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Man allegedly burglarizes homes, gifts woman with stolen jewellery

An East End man was denied bail after he allegedly burglarized three homes, stole thousands of dollars worth of jewellery and gifted a portion of the stolen items to his girlfriend.

Charged with three counts of burglary is Glenroy Fergus.

He was not required to plead when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards on Monday.

Fergus’ girlfriend Sheynela Smith, who is a supervisor at a security firm was charged with handling stolen goods. She too was not required to plead when she appeared before the court.


The court heard that on March 22, Fergus allegedly burgled the home of a Rogue’s Bay resident and stole jewellery valued at $5,540.

On April 25, he allegedly broke into a Trunk Bay home and stole a watch valued at $1,000.

It is further alleged that on the same day, he burglarized a Major Bay residence where he stole jewellery valued at $6,685.

The stolen jewellery included watches, gold Pandora bracelets, Pandora chains, and other gold chains and bracelets.

When the respective owners returned home and noticed that they were victims, they reported the matter to the police who commenced their investigations.

The jewellery belongs to me

Acting on intelligence, police stopped and searched the couple’s vehicle which was being driven by Smith, the court heard.

Inside, police allegedly uncovered several pieces of the stolen jewellery which was later identified by the burglary victims.

In response, the girlfriend — Smith — allegedly told police: “It’s mine, I got it as a gift from the same person (Fergus) all you looking for.

During a subsequent interview with police, she allegedly accepted that the items could have been stolen and further admitted that she did not inquire from Fergus whether the items were stolen or not.

Fergus was later arrested.

During their investigations, police lifted fingerprints from the crime scenes. The prints were later compared and matched with that of Fergus, prosecutors claimed.

I made a mistake

Fergus, who was unrepresented, urged the court to grant him bail so that he could provide for his seven children.

“I don’t be in these types of situations. I was in a weak point in my life, finance was low. I made a mistake, everybody makes a mistake,” he said.

He also told the court that he was willing to meet any conditions of bail.

However, his bail was denied after the Crown made what could be described as a strong argument against him.

The Crown argued that the offences were severe particularly because he invaded the sanctity of the homes of the complainants.

They further argued that he admitted to some of the offences, adding that they were committed ‘in a short space of time;.

On the other hand, Smith — who was represented by attorney Patrick Thompson — was granted $50,000 signed bail.

She is to submit her travel documents as part of her bail conditions.

The duo is scheduled to return to court on June 18.

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  1. Reply says:

    Many of us have been at weak ponts in our lives quite often due to little or no money. Did we go into multiple people’s home and took what was not ours? No. We borrowed or found a job. No excuse. Lock his @$$ up.

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  2. ivers says:

    Deport he a**.

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  3. What!!!!!! says:

    Not this “make mistake” BS again. Please.

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  4. Sick head says:

    You like people things work for what is yours you now studying you have kids but you all in people house

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  5. Allegedly ? says:

    I can understand that this article is about an alleged robbery as there in not yet a conviction. But why is the police’s actions and the suspect’s response considered ” allegedly”?

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Stop talking negative people and talk positive it’s a demon behind this we all need Jesus in our life’s stop pointing finger and pray for the father in heaven to help us all

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    • Reply says:

      You know burglary is a crime don’t you? This guy is accused of not one, but three burglaries? What positive do you expect us to say? He made a “mistake” like he alleges? Please. I hope you do not teach your kids that message.

      And by the way, since you brought up Jesus, you know that stealing is a sin, don’t you? Ok.

      With all due respect Mam/Sir, your sympathies are in the wrong place. Do you have any words of comfort for the alleged victims of these burglaries? Anything positive you would like to share?

      The only positive thing I can say about this guy is that he got caught, and no one was apparently physically hurt in the process of his alleged crimes. How is that?

      Have a nice day.

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    • What!!! says:

      “Anonymous” For someone who talks about “pray and Jesus” you sure talk a lot of hate for your fellow man in previous blogs.

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    • Jail time says:

      He need to make jail my boy

  7. Rat face says:

    Rat face

  8. Anonymous says:

    There are many people out there blogging under the “Anonymos” name. Do you know who is who?

    This anonymous does not subscribe to or believe in a white jesus or white god. He/she believes in and subscribes to African Spirituality. No white jesus foe me buddy. So can’ your hateful idiotic crap somwhere else.

    Stop piocking fights you idiot.

    Be objective and openminded towrds others opinion and viewpoints, whether you like or agree or not, and move on. Every human mind cannot think alike. If that was possible, everyoe human being would be a wanton hateful human hater like so many of them livinh hee in segregated communities.

    Lastly, the only known haters, historically to present, are those of you who can only exist in segregated villages.

    So keep on hating village idiot.

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  9. hmm says:

    wat they catch the sidething with ???????

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  10. Old thief says:

    You thieving thing from people to wear you is a low life mat boy just now you will start thieving man boxes when I done with you

  11. Obeah man says:

    You will walk west end naked

  12. S.M.H says:

    Every family have a bad berry. Your other 2 brothers does work so hard why u can’t follow them especially the lil one. A mistake is a one time thing. And why would u gave your girlfriend a stolen gift. ..dude don’t work where he get money…..Well sah!

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  13. No bail says:

    You want bail to go back an thief no bail jail



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  15. hmm says:

    Sure bet his woman knew he stole the jewelry. Come on you have children think on them before u pick up people things.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    girl u should be happy he gone jail at least he ant goin b**t up ur A$$ anymore.??‍♂️ I’m just saying.

  17. LOOK JOKES says:

    Wa kids he talking about….it’s he mother and brothers is who takeing care of 2 of them and he don’t s***y the rest of them

  18. Horn man says:

    Enjoy your stay while I having time with your your baby mother I will buy her nice things while you try to thief things for her to wear

  19. Rasta city says:

    Only study to scoop men with big gold on you will scoop d round man ok

  20. Nonsense says:

    If he was really at a low point and wanted to care for children he would have sold the jewelry not gift his girlfriend. Just a common thief.

    Like 10
  21. Scum says:

    Everyone hates a thief

  22. think of the children says:

    Think of how the children would feel knowing there father got chop up in someone’s house while trying to burglarize it.

  23. Key says:

    Work hard, like you brother , Elroy

  24. Rabbit says:

    Try an thief a pack of condom so you will not have so much kids

  25. Mick Mars says:

    Cooling out by the rum bar in East instead of driving truck like you used to got you at a low point.

    Half the bums you in there drinking and smoking with high day going lead you to that sort of life.

    The other half that come in to drink AFTER they done work should have been your encouragement to go back out and get steady income like that.

    Medi-Tation? Incarcer-ration, my boy. Wise up, you got a good head on your shoulders. It a bit hot, but you is a good youth. Get away from that type of assiousness.

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