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UPDATE: Man killed in Monday morning shooting identified

Tyrone Thomas (Photo provided)

The man who was killed in an early-morning shooting on Monday is East End resident Tyrone Thomas, BVI News understands.

He was reportedly killed just before daybreak on October 22, while in the company of an unidentified female.

The woman was also shot and is now nursing injuries. The extent of those injuries are not yet known.

Investigators are still probing the circumstances of the fatal incident.

BVI News will continue to provide updates as this story develops.


A man was killed in a shooting incident Monday morning, October 22.

A woman is also nursing injuries from the incident which happened in the Brady Ghut area of Tortola, the Information Unit of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) told BVI News.

Her condition is not known at this time.

Circumstances of the incident are also still unclear.

BVI News will provide subsequent updates as this breaking story develops.

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  1. mmario says:

    The BVI Is no longer the BVI i used to know and that is a shame. I used to live there in over 20 years ago and i remember having fun at Bomba’s Shack West End until the we hours of the morning then hitching a ride into town with anyone that would stop.. it was like walking in a Garden. Now I cant believe what i see in the news papers.

    Lack of opportunity and a ill mentality in addition to Poor ruling.

    Politicians only care about how much $$ they can make while in Power.

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    • Interesting.. says:

      I didn’t know government have such control over another man to take someones life…? My prayers go out to the families at this time.

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      • @ interesting says:

        Its about the attitude they exude and the lack of reigning in the lawlessness and self importance. The country is being run into the ground by the government and the people. Wait and see another 20 years from now and you will be really shocked

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        • Do Condom says:

          Attitude of parents, DNA criminal propensity of parents, inability of parents to accept responsibility for their lack of morals and failure for their failed children. Pointing fingers at “politicians” while enabling and benefitting from the criminal activities of your spawns is disgraceful but tsk tsk, allyo dont know and cannot do better. Pity! So continue to suffer the wrath of host countries and karma while making funeral arrangements for your once alive mistake.

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    • Sad to say but says:

      Too many lowlifes allowed in the country

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      • So tell me... says:

        So the crime is as a result of a Non-BVIslander? So BVI don’t have low lives? You would be amazed as to how many high-lives abode in the BVI who have made significant and positive contribution to the islands. Someone has lost their life….let’s be a little bit more sympathetic and empathetic.

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        • Fact says:

          Crime in the BVI became a concern, a reality and a truth synonomously with the influx of immigrants from specific regions in the Caribbean. Regions known for crime as endemic to the culture, Fact, Ridiculous as it is the VI has allowed its population to become a majority of people from regions where crime of all kind is normal everyday and has been this way always throughout their history. The VI and its people were never known for barbarism until the population shifted and there is no excuse to have allowed this to happen.Immigrant workers could have been brought in from other parts of the world in an effort to dilute the imported culture of crime which became evident.

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          • Uncle Buck says:

            The BVI has always been unruly and lawless. You want to talk about a law abiding island talk about Barbados. The difference is like night and day. The BVI had a fort with a small garrison in one end and a pirates village on the other, they didn’t trouble each other because there was no point, the island was useless. Only good for shooting wild pigs and cutting a new mast. Then the colonists arrived with their amombitions of turning the rock into something productive only to resort to piracy just to get by. In contrast, Barbados had a well established British settlement that brought with it the rule of law. Something that the BVI never had.

          • Islander says:

            You sound like an a**hole with no kind of brain. We’re the Caribbean nation, we should look out for everyone in the Caribbean. Just a few crimes and we start pulling down the down island people like its not our people sometimes doing the crimes. Lets stop discriminate people and start look at our selves. We never like to blame our people, thats why the crime will never stop. Sometimes is our own people doing the crimes. so stop your sh*t,because u sound stupid.

      • olie says:

        some of the low life are tortolians they know what they did wrong

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      • @ sad to say says:

        You chatting pure PISS!!!!

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    • Nonsense says:

      The BVI is still a very safe place. People are not going around randomly shooting and killing others.

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    • SMH says:

      @mmario,. Please speak for where you are now living. Leave the B. V. I out of your negative mind. We can still go out and people still can catch rides afterward. The B. V. I is still a safe place. May God continue to bless and keep us safe.

