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Man charged for pocketing, spending envelop of cash found in business parking lot

A 32-year-old local has admitted to using stolen cash to purchase groceries last Christmas Eve.

Charged with one count of theft is Akeem Hull of West End. 

He pleaded guilty when he appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Wednesday.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that at about 3:11 pm on Christmas Eve last year, Hull went to pick up his girlfriend from her place of employment when he noticed two white envelopes on the ground.

The court heard he took both envelopes – one containing a cheque, and the other containing $600 belonging to a shipping company – and placed them in his pocket.

He later visited a local supermarket and purchased groceries with the said cash, the court heard.

A report was made to the police, who then launched an investigation into the matter.

The court heard that Hull admitted to committing the offence after surveillance footage placed him in the parking lot pocketing the envelopes. 

Hull was subsequently charged. Notably, Hull eventually returned the cheque and repaid the $600.

He is being represented by attorney-at-law Reynela Rawlins and is scheduled to return to court on October 29.

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  1. strupes says:

    give the man a break

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    • Smh says:

      @strups he spent your $600 that you accidentally drop that you worked hard for that you was planning on using on paying your rent with without any remorse of consideration if they person who dropped it was in need of or not. Now should we still give him a break?

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    • strupesss says:

      give the man a break at least he went shopping for food and not jewelry!

      anybody does return cash what they find on the street. them lucky they got back the cheque i would of done ripe it up.

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  2. LOL says:

    Have these people ever heard of the saying “Finders Keepers”. He found it on the ground

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  3. SMH says:

    What? This is utter nonsense. If I find money and keep it, I could be arrested. Who to say is the Real owner. Finders keepers!

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    • Blah says:

      Dont be an idiot. He found 2 envelopes one with a check. A check with the name of the payer and payee. He could have contacted the owner if he was honest. Some people pray for any opportunity to show their true colors.

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  4. Lawless says:

    Well well, I can’t believe all the dirty hearted people who said he didnt do anything wrong…it says a lot about some of the people who live within our community SMH

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  5. Yuh joking says:

    How is that stolen cash. Was it in the pocket, office, home, car of whomever? For Pete’s sake, it was found in a parking lot. Yes he should have returned it but was he obligated to do so. Respond if you can say I am without sin.

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    • Anonymous says:

      He wasn’t obligated to pick it up or spend it either. People find money all the time without any way of knowing who the owner is and that is acceptable but this wasn’t just money found on the ground. He knew the identity of the owner but chose to keep it because he thought he would get away.

  6. Watch Out says:

    All I can say is watch out for the street cameras and learn from this lesson. If you find pure cash and no evidence of owner do you keep it and if not, who do you give it too? The Magistrates, the Courts?

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  7. Priorities says:

    We have an over-worked under-resourced public prosecutor, court system and police force and this matter has been put before the Court. Wow! Whoever made the decision to pursue this matter ought to be sacked. Disgraceful.

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  8. Question says:

    If you found something turned in to the station and no one claims it. What happen to the stuff, does the police keep it or give it back to the finder after a while???

  9. Hmmm says:

    This matter should have not gotten to this, when shown the facts he should have been given the opportunity to repay the owner and if he could not by a certain time then it should become a matter for the courts.

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  10. T&T says:

    Allot of you blah blah blah but wat if some of u found this cash would u really go and try find the owner.

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  11. Tico says:

    This is a Petty Charge shouldn’t of even reach in a courthouse waste of time. Lets not forget after Village Jams, Clubs,Tramps,Parades etc many of u go to these same sites early morning looking to see what you can find Money,Jewelry etc should you be charged too?

  12. wow says:

    They really trashed his name over a temptation like this on christmas eve?

    I thought he did worse than this.

    He was steady saying things hard, things hard. This must have looked like the best Christmas ever, a full fridge on Christmas eve.

    Maaaaan.. you drop something like that you need to be fired, suppose there were no cameras, no check.

    They could have contacted him, show him the tape, get the money back and drop the charges.

  13. Rudolph says:

    Santa Claus Please help rescue this man cuz is you who help set up de d..m man

  14. Willful says:

    Police job is to mess up people name on these media sites now? When last them solve a real crime in the Bvi? Sick!!

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