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Man gets more bail after visiting woman he allegedly beat earlier

A Baugher’s Bay man who is said to have violated his bail by visiting a woman he allegedly hauled from a vehicle and badly beat a day earlier has been offered additional bail.

The accused man is 24-year-old Earl Hazel Jr, and he is charged with assault causing actual bodily harm, disorderly conduct in a police station, two counts of criminal damage, and criminal trespassing.

The court was told that on October 17, both Hazel and the woman (the complainant) visited his mother but sometime during the visit, Hazel and his mother got in a heated debate. The court heard that the complainant tried to intervene to defuse the situation but later left the house and entered her vehicle.

The prosecution alleged Hazel Jr jumped on the hood of the vehicle and asked for her to return to the house. The court was then told the complainant began driving but stopped and rolled down her windows when the mother came out to speak with her.

The prosecution said Hazel Jr opened the driver’s door and pulled the woman out by her neck and started to hit her in the head and all over her body. The mother tried to intervene but the accused continued the alleged assault

The court was told Hazel Jr got in the vehicle and parked it and in that moment, the woman tried to walk away. The accused then exited the vehicle and grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to the ground. This was when a neighbour intervened and stop the ordeal from continuing.


Hazel Jr was arrested and brought to the Road Town Police Station.

The prosecution said that around 8 am on October 18, the accused phoned the woman he is accused of beating and asked her to pick him up from the police station but she refused. He then asked her to meet him at his Baugher’s Bay apartment and she again refused the request.

The court was told that after getting police bail, the accused arrived at the woman’s Hope Hill apartment at approximately 9:30 am and demanded her to open the door. He said he left some valuables there and needed them. She indicated to him he must return with the police to get them.

Attempted break-in

The prosecution said Hazel Jr left and returned later in the evening. He tried to gain access to the woman’s apartment by breaking the bathroom mirror and the kitchen window. When that failed, he tried again to unlock her front door. The court was told he threatened the woman and told her he would kill her and slice her up. The police arrived and again arrested the accused.

Hazel Jr was offered $30,000 bail by Magistrate Khadeen Palmer during his court appearance yesterday, October 21. As part of his new bail conditions, Hazel Jr must report to the Road Town Station every Monday and Friday between 6 am and 12 pm.

Magistrate Palmer also said the accused must surrender his travel documents and he must not be within 200 feet of the complainant. He is also ordered not to contact her or any of her relatives directly or indirectly.

Defence attorney Michael Maduro represents Hazel Jr.


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  1. WHAT? says:

    This man needs to be remanded in custody. The woman is clearly not safe whilst he is out on the streets. If she is further harmed in any way I hope she sues the court system for such a reckless decision.

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  2. Seriously Judge? says:

    Domestic Violence is real.
    Magistrate Khadeen Palmer i hope that you dont end up with a tragedy on your hands as a result of your low bail amount or apparent weakness in remanding the individual to prison

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  3. Wtf says:

    He allegedly threatened to murder her and was released and made a beeline to her straight away. he should be in prison on remand not “more bail”. i guess he is a “Gud boy”

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  4. shm says:

    Only in Tola.. everyone just get off with a slap on the wrist.. another country, trunk ride for he, since he is a bad man and like to advantage women…

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  5. Greg says:

    Magistrate Needs to be relieved of ALL duty .
    I’d deal with the SOB offender and I BET Magistrate Palmer would KNOW what to do with me . SMFH

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  6. Mad says:

    That have to be so good p**sy flip over i want so of that lol

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  7. SaySay says:

    The mothers really are the ones responsible for producing and raising these creatures.
    He’s a product of poor mothering.
    The way a man feels about his mother is reflected in the way he treats women.

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    • @SaySay says:

      SaySay: “The way a man feels about his mother is reflected in the way he treats women.”

      Well, well. That means MANY men residing in the BVI wicked to their mother because of the way they treat or treated women.

      So, those that used and abused women actually abuses and uses their mothers. Or, is it some of them only pretending to love their mothers to get them house and land?

      One thing further SaySay, the mother didn’t get him by herself – where is HIS father? It is not the role of a woman to raise boys to be men – it is their father’s role.

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      • Response to @@... says:

        Interesting that you touched on demographics. Well since u steered in that direction,we ,you and me will agree that he must be from yonder nether region. Typical and cultural normsl behavior…ask his Momma about his Daddy,not me..she just might know. Life is filled with surprises.

    • Finally! says:

      So! Are we now ready to discuss the real problem in the Virgin Islands?

      If we can put our egos aside for just a moment, it is apparent that the single factor perpetuating dysfunctional behavior in the territory is single motherhood!

