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Man allegedly beats lover with ironing board for staying out late

A 32-year-old Parham Town man is facing charges of using threatening language and assault causing grievous bodily harm after allegedly beating his lover with an ironing board for staying out late and not answering the phone when he called.

Following the reported assault, the accused man, whose name is being withheld to protect the victim, allegedly told his girlfriend: “It is going to be worse the next time. I told you not to mess with me.”

He was not made to answer to the charges during his arrest appearance before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards on Wednesday.


The court heard that on Saturday, November 17, at about 6 am, the accused man’s girlfriend arrived at the home they shared with their young child in East End.

The defendant allegedly proceeded to ask why she did not answer her phone when he tried contacting her.

She reportedly told him she didn’t hear the phone ring, following which she made her way to the bathroom.

Prosecutors alleged that, at this point, the accused man continued to question her, then began beating her about her stomach, ribs, and head.

At one point, the defendant allegedly struck her in the face causing an injury to her left eye.

It is alleged that he then used an ironing board to inflict another reported blow to the woman’s head.

The court heard that, following the assault, the complainant left the house to seek medical attention for ‘blunt force trauma’ to the head, eye, left elbow, and to the right of her abdomen.

The woman reported the alleged incident to the police and told them she was in fear for her life, the court heard.

The defendant was subsequently arrested and charged for the offences.

When interviewed, the accused man denied the allegations and chose to remain silent on the matter.


When the matter of bail arose, the court was told that the accused man is already on bail for an unrelated matter.

As such, his bail application was momentarily denied.

Senior Magistrate Richards said she has to give further consideration whether to grant him bail for this new matter.

In the meantime, he was placed on remand and his matter was adjourned to December 10, at which time he will be required to plead.

Attorney Marie-Lou Creque represents the accused.

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  1. Friend says:

    lol lol. This is funny

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    • @Friend says:

      this wont be funny even if done to my enemy. get a grip young man/woman.

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    • Aye says:

      This is serious ,a nonlaughing matter but my laughing body parts wont cooperate and so I cant stop laughin because this ting jokey even though this is tragic for the child who will one day, most likely continue the cycle of infidelity,victim,abuser.

  2. @Friend says:


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  3. Really!!!! says:

    Wow! Dude are you forreal???

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  4. The Observer says:

    I assume he was trying to “straighten” her out.

    Oh Yeahhhh!!!!!!

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  5. Schuups says:

    These codependents of domestic violence are the non sufferers while they unconscionably damage their spawns who will be future abusers and victims. A man with that behaviour had to have demonstrated his violemt potential before or during courtship and subsequent pregnancy and birth. With the advent of birth control and the independence of women, harbouring men like this and bringing forth children ,I blame the woman more than the men. She needs prolonged psychiatric,a subscription to birth control and he will get by with a lil vacation at hotel Balsum.

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  6. Noo mama says:

    This my classmate i feel soo sorry for herr.. young ladies please find a good decent young man around your age to be with. Its a reason these monster not getting woman around there age. Im so sorry and sad

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  7. Wow says:

    Well parna, if your girl coming in at 6 am and not answering your phone, then it’s ‘our’ girl not ‘your’ girl. Keep your hands to your side as my grand mother used to say. Take a long walk or something, it’s not worth getting caught up. Now you lock up and can’t stop the c*** up.

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  8. Hmm says:

    M—- ???? u really goin to do dat to ur child father?

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    • You issa skunt or what? says:

      So because is her child father she ain’t supposed to do nothing..?? Mehson y’all don’t know how many times this dude have beat this young lady before so shut your ass up.. let that be your mother or you sister and see..

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    living with a man and cheating and lying brings females death especially if they have a child and the child is in question, its a good thing he isnt a vincencian

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  10. Smh says:

    Stop commenting based on what the news says. Half of it is not true

  11. Hope says:

    Hope she happy

  12. Free him says:

    She ain’t telling the truth

    At the end of the day hope this wa she want because if u could get him in trouble no man ain’t want u for dat M tell the truth

  13. Felonious Schawb says:

    Juntao, dont mind deh naysayers. Mehson we got you and your spinchter well taken care of here at balo. Tola peeple just like run dem mouth and hate, when the fact is your innocent unti poven not. Mandy and Mama dukes, know we got your son under we wing and sheets until he geh out.

  14. Hmm says:

    This is so sad eh!

    Men stop abusing your partners in whatever form be it mental; physical or sexual. Love your partner and if you can’t deal with a situation just go somewhere and cool off for a while. Now to the ladies; if you live with a man and cheating on him please stop it. If you aint want him part ways amicably and be mature about the situation.

    Victims of abuse go through cycles and if children are involved they grow up seeing daddy beating up mommy etc and they themselves become abusers. The cycle repeat itself so please let us all be mindful how we treat one another.

  15. ChingLongSheGetting says:

    He a gyal clung always been a gyal clung my —- in her pokey

  16. Help says:

    Thats what ya call ironing out a situation.

  17. island man says:

    if was an island man his name would have been published though.

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