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    • Reason says:

      The demographics have changed considerably. The majority of the populace is now immigrants or children of immigrants from places where crime is and has always been the norm, I remember when no one locked their doors or their cars. Greeting with a Good Morning and Good afternoon was extended to all at all times.
      The Garden is now a bed of poisonous uncontrollable weeds.
      Some call this progress.

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      • Sad to say says:

        Belongers are rotten to the core…nothing to do with immigrants. Don’t worry keep on being in denial about it

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        • Do Condom says:

          Attitude of parents, DNA criminal propensity of parents, inability of parents to accept responsibility for their lack of morals and failure for their failed children. Pointing fingers at “politicians” while enabling and benefitting from the criminal activities of your spawns is disgraceful but tsk tsk, allyo dont know and cannot do better. Pity! So continue to suffer the wrath of host countries and karma while making funeral arrangements for your once alive mistake.

        • Ok says:

          Natives are spotless. Im a so-called native and they are the ones doing the robbing and gun crimes they get away due to family in high places

    • Anonymous says:

      Bring back the Brits. Law and order is needed. The locals are not punished harshly enough because their relatives sit in power.

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      • @Anonymous says:

        We have read your attitude and philosophy of us a long time ago.

        You long for the days when the slaver beat, brutalized, raped and murdered us with impunity.

        You long for the days when the Brits were in power, and you would treat us as though we were less than cattle, and you could control all aspets of society.

        You wish to recolonilize a people who will not be recolonilzed.

        We hear you yearning out loud for the return of those days.

        Well,be fore warned, there are sell outs we know, but there many,many revolutionaries here who will not go back to past history.

        They will defend by any means necessary their hard earned freedom.

        So keep wishing for the good ole days chap.

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    • Nothing new says:

      Killing is nothing new around here,so don’t talk crap

  2. mmario says:

    Life in the fast lane.

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  3. Slay says:

    Is this guy a twin..?

  4. Sad but Not even sad says:

    Not even sad, this guy and his friends have been p——–g the East End Community since years! This is the reality of the situation, you st–l, you sell d—s, s— guns and ammuniation, plan r——–s, kidnapping and plan m——s, it’s only a matter of time it’s planned on you. Young folks wake up don’t be idealising these corner r—, their fools who expiration date is up when a new set of feet set up to the plate. R.I.P. to another “BVI Man”…

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    • Bad mouth says:

      Everybody has an expiration date you retarded f#$@, dont ever try to justify why a man should take another mans life! Because at the end of the day it dont matter if you choose to do things by the book or made your own book, we all have to stand for judgment when the time comes…and i hope your business in order!!! Or it will be a sadder day for you.

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    • Duh says:

      So if they are all so obvious in their s**t why not tell people and get them out? Or is the community getting kick backs?

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  5. Skurrr says:

    Shreck better make Fiona pregnant bcuz that movie about to expire as well

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    • Fatness says:

      News flash he already did what episode you on man… Just a heads up ????

    • Calling names says:

      Shreck you say.. East man them hot right now.. lesson learned. How can you be thugs on this small island.?

      I use to live East, this man ain’t respect nobody no time. Most thugs only got till 25, and that’s if you have a safe house somewhere.

      Street money don’t save nobody. We don’t need bad man and hustlers, we need thinkers and builders. Perhaps this is for the best, East can recover and be a better place to live.

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  6. Curious says:



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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Moronic knee jerk brain washed comment of the month. The UK has no guns, that USA has them everywhere. That’s why the US murder rate per head of population is ten times the UK’s.

      And the guns here come from the stupid neighbors. Without their idiocy we wouldn’t have the problem.

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      • @Rubber Duck says:

        Your comment has only scraped a tea spoon of icing from one spot on the deadly cake.

        Unfortunately, and with all due respect, such only relect shallow and uniformed thinking. And those are the kinds of narratives that the enemies of Afro people rejoice in reading.

        Closer to truth is,the deadly menace of drug money, its accomplice guns and its deadly methods are not construeded by or put into effect by Black folk and distributed into our communities worldwide by us..

        On the contrary, it is governments and their clandestine political, racial organizations that control the administrative political to distributive resources that has and continue to devastate all Afro communities worldwide.