      Why are we not focusing on the REAL demographics? How can the African American male and the West Indian male have identical bio-psychosocial outcomes when they appear not to have anything in common? Different lived experiences, different socioeconomic environments, different ecological environments but yet the pathways remain the same. Criminality, incarcerations, inability to have healthy lasting relationships and/or premature death.

      The only thing they have in common is the single mother. We cannot blame men for the status quo because they are literally not there to contribute to the problem. And single mothers have engineered it that way. When you have unprotected sex with someone you do not know or are not committed to in marriage, you are signing up for single motherhood. Women continue to validate their existence by their ability to indiscriminately procreate. That is the only reason to choose single parenthood.

      We are raising girls to expect being responsible for the dysfunctional men these women are raising. Girls in turn raise the next generation of dysfunctional men as single mothers because having a child is more important than creating a healthy environment in which to raise one. Ladies take a hard look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth.

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      • Joe says:

        Why put ALL the blame on the females?

        Was President Obama poorly reared?

        • Since you asked says:

          His mother was white. Does that change the dynamics in terms of access and exposure? I think the writer is not saying all black single mothers. I gathered they meant most.

          • Remember says:

            She grew up in a two parent household and Obama was a recipient of extended family parenting by her parents within a solid union.
            Many Black single mothers do an extraordinary job in raising their boys to manhood but too many,to the detriment of our people, in these times when the choice is theirs to be or not to be,effortlessly comply with expectations and predictability.

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      • Janet says:

        I was a single mother that raised a son who is now a college graduate. He never got in any trouble with the law. A matter of fact, he was and still is a well mannered person. I get compliments all the time from his customers and other people in the community.

      • Shannon says:

        I know alot of married women that are single mothers. You think because a man is in the home he is parenting? Think again. Alot of the fathers let their son get away with all kinds of things. When mommy says no you cant go, daddy says yes you can. Daddy and son into mischief together, is either they running drugs together or looking chicks together. Please stop bashing mothers.

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  8. What the..... says:


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  9. virgin gorda says:

    Am so ashamed to read this article —these boys were brought up in SDA to read this is SADDDD Clearly the mother feels like “—-” I know she tried; Young man PLEASE (humble ) yourself > BALO is NOT where you want to be

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  10. Oh no! says:

    Let her blood be on the magistrste’s hands. This is bull🤬!

  11. WHY?!! says:

    Why is he getting bail??? To go murder the woman???

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    • Joe says:

      He was “offered” bail.

      That does not mean that he has the resources to bail himself; or that others will bail him.

      Failing that he remains in jail, remanded.

  12. Response to @@... says:

    Interesting that you touched on demographics. Well since u steered in that direction,we ,you and me will agree that he must be from yonder nether region. Typical and cultural normsl behavior…ask his Momma about his Daddy,not me..she just might know. Life is filled with surprises.

  13. Listen says:

    A bulk of the corruption in the bvi stems from the people in influential positions. Once you know or have somebody in these positions, you’re going to get away with murder. Sometimes literally. Magistrate court, police force, social development, family support network, politicians and etc all know of the evils and ills taking place in this territory and depending on who’s doing it, they keep it quiet, they cover up, they shield the offenders. Now the ship is sinking; how will they get things back under control?

  14. Just one question says:

    If him and his mother got in the argument, why did he beat up the girl?

  15. ONLY says:


  16. Learned behavior says:

    This dude may have witnessed at a young age his father abusing his mother. These are learned behavior and he needs help. Hope the courts recommend the appropriate help he does need.

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  17. Danger danger says:

    If this man is a Vincy or have Vincy roots take his threat seriously! The magistrate should NOT have offered him bail because he is a clear danger to the virtual complainant.

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  18. Norris Turnbull says:

    Magistrate full of s**t, a lot of s**t.

    • Joe says:

      Magistrate has to follow the judicial rules regarding bail.

      The purpose of bail is to ensure that the accused shows up for trial.

  19. Lot said here says:

    Magistrate is a donkey butt, should be removed from bench. Lawlessness abounds in BVI due to lack of enforcing laws.

  20. Tan I Am says:

    I am beginning to think that the VI’s detention facility at Balsum Ghut must have reached its holding capacity.
    This is the only reason I can conclude as rationale for this potential killer to be given his freedom by judicial system the,to complete his continued violent attack on his victim.
    If this is the case, it might be time to ask corresponding countries of inmates’ origins, or the UK, for penal assistance.

  21. Leff Di useless young boy dem says:

    I don’t condone violence of any sort but what a 40 year old hard back working independent woman doing wid 24yr old wanna be thug who don’t even want to work but siddung on da block all day and do nothing is man ya want so bad??

  22. Musa says:

    Blame our leaders ,the young man saw what our leaders do give a criminal residency who rape so he feel he can get away with this very sad days ahead of us ,we have to defend ourself only a matter of time we will know his fate.

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