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Man allegedly robs former schoolmate at gunpoint

Kiover Hatchett . Photo retrieved from Facebook

Kiover Hatchett . Photo retrieved from Facebook

A man is now facing a charge of robbery after he allegedly armed himself with a gun and robbed his former schoolmate of a motor scooter, which was later being re-sprayed.

Charged for the offence is Kiover Hatchett of Long Bush, Tortola.

He was not made to plead during his appearance before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo because the offence of robbery is indictable. That effectively means the matter may be heard in the High Court.

Allegations are that, about 10:45pm on February 8 this year, the complainant in the matter was riding his motor scooter in the vicinity of Flow in Road Town, heading to Crabbe Lot.

An armed robber, who was hiding in nearby bushes, allegedly attacked the complainant.

The prosecution further claimed that the robber put a gun at the complainant’s head, and ordered him to get off the scooter.

The court heard that, during the encounter, the complainant recognised the assailant as Hatchett, whom he knows from primary school.

Hatchett allegedly rode off on the complainant’s scooter.

Police met the accused man in Road Town some time afterwards, and cautioned him about the stolen bike.

“Bike, Officer?” Hatchett allegedly responded.

In a subsequent interview with law enforcers, Hatchett reportedly said he was with his girlfriend on the night in question.

However, some time after, Hatchett reportedly told police that he knew where to find the stolen scooter.

The court heard that Hatchett also told police that the bike was at his father’s garage in Long Bush.

The prosecution reported that, when police visited the said garage, the scooter was being spray-painted in different colours.

Checks revealed that the VIN number on the scooter at the garage matched that of the scooter that was stolen.
Hatchett was arrested and charged.

In court, however, Hatchett maintained his alibi of being with his girlfriend at the time of the robbery.

The accused was not offered bail in this case.

Meanwhile, he has at least one other matter before the court. In that other case, Hatchett is accused of handling stolen goods.

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