        Anyone with historical knowledge, minus the secrets of the various organizations of the US and UK in particular, know that all Afro communities are deliberately targeted and saturated wih drugs and guns to negatively affect its ascent into modern civility, and ultimately, world dominance from which we/it once controled.

        It is only the full awakening of and edcating of the vast majority of us (the Black man) with the correct edcuation, political, psychological, emotional and economic skills that will see us through to the end of EU and American domination, subjugation, retardation of and the second fulfilment of the Black man’s destiny.

        So, have faith, educate yourself and children with our rich and profound history, not theirs. If so, but only to function as a comparative tool that they may be able to distinguish between good, bad and evil.

        If so done regilously, we will see significant changes in our current existential, economic and psychological state of mind in fifty years or less.

    • Duppy says:

      Yeah, and two nuclear bombs did not kill about 150,000 Japanese. It was Rambo and Arnold Shartzenegger who did it all by themselves.

  7. Tola says:

    Check the Spanish man he followed the boy to is house and kill he

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  8. Half breed says:

    Is the police ayu need to get rid of all they want is power they are the ones leaving Criminals on the loose and the reason families could never get justice

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    • @halfbreed says:

      Get rid of the police until the crime hit your door steps, then you’ll want them, and then you’ll want the public to speak up or come forward. We talk so much crap until crime hit our home…we have become such a lawless and disrespectful nation it’s sad.

  9. Fatness says:

    News flash he already did what episode you on man… Just a heads up ????

  10. mmario says:

    SMH. You are a liar sorry to say. Just Van Dike, Anegada, Still relatively safe. Not Tortola.

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  11. .?? says:

    Bring back the death penalty. Crime will decline.

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  12. Factsfordummies says:

    So for the scholar with his feet in his mouth! America has guns yes but the strictiest laws in the world. Hint.. Hint.. So (school time) , New York has more people than California but California is bigger(geography). England is an island (justbigbutisland) America is a continent but yet , England’s murder rate per capita (capital) has surpass New York’s murder rate for 2 years (Knife & Acid attacks)! Play the game of Chance you will Win or Lose simple (EndofStory). Ps. Live by the Sword ,Die by the Sword is not just the weapon. It is the life you live SCHOLARS

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    • Truth for idiot says:

      Every American state has their own individual laws on guns what you can do in one state can get you locked up in another. California has 38 million people while New york 25 million. England is a country not an island the uk is not an island either Great Britain is an island. London murder rate only surpassed new york’s own this year. New york is not a high crime city relative to population. Please do research before exposing ignorance. You do have the last part on point I give you that. Cheers

  13. Law says:

    The BVI is still safe my friend who said they lived here 20 years ago and used to catch ride from Bomba Shack. The murders that take place here are not people going around shooting innocent people randomly. These murders are most time planned or happens out of ongoing issues/problem between the victims and the persons carrying out such scenceless acts. And the part about crimes or murders in the BVI has nothing to do with politics. Government or politicians knows not what is in the minds of persons in this country or when and where the next act of murder or whatever crime will be committed. We are in a changing world, we just got to pray and be ready by giving our hearts to God and stop living a sinful life, and stop blogging nonsens.

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  14. Brad Boynes says:

    The Common Nonsense continues.

  15. OG says:

    Back in my day we settled things with our fists but these young bucks think that a piece a steel makes them a man so they don’t want to square no more they only want to take a man’s life if they got a beef, its sad

  16. Jacob says:

    The reality is that there is likely to be a connection between these crimes. One one don’t just decide to kill someone without the requisite intent to do so for whatever reason. These guys involve themselves in drugs for example without thinking about the possible consequences. I am not saying that this is absolutely fact but chances are it is highly likely that this is the root cause of the vionence in the BVI. Hardly anyone of our young men want to further their education to make themselves marketable in order to land a good job that pays a decent salary. Instead they prefer to make fast moneys down fast money can sometime lead to the ultimate sacrifice..

  17. Well saw says:

    I continue to say it, we need camera throughout the BVI. The place is too small to not have an eye everywhere. Parents need to be more responsible, no child of mine could bring home 100 name brand shoes and don’t have a JOB. You will not live in my house PERIOD!!!

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    • hmm says:

      cameras yes, catch video of cars/scooters as they pass certain points on the road.

      Throwing out children so they go live with friends and then cause even more destruction to themselves and others with no guidance, I cant agree with that.

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