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Man charged for 2016 murder, remanded to HMP

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit said cellphone conversations, along with conflicting statements to police were some of the things used to link Ashan Westcott to the 2016 murder of 22-year-old Nickera Smith.

Westcott, who is 29, was officially charged with Smith’s murder this week and made his first appearance before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Thursday.

Due to the nature of the offence, the magistrate informed the court that she did not have jurisdiction to grant him bail, and as a result, he would be remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison.

The unrepresented man was not required to plead as the matter was indictable, meaning, it is triable before a judge and jury at the High Court.

Meanwhile, the 2016 murder victim — Smith — of Hope Hill was reported missing by her family on January 27, 2016.

A taxi man traversing the area of Hawks Nest on March 30, 2016, reported a foul stench emitting from an area, where her decomposing body was found with a gunshot wound to her head.

The matter was adjourned to April 23.

More details to follow.

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  1. So angry says:

    That young lady was one of the nicest person and she didn’t deserve what that THING or IT did to her. I just hope she did not suffer. I want that thing head on a silver platter with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth as a trophy to target practice on.

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    • @So angry says:

      the man has not been tried as yet…we don’t have all the facts from the investigation yet…police do mess up at times and press charges against the wrong person. we know somebody or somebodies guilty but we don’t know yet if they have the right person.

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  2. Reply says:

    Kudos to the RVIPF for their tireless efforts in investigating this cold case and bringing this man to justice. I trust the family members of Nikera are taking some comfort from this arrest.

    I find it interesting that the accused was somewhere around 25 years old when he allegedly committed this heinous crime. It baffles my mind that a person so young would commit such a terrible crime.

    I really should not be surprised by the accused youth, but it is still troubling to me that a young person would harm another young person in this manner.

    The world we live in is filled with evil people, young and old. All of us should be careful of those whom we grant trust.

    I also find it non surprising that this guy continued committing crimes after this case. Case in point, his arrest in St.Thomas for gun possession for which he plead guilty.

    The RVIPF, if they have not already done so, might want to get their hands on that gun in the St.Thomas case for ballistic testing and possible comparison to any evidence from the crime scene in Tortola.

    I am of the opinion criminals who think they have gotten away with one crime never stop committing others until they get caught. What they fail to realize is that karma will eventually get them one way or the other. The laws of nature will catch up with them. Plant bad seeds, reap a bad harvest. Expect it.

    Again, kudos to the RVIPF. Better late than never. You deserve praise for continuing to investigate this case despite the years gone that has led up to this day. IMO, job well done.

    Now lets hope there is a conviction, and justice served.

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    • Me says:

      Yes kudos indeed to the RVIPF, the Commissioner and his staff for following up on this case over the years. There were times I lost hope and said it had gone cold and was forgotten but today I am proud. Proud of their efforts to bring justice.RIP my beautiful friend Nickera. Love and miss you lots.

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  3. I will attest says:

    She was a sweetheart, she was genuinely a nice kind person… poor girl did not see it coming. Only cowards and punks shoot a person in their back or the back of their head…

  4. Yep says:

    Many more to follow. Plant bad seeds reap a bad harvest!!!

  5. Evil Deeds says:

    Do you see how his features have drastically changed in 4 years?

    Our bodies tell on us sooner or later.

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  6. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    I must say KUDOS to the RVIPF for a job well done in apprehending the suspect and gathering enough evidence to charge him and I hope that the Prosecution can do their part and get us a guilty verdict. True you are innocent until proven guilty so we should not be so judgmental but clearly he has done some bad or he would not have been caught with an unlicensed firearm. The evidence will tell the tale.

    Let this be a warning to the rest of the murderers walking among us that we are coming to get you. Please those who know something, say something, I know it must be hard but tomorrow it could be you

    If found guilty, one would have to question how can a 25-26 yr old young Man be so cold and callous? What drove him to this?

    To Nickera’s family I am hoping that you can find some solace that the search for her murderer may well be over and hopefully if he is indeed guilty that he is found guilty so that at least you all can find some degree of closure to this tragic chapter in your family’s life. Unfortunately, a murder conviction won’t bring Nickera back but at least it will answer some burning questions.

  7. Curious says:

    Some are saying its someone else.

    • Country says:

      I assume since you have heard such things, and you being a good citizen, that you have anonymously called the police and given them the knowledge you have heard on the ‘street’?

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    • Nobody ain't want to hear that sh!t says:

      if they had know who the ____ it was. why the ____ they didn’t come forward with the information. People need to stop talk things they can’t make straight. Nickera could have been easily anyone of us women around the same age bracket that fall for these low life scums. At point people were even pointing fingers at her parents.I’m glad that the police got a break through on this case. I hope they can find the killer of that little girl they gunned down west side next.

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  8. Vex says:

    I does just vex. Serious. Take away the young girl life just so.

  9. He’s part of the equation says:

    But why tho??? Really expected to get away. The power of prayers

  10. Well sah says:

    This young I know from Purcell estate for years know his mom his dad wow can’t believe that’s the same quiet person good job RVIPF

  11. dvd says:

    Great Job BVI – Police Department to include detectives, etc. On a roll.

  12. . says:

    To Westcott, a human being is worth just a few thousand dollars…

  13. Anonymous says:


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    • nobody says:

      don’t put your head on a chopping block for nobody. People do not remain the same throughout their lives.The person you were 10 years ago is not the person you are now. Everyone is potential murderers given the right situation and circumstance. It is sad that the young lady was robbed off her life by a low life scum. Ladies be careful of the scoundrels you entertain!

  14. Get off my cousin case says:

    He ain’t kill nobody. Just like tola people to throw stone before they have all the evidence

  15. gc says:

    fall guy for bigga heads

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