

It is reported that she was lying in bed with her brother in her parents’ bedroom and attempted to leave the bedroom when the accused doctor returned home around 3 am.

The court heard that the accused asked her to stay and lay beside him, to which she complied. It is alleged that the accused man subsequently wrapped his arms and legs around the teen. She eventually broke free of the embrace because she was uncomfortable.

The accused then allegedly requested a massage from the teen before stripping down to his underwear. During the massage, the accused allegedly removed the minor’s tank top, tights, and underwear and started massaging her breasts. It is alleged that she felt his erection against her back and reportedly told him that she was uncomfortable.

The court, however, heard that he told the child she needed to relax and what he was doing to her was therapeutic. It is alleged that he proceeded to perform oral sex to on the minor for about 60 seconds before she pushed him away.

It is alleged that the accused man then attempted to penetrate the child. However, she managed to push him away and leave the room. She did not tell anyone about what happened that night, the court heard.

Second incident

The court heard that the second alleged incident occurred on March 5 this year.

That incident allegedly happened sometime while her mother was at work. The accused reportedly called her from her bedroom and requested a chat in the living room area of the household.

It is alleged that when she came to him, he started rubbing her thighs, but stopped because the mother returned home. He allegedly resumed shortly after the child’s mother left home to run an errand.

The court heard that he locked the front door, removed his shirt and asked the minor for a massage. It is alleged that he proceeded to perform oral sex on the child who pushed him away.

The court heard that the teenager confided to a friend about the matter, which was subsequently reported to police.

The defendant was met and arrested on March 6.

He denied the allegations during a subsequent police interview.


After hearing arguments from the Crown and the defence, Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo ruled that the Crown did not provide sufficient reasons why the court should deny bail.

As such, the accused was granted $80,000 bail signed with two sureties. He is to report to the Road Town Police Station on Mondays and Fridays between 6 am and 6 pm.

He also had to submit his travel documents and he is not allowed to apply for any replacements. The accused doctor is also forbidden to make contact with the child or any Crown witnesses.

His matter was adjourned to April 9. Reynella Rawlins represents the accused.

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  1. L says:

    Oral sex without consent IS rape. He wasn’t trying to rape her. He did.

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  2. strupes says:

    nasty salop la

  3. No nonsense says:

    That nasty shxx! He want to make a african movie in tola!! Hell NO and a doctor, he got to GO! WE HAVE ENOUGH OF OUR OWN?

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  4. Jaime says:

    Hmmm.. not all things maybe as they appear.. stop hating on the man .. he is innocent until proven guilty..God is Always on the side of the innocent and God doesn’t like UGLY.. u hang in there Doc.. God will vindicate u of this n that evil will be exposed for what it Trust God – He got this and you Doc..

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    • Ms wize says:

      I hope you are not a parent. Regardless of who the person is… trust your child until proven otherwise. These dirty men wants to ride both mom n dam sick. The Dr in front of the name frightens you hmmmm. Trust God what? Nasty,low,a disgrace to the human race

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    • SICK PHUK says:

      To be caught up in this scenario is unbecoming of a Doctor. How am I going to bring my daughter for a check up with any African Dr. cause we don’t know who he is. Is h working for *******? ******? etc. You all look at tDEGREES and Profession and believe the person must be a good person. THE MOST VILE PEOPLE ON THIS ISLAND ARE EDUCATED. Where there is smoke there is fire.

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      • SMH says:


        I’m here thinking the same thing! I pray he is not a OBGYN! Could anyone imagine being treated or touched by this individual, not knowing where his mind was performing examinations.

        Sorry, until he is identified, no treatment by any African Doctors! I am skeptical about some of them and their Credentials!

      • Yeah says:

        They spend 7.2 $million znd over run projects at $40 million. Move $8 million from sewerage projects. Run rackett with a wallittle and Eat and drink with you-your friend.

      • Scam Alert says:

        You can order a medical degree on line. Who is to say if this man is just a quack.

    • Should says:

      Have been your child.You in despicable runt.

  5. This says:

    Is just sickening.

  6. Eagle says:

    Background checks are needed on such sickos before hiring them in the BVI.

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    • US says:

      African men have this belief that they are the ones to break in their girls sexually before another man can touch her sexually. There are a lot of African men sitting in jail for doing this.Ok, if that is your culture, keep that in your Country. One African man was charged, locked up and will get deported as soon as his sentence is over, circumcise his young daughter at home. Things like that maybe legal in their Country but not in these parts.

