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Man charged for more drugs than he was held with, analysis reveals discrepancy


A drug analysis certificate has indicated that a Cane Garden Bay man had considerably fewer drugs than what police accused him of having.

The court heard that at the time of his arrest in August last year, Donnell Blyden was charged for having 65 grams of cannabis.

However, the findings of a subsequent drug analysis detailed to the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday indicates 47.5 grams of cannabis — 17.5 grams less than what police claimed Blyden had in his possession. Prosecutors subsequently made the amendments.

Blyden, in the meantime, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug but not guilty to possession with intent to supply to another.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that about 11 am on the day in question, members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force were conducting a routine stop-and-search operation in the vicinity of Sage Mountain on Tortola.

The accused, who was driving a silver pickup truck, was pulled over and asked if anything illegal was in the vehicle. The court heard that the defendant responded that he had an ounce of cannabis and gave police consent to search his vehicle.

Police subsequently found a brown paper bag with green vegetative matter suspected of being cannabis. A further search uncovered a small ziplock bag with a few empty dime bags and four dime bags containing more of the substance.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Some of the drugs were ‘payment’

When questioned by police, Blyden reportedly said the cannabis in the paper bag was for his own personal use while the cannabis in the ziplock bag was given to him as payment by someone who owed him money.

His matter was adjourned to April 3.

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  1. In all Fairness says:

    This man, didn’t object, neither did he lie, he was truthful, and the law still tried to get him for more than he held. And let’s be real. Just how people go to supermarkets to stock up. Many individuals get ounces for their personal use.

    So to give this man a ridiculous fine, would be unjust. But I guess our Judges only have book sense and no common sense.

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    • Exactly says:

      …….and they wonder why the community don’t come forward with info on crime. Dishonest offices, confidentiality and the list goes on. We may say this issue is just some weed but why do this to the young man. He was honest from the get go and you still try to frame him for the inside. Is’nt that a crime too?

      Unless these old selfish habits are not out the door it will forever be a major challenge to get help from the community.

    • Harry says:

      ” less than what police claimed Blyden had in his possession”

      I think you meant to write ” less than police claimed Blyden had in his possession”.

      Just thought I’d help out.

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  2. Medication says:

    I have a question whats the difference between Kilos and Grams? And also why in the Babylonian Justice System Marijuana is weighed at GRAMS and Cocaine is weighed at KILOS

  3. Hmmm says:

    common sense would say that once you found a person with 3 or more DIME BAGS its for supplying. hmm.

    • Tola says:

      It could also mean if there were a few, 3 or 4 for eg., they could have been bags that he bought with weed inside and used for his personal pleasure and tossed the empty bag in his car instead of littering the streets like most do

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