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Man claims self-defence in alleged ‘race assault’ against Caucasian


While prosecutors are alleging that it was an offence motivated by race, a 23-year-old Long Bush man accused of assault has testified that he was acting in self-defence when he reportedly injured a Caucasian male on September 26 three years ago.

Kiover Hatchett’s trial for assault occasioning actual bodily harm officially ended on Wednesday after gave his testimony before Magistrate Shawn Innocent.

The court heard two different versions of what happened on the night in question — one recount of the incident was from Hatchett and the other was a written statement from the complainant who has since left the territory.

Hatchett’s testimony

Hatchett told the court that he along with friends were socialising on the basketball court neighbouring Elmore Stoutt High School in Road Town on the night in question.

He said, while there, a ‘strange white man’ approached and ask if they sold ‘coke’ (cocaine).

They told him that he was in the wrong place as they did not sell drugs.

Hatchett said the man left and returned drinking from a can of Coca-Cola then threw the remainder of the drink at the young men. He further claimed that some spilled on him (Hatchett).

Hatchett also claimed that the man was armed with a knife and attacked him. He told the court that he hit the man twice in his back with a metal pipe. He further said other young men pelted beer cans and bottles at the Caucasian ‘stranger’.

Hatchett said he then left the area, which he described as being poorly lit at the time of the inicdent. Hatchett said, on the following morning, he saw blood in the area where the incident took place. He further said and heard talks that a man was badly beaten.

The complainant’s written statement

According to the complainant’s statement to police, he had been vacationing in the territory for the last 20 years before securing a job to stay and work.

He was living in Lower Estate and, on the night in question, the court heard that he had left his apartment to purchase a meal from a vendor.

He said he was then searching for a place to sit when he walked past a group of men who immediately started hurling racist slurs like ‘white trash’ at him. He said he was told that he doesn’t belong and that he should not come back.

The court heard that the young men began throwing the beer cans and bottles at him. He noted in his statement that “did not feel safe” so he left the area. While passing the area moments later to head home, he claimed he was again accosted by Hatchett and the group of men.

The complainant claimed that the same group of men told him, ‘I thought we told you to leave’ then attacked him.

He said one man, whom he gave a general description of, used a metal chair to hit him on the head, while the others used sticks to beat him.

The court heard that the man eventually escaped and sought medical attention. A subsequent report was made to police.

No case

In court, Hatchett’s attorney, Isis Potter, made a no case submission, effectively arguing that the prosecution did not have any compelling evidence against her client.

She said the “evidence produced by the Crown is manifestly unreliable”.

She pointed to the fact that the court only had the virtual complainant’s statement and he was not present to be cross-examined.

She said it seemed ‘ridiculous’ that the virtual complainant claimed he was in fear for his life but came back to the same route that the young men were.

Potter pointed out that the Crown did not bring any other witnesses and it was, in essence, the defendant’s word against the complainant’s word.

The court also heard that there hardly any link between the complainant’s general description of his main attacker and Hatchett’s arrest.

The prosecution’s rebuttal

Prosecutors rebutted that there was indeed evidence and pointed to the witness statement, the medical report, and the fact that there was an assault by the defendant’s own admission.

Magistrate Innocent subsequently ruled that the evidence in the matter was sufficient to establish a case against Hatchett.

The court is now slated to decide Hatchett’s guilt when he returns on November 9.

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  1. L says:

    We don’t use the term “White trash” here. His story seem to be made up. then again, I wasn’t there.

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    • @L says:

      You are quite right. We read the same type of stereo typical narrative that are expoused in America on a daily.
      The claimant’s testimoy does not seem credible. Again, we here do not use the term “white trash.” period.

      That term is compltely generic and unique to American Black and white existential culture and racial narratives.

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    • John says:

      That was the first thing, I thought of when I read it. I have never heard any Tola man use term “white trash”. Now, I understand that just because is unusual for people in Tortola(especially in the streets) to use that term doesn’t necessarily mean that the complaint is lying, but it certainly makes his story seem more like an appeal for sympathy and less likely to be true.

      On the other hand, I have numerous times been approached by white tourists asking me if I know where they can get “weed”, “Pot”, or “coke”. So, who knows….

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  2. Peaches says:

    hmmm…how can you continue a case when the Virtual Complainant has left the territory, and subsequently cannot be cross-examined?

    Please explain..

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  3. Cudjoe says:

    Complainant,a look alike terror–t, approached defendant and flashed the demonic and deadly dose of Caucasoid priveledge disdain and scorn.
    Self defense was utilised by defendant.

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    • Outlaw says:

      @cudjoe, did you read that they read the man statement into evidence. It was for the defense counsel to object to the statement been read into evidence but she did not and allow it to happen now she talking about witness not present to be cross examined. The accused gave his version and admitted he strike the man twice in his back with a pipe and next morning saw blood in the area and heard a white man was badly beaten but yet counsel making a no case submission. When the defendant did not call his other friends as witnesses to support his case of self defense.

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  4. I see says:

    Looking for coke, eh, didn’t get any satisfaction. White racist d— jumped out at the black boys…I can imagine the rest…when you look for trouble don’t be surprised when you find it.

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  5. @Gumption says:

    You are very disappointing today.

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  6. hmmm says:

    anybody does leave there house to buy food and look a place in a “poorly light place” to go eat……stfu!

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  7. Come again ? says:

    Don’t freaking lie, I have heard blacks called people “White Trash” Verbadom right here in the BVI.

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  8. Questions says:

    Hatchett’s version sounds closer to the truth but is there something deeper that both of them are not saying?

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  9. Java says:

    Complainant paints a story that sounds like he was in a jungle or a cage with wild animals. This story is so incredible and comical that I cant believe a jury with rational people would fall for it.

  10. dog man says:

    White love coke.

  11. hmmm says:

    and the Caucasian get to leave territory mid trial. SMH.

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