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    • Readdd says:

      After 60 seconds she pushed him off it did not say she was tied down his head had to gradually go down there and she liked it obviously to wait 60 seconds to push him off if you don’t like something 25 seconds is good enough to kick him in the head an tell your mom the first time it happen I mean come on

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      • Victim blaming and victim shaming says:

        I dont know the whole story but I am incline to believe the child, until she is proven to be otherwise, for me, she is telling the truth.

        believe your children first and let them know you are always on their side first until or unless someone proves they are lying…you are on their side. And even if they are proven to be lying, let them face their consequences and you can be disappointed in their actions, but thats still your child and even in their corrections and punishments, you are on their side.

        do you know what it is to have power over an individual….and what the powerless can be coerce into doing and accepting because they feel powerless?

        who empowered this child? who did she know she could trust? She trusted another child. Who was empowered to believe she could do something about saving herself, so she saves her friend too. Was the child empowered by her mother? or her father? where is he in this picture? more importantly, did she trust her mother enough to be able to say to her, bad things are happening to me and this man you say you love and has brought into our home is doing them?

        the man will get what he deserves because there is a God above but other things are going on here and this child does not feel safe.

        we are a society that blames the victim for their victimization and we wonder why children dont talk to us or talk about the bad things happening until its too late…

        and yet we are christian….but not so much Christ like….

  7. Kk says:

    M—-y needs to get lock up too. She is a careless piece of m—-y.

  8. Demon says:

    I think there`s a territorial demon of incest which was born, grew up and live in the BVI.
    This demon can only be removed by the power of God.
    If he was in Nigeria i dont think he would have done it.

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  9. @US says:

    Yeah I heard that also.African men have sex with their daughters, it is called getting them ready for the world. I guess father’s knows best. It is more a cultural thing. We don’t do that here.That is against the law.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ayo people stupid. The story itself does not add up. Abd it says alleged. Why did she wait to report it now. If it happened so long ago. People do things out of anger

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  11. Smartgirl says:

    Ayo people stupid. The story does not add up. Why wait to reprt it now. And the news says alleged come on people

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  12. Therapist says:

    That’s so bad..its abuse.on top of it he is saying massage is therapeutic,which in fact true but contrary to what he is saying.thats why the spa industry in the British virgin island are so nasty and corrupt .This doc always get his massage and sex after.nasty man leave your daughter alone.

  13. Jaime says:

    Sounds bad yes and I would go Balo for the b*****d that hurts my baby but Like I said all things may not be as they appear.. more in that mortar beside the pestle.. God will reveal all..

  14. Sickening says:

    Thank God for the good friend that encouraged the girl to go to the police. Now that he is on bail, where is he living. Where the h**l does he practice? He came here to molest and get h**d ons off of women and girls? His a** need to be suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. What is the medical board saying?

    How does the girl’s mother feel? Is she one of those that will not defend her daughter’s honour? And to the girl, it is never ok for anyone to do that to you. It is not your fault as you are still young in your mind and maybe you never had those talks. Yes everyone is innocent until proven guilty but I believe you until proven otherwise. You were very brave to go forward to the police.

  15. Rest Haven for HOES says:

    Now I read this over 3 times took some notes. If this, IN MY OWN OPINION PLEASE PEOPLE; was any type of force rape she had ample time to tell her mother or any other authority.

    This, SEEMS TO ME; to be a case where the adult and minor had some arraignment and they got CAUGHT so naturally a minor going to do a minor thing and save herself. Plus she done told a friend so the gig was up in a matter of time.


    Now this girl might be a product for my team. As you know I’m a ………PROFILE NAME

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Children trust adults and is confused and scared when they are taken advantage of by the ones who suppose to protect them, they are also afraid their mother would blame them, its not an easy thing for a young child to have to deal with. There has been child abuse cases where the mother is aware and pretend its not happening because they dint want to loose the man, but making assumptions at this point is futile, let the justice system take its course and the truth come out. At least until then he has no contact with the child.

  17. GWEN says:

    To smartgirl. Until you have walked a mile in this young girl’s shoes shut your ignorant mouth. I am going to be presumptuous by stating that you do not have any children. your ignorant comments are the reasons why people who have been abused are to ashamed of reporting the abuse because they feel no one will believe them or even blame them. the victim therefore endures their pain in silence while their lives spiral out of control.
    Until you have educated yourself about child abuse, and mental illness. Shut the h**l up. Only ignorant a***s like you bray the loudest.

  18. Hahahah says:


    Crying like a wolf.

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