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Man charged for pointing plastic gun at father

Arian Fahie being escorted from court

Arian Fahie being escorted from court

A 21-year-old man was hauled before the Magistrate’s Court this morning for allegedly pointing a plastic gun at his father and his father’s girlfriend.

The accused, Arien Fahie, is charged with possession of a firearm with intent to put another in fear.

He was not made to plead today as the charge is indictable – may be sent to the High Court.

The prosecution alleged that, on January 10, Milton Fahie (the father) parked his vehicle beside his mother’s Belle Vue residence to have it washed.

He briefly stepped away and left his girlfriend, Rehani Bacchaus, in the vehicle.

It is reported that Arian approached the girlfriend and made a comment that she reportedly did not hear.

It is further reported that Arian walked past the girlfriend, reached into his back pocket, and pointed a short black gun at her, causing her to panic.

He then left area.

When his father returned, he was told about what had transpired.

As a result, he and his girlfriend drove in search of the accused. They met him walking along the road.

The father reportedly threatened to call the police.

It is being alleged that Arian started to walk towards his father. Upon reaching within 15 feet of him, the youngster allegedly pointed the gun at the father.

Someone nearby beckoned to the accused: “Me son, what you doing? That is your father!”

The father then called the police, who later found the accused hiding in nearby bushes.

The police gave chase, but Arian reportedly managed to escape.

He turned himself in to the police later that day.

The cops also allegedly recovered a plastic air gun with an orange nozzle from the accused.

Would have shot him with a real gun?

During a police interview, Adrian said it was the air gun that he had point at the couple.

He also allegedly told police that, if it were a real gun, he would have shot his father and the girlfriend.

The accused, in court today, said: “I did have a firearm but it wasn’t real.”

He also told the court that his father dislikes him and attempted to harm him several times in the past.
Objection to bail

In the meantime, the prosecution objected to Arian being offered bail.

“There is a real risk that he may do something if granted bail,” said Senior Crown Council Leslie-Ann Faulkner.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste remanded the accused, but noted that she is minded to grant him bail as long he gets a proper surety to sign the bail bond.

The magistrate stated that, should Arian secure a surety, bail would be set at $40,000. He would also be put on a daily curfew from 10pm to 6am.

Adrian was also ordered to stay away from the complainants if he is granted bail.

He is scheduled to return to court on February 10.


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