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Authorities still searching for prison escapee from Hurricane Irma, court hears

Local authorities have still not recaptured Kadeem Jamal Hodge who escaped from Her Majesty’s Prison when the penitentiary’s infrastructure was compromised by the Hurricane Irma two years ago.

When his name was called in the Magistrate’s Court recently, prosecutors requested more time to secure Hodge who is also believed to have fled the jurisdiction.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo has given the Crown up to December 12 to report on the way forward for the accused man.

Hodge’s case

Hodge is charged with three drug-related offences — possession of a controlled drug, possession with intent to supply, and importation of a controlled drug.

The accused man, who is a native of the neighbouring US Virgin Islands, allegedly landed at the Terrence B Lettsome International Airport with four kilograms of cocaine stashed in his luggage back in June 2017.

He entered not guilty pleas and was denied bail as the court felt that he would have been a flight risk if he was granted bail.

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  1. WOW says:

    So you trying tell me, that two years later we fining out that they still aint capture a man who fled after hurricanes? Just wow!

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  2. Hodge says:


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  3. I'm looking says:

    Where are the bullentins on these offenders where are the pictures are there any warrants for their captures etc etc

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  4. Wow says:

    Isn’t it a countries duty to mention the names of escapees after the prison was compromised?

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  5. Beware says:

    Now he isn’t flight risk anymore lol that’s embarrassed

  6. Eagle eye says:

    Where is his pic? Is it a jumbie y’all want help to locate.

    • Yoo! says:

      I wondering the same thing.. we must be playing make believe… a prisoner walking freely and no picture up no where no nothing.. People could be doing business with dude and wouldn’t know..

  7. where are the pictures? says:

    it looks like the authorities wanted him to get away. Those pics should have been released when he escaped so the public is informed. Authorities too lax.

  8. Tool says:

    Does it really worth it for 4 kilos? It’s not like he murder someone,for sure he not in the bvi after Irma and the place was so loose and so many opportunities was there for people to leave the country you think he wouldn’t cease upon it. And for sure that petty crime US ain’t going launch a man hunt for that when the bvi was protecting bigger drug dealers from the US ????

    • Seriously? says:

      yes, we have bigger drug dealers operating with impunity, and that is a major problem. But – for our own empowerment – let’s look at why 4 kilos smuggled in by 1 person is not a “petty crime.” 4 kilos of cocaine is 4,000 grams. a gram of cocaine sells for about $100 in the states, so may be more here. so that 4 kilos is worth about $400,000 on the street here. since a kilo in Columbia costs about $2,000 or less (and is usually “cut” with other substances to increase the volume), there is a huge profit margin. This is one reason why smuggling cocaine into the BVI is not “petty crime”. The other reason – which is even more powerful – is the damage that drug use does to our families, our society and our stability. cocaine is highly addictive and there are three “A’s” that create fertile ground for the spread of its use; “Availability, Acceptability and Ambivalence.”

  9. Smh says:

    POLICE y’all slacking. Y’all really ain’t looking for this prisoner, he isn’t hiding. The boy is in Florida he was arrested feb of this year, y’all playing.

  10. Mick Mars says:

    Is it the news or the Government still spreading the lie that inmates “escaped” during the hurricanes? They were released and sent home to live with friends and family with the hopes of being collected AFTER the storm.

    They were shoulder, knee and neck amongst the populace, working, socializing and commenting on the storm.

    Wherever big man is, that’s on ayo. Release he picture so we can know atleast who this dude is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dude dead yall. They were using them as test dummies. B.s He never escaped. Just like all the homeless pple literally disappeared when Irma came

  12. Crazy says:

    Now tell me how would you gotten this information because most service providers had limited coverage areas. And the government was to busy lying to the public about everything that actually happened, the prisoners was let if of the prison just saying.

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